He took the chair in the committee to consider the complaints, and recommended that six defaulting receivers (including George Gwynne and William Palmes), should be sent for in custody. When he compared the hysteria over the Popish Plot with 1641, Sir Nicholas Carew said that he believed Berkenhead to be a favourer of Popery, and wanted him brought to the bar.

He was named to the committee to inquire into the French translation of the Gazette.

Sir James is a custom built camper van available for hire through Quirky Campers or directly with the owners. Copyright or permission restrictions may apply. For example, the Manchester show was not at The Hard Rock but at the Free Trade Hall, the Sir James Club where the 1984 show was recorded is in Birkenhead (not mentioned at all).

Sir James Gordon Partridge Bisset, CBE, RD (15 July 1883 – 28 March 1967) was a British merchant sea captain who served as Commodore of the Cunard White Star Line (1944–47). educ. For example, the Manchester show was not at The Hard Rock but at the Free Trade Hall, the Sir James Club where the 1984 show was recorded is in Birkenhead (not mentioned at all). He acted as chairman of the committee for the press bill, which he carried to the Lords on 19 May, subsequently helping to manage a conference. as unprecedented, demanding (against shouts of ‘Agree’) that the points be discussed one by one. Or will you force him beyond sea? He was noted as an official and a court speaker for the autumn session, when he served on the committees for dangerous books, the appropriation of the customs to the navy, and the liberty of the subject. Can I get copies of items from the Library? 14 Nov. 1662.1, Fellow of All Souls, Oxf. But his attack on the Declaration of Indulgence was contemptuously handled by William Garway and (Sir) William Coventry. To learn more about Copies Direct watch this. Furthermore, the presentation is substandard with several mistakes in the track listings (sometimes different on the single sleeves compared to the back of the box), typos and missing details. Here is another: his name is General Sir James Outram, the ‘Bayard of India.’ Sir James Bisset, right, presenting a barometer to Thomas Playford, premier of South Australia, during the opening of the Birkenhead terminal, 29 September, 1950.  http://nla.gov.au/nla.obj-147097703, Sir James Bisset, right, presenting a barometer to Thomas Playford, premier of South Australia, during the opening of the Birkenhead terminal, 29 September, 1950 [picture]  1950  , 1950,  Sir James Bisset, right, presenting a barometer to Thomas Playford, premier of South Australia, during the opening of the Birkenhead terminal, 29 September, 1950 [picture]  . 4.6 mi | 106-108 Seel St, Liverpool, L1 4BL.

The are several cuts and edits, and 3 discs even come with no song separation. Agnes Drummond married Sir James Lockhart of Lee. Petroleum shipping terminals -- South Australia -- Birkenhead -- Photographs. He was appointed to the committee for the conventicles bill. His experience of journalistic methods of controversy made him one of the most effective and witty of royalist propagandists during the Civil War and afterwards. Cipo did not only play at the Keystone gig but also in Manchester and at the Savoy Tivoli.

He served on the committee for the five mile bill, and chaired the bill for continuing the regulation of the press, which he carried to the Lords.

He reported from the Lindsey level committee on 2 Apr.

Many of his family were clients of the Earl of Derby, and on 17 Mar.

Politicians -- South Australia -- Portraits. His valuable building land in Lincoln's Inn Fields had to be sold to pay his debts. he ‘would have his Majesty moved to put the laws into execution’, and on the following day, with Henry Coventry, Sir James Smyth and (Sir) Edmund Wyndham, he returned the thanks of the Commons for the King’s favourable reply. Buy CD, Savoy Tivoli, San Francisco Ca. But meanwhile the fall of Nicholas had undermined Berkenhead’s position. Into the country? He considered himself an authority on constitutional precedent, usually contradicting William Prynne. He was on the committee of inquiry into the Popish Plot, and took part in drafting the address for printing Coleman’s letters, moving that ‘all the means possible’ be used to make him confess what Members had received money from the King of France. Kntd. He was appointed to the committee (on which Prynne’s name stands first) on 25 Feb. 1663, and on the second reading delivered a set speech, for which notes and part of the text, largely consisting of learned citations and parentheses, survive. He was appointed to the committee to consider the militia laws and helped to prepare a statement on the coercion of juries for the concurrence of the Lords. Selected new items on display in Main Reading Room, National Library of Australia digitised item. To learn more about how to request items watch this short online video . 1664, Berkenhead replied to the debate in the name of the commissioners. He was ordered to bring in a bill for the relief of poor prisoners in the next session, but the adjournment came before he had done so.

