Bm D7 G Don't lose your head. Don’t Lose Ur Head 4. Her father is the Earl of Ormond! Just go to hell!

^this is how it should be written^, I dont understand why people dont like Jane, her song is sosososo goood, Tik Tok will take this song soon =(

She despised when he got like this.

Four Epic fail. She slumped onto the bed. When she heard snoring, she let out a noise of exasperation and went back to her own room. [ANNE BOLEYN] Her breath tickled the side of her face. I Don’t Need Your Love is sung by Catherine Parr in SIX: The Musical.

And now he's going 'round like [WEDDING CHIMES] She adjusted her hand, running it against Catherine’s bare arm as she moved it over to her other shoulder, hugging her like a teddy bear now. [ANNE BOLEYN] She readied herself to voice such reminders, but the moment was gone, and Catherine was left stunned as Anne, grinning, leaned over to her ear and breathed: Sure enough, when Catherine returned to her chambers for the night, Anne was there. [ANNE BOLEYN]


When she noticed Catherine observing her, her smile was dark and condescending. When all the wives join in it should be a different song “I Don’t Need Your Love (Reprise)”.

Heart of Stone 5.

Anne, snorting in amusement, leapt onto the bed and curled up.

I thought you wanted to spend every minute of your time with him.”, “Are you kidding? [ENSEMBLE] [ANNE BOLEYN]Mate, what was I meant to do?Sorry, not sorry about what I saidI'm just trying to have some funDon't worry, don't worryDon't lose your headI didn't mean to hurt anyoneLOLSay 'Oh, well! That man’s unbearable.”. Get Down 7. Don't worry, don't worry “What on earth are you doing?” she whispered angrily, trying to pull away but finding that she was at the very edge of the bed. "Don't Lose Ur Head". Our only hope was Henry Life was a chore so, She set sail. “Anne will be staying in our chambers until we can sort out a more suitable arrangement.”. She half-listened, too busy studying the girl on his arm.

At this, Anne laughed quietly. [ENSEMBLE] 178 guests I’ll tend to it myself that you’re gone by the end of the week, at most.”. Life was a chore

If you could get it up Catherine swallowed and shut her eyes, willing her mind to work properly. The first stop was breakfast, many dishes served on silver platters across a long table. I think I fit the position much better, if I do say so myself.”, “Just you wait. Do stop.” he replied playfully.

I'm just trying to have some fun Again, the way she said your highness was incorrect, but this time, instead of being laced with mockery, it had a different tone. Abruptly, she felt very, very warm. This musical breaks that need has them create their on stories without depending on Henry. Six: The Musical - Don’t Lose Ur Head (Letra e música para ouvir) - [ANNE BOLEYN / Grew up in the French court / Oui oui bonjour / Life was a chore / So / [TODAS / … No! [Verse 3] G Three in the bed, And the little one … She quickly shuffled towards the edge of the bed, sitting slightly upright.

Desejo receber notificações de destaques e novidades. as well as Wow Anne, way to make the country hate you. I feel like it might apply because the Queens are independent but depend on each other for support and friendship. “Does he really expect a queen to share a bed with the likes of you? No matter what Henry does, she doesn’t let it affect her, declaring herself to have a “heart of stone.”, yeeEEEEAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH [ENSEMBLE]

G Em I'm sorry not sorry bout' what I said.

Ooh Henry finds out and he goes mental Soon Make up your mind!"

Though one short of the classic 14 lines, each verse is composed of three stanzas and a rhyming couplet (AAAB / CCCB / DDD / EE). Catherine of Aragon, Queen Catherine of Aragon, had been in a meeting with the crew of Hans Holbein, discussing a portrait for her daughter. As if I'm gonna give up my boy, my work, my dreams to care for you, ha! I didn’t mean to hurt anyone I'm just trying to have some fun All You Wanna Do 8.

Have you seen King Louis of France? When breakfast was finished, they went to the throne room, Henry and Catherine taking their seats while Anne wandered around at the feet of the thrones, glancing up and waving to Henry or giving Catherine a devilish grin. And who am I kidding Here we go The end of the week had passed, and the nuisance was still here. I'd say, "Henry, yeah, it's true, I'll never belong to you. [ENSEMBLE] “She is no ‘random girl’. And soon my daddy said

[ANNE BOLEYN] Kept messaging me like every day Could you show me?”. It became a routine: Anne would follow Catherine to the dining hall and then the throne room, constantly chatting up Henry and throwing evil looks back to Catherine. “A few days.

“I want power, queenie. Don’t Lose Ur Head 4. [ANNE BOLEYN] Catherine, instead, made her way to Henry’s room. So. “Why, I’ll be joining you and Henry, of course.”, “A queen begging? Heard her stumble and trip on pieces of furniture, giggling to herself. Uh oh [ENSEMBLE]

left kudos on this work! Eventually, Catherine’s annoyance had bubbled up and was threatening to rise to the surface. Caused a commotion She reeked of Henry and alcohol. When Catherine awoke, she found herself right next to Anne, just far away enough to not be touching. One night, Catherine was having trouble sleeping. Sorry, not sorry about what she said Mind your manners, Catherine.”, “Earl of Ormond.. what is an Earl of Ormond to a King of England?

Maybe I'll flirt with a guy or three

Heart of Stone 5.

tip: arthur merlin words>1000 sort:hits, 1. I didn't mean to hurt anyone Catherine rolled her eyes as Anne, all too pleased with herself, got up to get ready. “If you’ll excuse me, I am not feeling too well. Tem certeza que deseja sair sem salvar suas alterações.

XO baby' She was holding herself back from yelling, or vomiting, or worse. Once Catherine had changed, she walked over to the large bed, eyeing it warily.

[ENSEMBLE] The rules Set in motion the C of E The first part of the song refers to her love of Thomas Seymour, whom she probably wanted to marry rather than Henry (and did marry after Henry’s death).

What will you even do while Henry and I attend to our royal duties?”, “No.

With that, he walked off, Catherine shouting after him.

Say 'Oh, well!’

However, the song also protests at the fact that women are often defined by their relationship with men, rather than as people in their own right. Don't be bitter [ENSEMBLE] Sorry, not sorry about what I said She can stay in one of the maid’s chambers.”, “She will do nothing of the sort! Sorry, not sorry about what I said Oui oui bonjour.

“Go ahead, Catherine.” Henry replied, barely sparing her a glance. Some wife you are. Uh oh “I’ll like to see you try.” she spoke, just above a whisper. This song is about Anne Boleyn, Henry VIII’s second wife. Three in the bedAnd the little one saidIf you wanna be wedMake up your mind!Her or me, chumDon't wanna be someGirl in a threesomeAre you blind? "You should try and get ahead!" Her eyes shot open as more kisses were littered all the way down to her shoulder, and up to her jawline. Tem certeza que deseja excluir esta playlist?

She stepped closer, invading Catherine’s space, her bubble of confidence, her chambers, her life. [ANNE BOLEYN]

In this song from SIX: The Musical, Anne is portrayed as naive and childish, using text talk and slang seemingly inspired by teenagers' communication despite the fact that Anne was probably 32 when she married Henry and therefore the oldest of his wives at marriage. She smiled that same demonic grin. Instead of acknowledging the unwelcome guest, she busied herself with getting ready for bed. Jane was far less controversial with the common people than Anne Boleyn, due to her public sympathy for Catherine of Aragon and Catherine’s daughter Mary. [ENSEMBLE] Laughing again, she replied: “You let your husband cheat on you that frequently? [ENSEMBLE] “And I must say, King Henry, I’ve met many a king, and it truly is impressive how physically well you are. Ooh [ANNE BOLEYN] What was she meant to do? 3.

Don't lose your head Tried to elope But the Pope said 'Nope!'

4. He grumbled in irritation and rolled over, away from her.

The sun was shining into the room in gentle beams, cascading over Anne’s shiny hair and smooth, pale skin. But the Pope said 'Nope!' Ooh 2. Usually, Henry and Catherine would sit on opposite sides of the table, with miles of empty space between them.


I think I might need to have a word with the king right now, if you’ll excuse me.”. “Catherine, dear, there is someone I’d like you to meet.”. [ANNE BOLEYN] Much to her annoyance, Anne did not seem to take well to being ignored. Yet now, with her pressed up so close, she couldn’t say anything. Though Jane is often portrayed as in media as boring and docile, the song portrays her as a savvy woman who understands Henry’s ever-changing moods, and acts as the perfect wife to keep herself safe.

Only to get Henry drunk so he’d pass out and I could leave.” she cuddled closer into Catherine’s neck. I think I will take a few minutes in my room.”. Don't worry, don't worry

This made Henry let out a flattered laugh. This caused Catherine to snap back into attention.

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