Read more... (1950). Children. 24 Mar. Returned presumably without a contest, he became a very active Member of the Cavalier Parliament. Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander and other First Nations people are advised that this catalogue contains names, recordings and images of deceased people and other content that may be culturally sensitive. He documented his fifty-year sea career in a three volume autobiography: Sail Ho!My Early Years at Sea (1958); Tramps and Ladies – My Early Years in Steamers (1959) and Commodore – War, Peace and Big Ships (1961). For the third session running he chaired Viscount Kilmorey’s estate bill, and was at last able to carry it to the Lords.

An old whoremaster, remarkable for his excellent speech for the players ... and in fine the epitome of insolence.’ When Parliament reassembled in 1673, he defended Shaftesbury’s election writs with the question: ‘If you tie up the hands of the lord chancellor, how will you be supplied with Members when you come to sit?’. He was also appointed to the committee for excluding Papists from Parliament, and drew up reasons for three conferences on disputes over the jurisdiction of the Lords. Stirnet: Drummond 04.

1892 Obituary .

2.7 mi | 26-28 Conway Street, BIRKENHEAD, CH41 6JD. Sir James Lockhart of Lee was alive on 24 January 1635 NRS GD1/59/99 but he died before 10 June 1640. 1617, 5th s. of Randall Berkenhead, innkeeper, of the Swan, Northwich, Cheshire by Margaret Middleton. Title devised by cataloguer based on information supplied by donor. Sirens and accompanying tugboats marked the Attenborough's departure from builder Cammell Laird's wet dock at Birkenhead.. Four years in the making, the £200m vessel is about to venture out on a series of sea trials. -- typed in ink on label below the photo. 1665-74, the Household 1671, loyal and indigent officers, London and Westminster 1662.2, Editor, Mercurius Aulicus 1643-5; licenser of the press Oct. 1660-3; master of the faculties, province of Canterbury Nov. 1660-d.; editor-in-chief, Kingdom’s Intelligencer and Mercurius Publicus 1661-3; master of requests 1664-d.; commr. See records in related collections (go sideways). Answering the proposal of Sir Harbottle Grimston for a dissolution: When he sees sons and brothers of those who were undone by the rebellion, and paid so dear for their loyalty, put and thrust out to have a new set, he declares he is afraid of a dissolution, because, God is his witness, he’s afraid the next will be worse. 2 talking about this. Berkenhead apparently had few friends, even among the Tories. 1663, acted as teller for the amendments it had proposed, helped to redraft the bill and add further clauses, and twice informed the House that their instructions were unworkable. 1661-2, Westminster 1663-d., Mdx. Night Clubs. Henning, 1983 ... Sir James Smyth and (Sir) Edmund Wyndham, he returned the thanks of the Commons for the King’s favourable reply. NRS GD1/59/108. He was one of the five Members ordered to attend the King on 3 Apr. SIR JAMES LOCKHART OF LEE junior Death. That is not bad at all, but the company has not made the slightest attempt to fix any of the numerous imperfections of this recordings. He was one of the Members ordered to attend the King with an address in favour of draining Lindsey level, a matter which became his principal responsibility in the 1663 session. Britain's new polar ship, the Sir David Attenborough, has left her Merseyside construction yard. Bennet obliged him to hand over responsibility for the press to Roger L’Estrange, in spite of an attempt by Berkenhead before the commission for loyal and indigent officers to blacken his supplanter’s reputation. More info for Sherlocks. Very sloppy production. With Samuel Sandys I and Sir Thomas Meres he was sent to ask the lord keeper for copies of the proclamation putting the laws against nonconformists and Papists into force. But his ‘bantering’ style and manner increasingly jarred on the House; in committee on the Roos divorce bill on 31 Mar. Whither shall he go? At his own charge he obtained on 25 Oct. the grant of two fairs to Wilton, a last endeavour to boost the dying trade of his constituency.4, Berkenhead was presumably a Clarendonian in 1667, though he was one of the Members appointed to see that the impeachment proceedings were regularly entered in the Journal, and he did not speak till 5 Dec., too late to be of any assistance to the fallen lord chancellor.

; Oriel, Oxf.

At the Restoration he became master of the faculties under Archbishop Juxon and licenser of the press.

Apparently Berkenhead was considered to have worked his passage in this session, for he was made a master of requests with an annuity of £100, and marked as a court dependant. He resisted the assertion that the prolonged recess that followed was equivalent to a dissolution. Jim Fletcher, 49, was the son of the late Sir James Fletcher, and the brother of former Fletcher Challenge chief executive Hugh Fletcher.

On the address for the removal of Lauderdale, he exclaimed: ‘If you will not hear me to one point, let me go to another.

B. The Scottish actor appeared in seven of the spy thrillers.

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