Watched the Intervention show and clearly his mom pushing him into what she wanted to be was so wrong, but sure she loved him very much. Your family is in my heart. His Facebook looks like he has three sons . Also, the teenage reality show he was on, as the unlikeable “geeky Asian kid” that totally demoralized him, and the horrible way he talks to his mother and adores his absent father. Is there any update??? You can see Skyler driving around Phoenix looking for bath salts even though they have been prohibited in the meantime and possession is now punished by 10 years of prison. UPDATE: Skyler Patrick Russell passed away on October 16, 2020 after suffering from a brain infection and organ failure due to alcohol withdrawal. Watching this episode, it’s likely that schizoaffective disorder and the bath salts caused him to have a psychotic break. I have the same disorder and I did the same thing with meth. Please do not upload personal images of the contestant unless you have received permission. The combative nature of their relationship lead Skyler to try marijuana at an early age, and now he's addicted to a new synthetic stimulant drug known as “bath salts.”. His mother Tiffany pushed him toward athletics, modeling and television work in order to live vicariously through his success. I just came across a video featuring Skyler and his mother Tiffany about a year after the intervention. The guy clearly had mental issues to begin with, so for the first time watching Intervention I felt the subject was so out of it mentally right from the beginning I questioned whether they should even be interviewing him at all. Official Synopsis: When Skyler was a kid, his mother pushed him to do modeling and TV work, but the tension drove Skyler to drugs. Orange though was not sent to temple the following day even though Blue won again. Thank you Ari for updating us. Looks like he has a son and he appears healthy. Addiction: Bath Salts., "It's a lot colder than I thought it would be. Crazy because I just watched Skyler’s episode today and came here to see how he was doing, he seemed like such a sweet guy. We made it easy for you to exercise your right to vote. Now he uses the new synthetic drug “bath salts,” which cause him to hallucinate. The psychosis it causes is truly alarming. I am saddened to see he passed a couple days ago. And as soon as they said he was on Endurance, I instantly remembered! ", "It's impossible to beat... the three strongest teams; it's hard to fight against that.". Where was the enjoyable part of using this drug? Some of the contestants worried because he could be strategizing something for the future. On "Intervention" (Mon., 10 p.m. EST on A&E), Skyler, now 24, experiences heightened delusions, due to the hallucinogenic nature of the drug, believing he sees “shadow people” and “brainwashers” who threaten to harm him at every turn, as seen in the exclusive first look above. Today is National Voter Registration Day! Skyler broke my heart. What’s memorable: Bath salts, holy crap! And here’s the link to the Daily Mail article cited in the video: Please be kind to y’all’s selves and don’t hesitate to go receive extra support where needed . He competed alongside his partner Chelsea Myers as the Orange Team. ❤️, Its 2020 and Skyler Russell unfortunately is currently under Hospice Care and his mother Tiffany and his son Mateo is at his side – He fought the fight but God has bigger plans for Skyler – May he RIP . They decided to leave that part out. Still, glad they were there and I hope he got or gets better.

Original Air Date: February 2012 POLL FINAL ROUND: Who Do You Most Want To See A Followup On.

POLL: What is the saddest episode of Intervention? All of the episode numbering on Intervention Directory is consistent with A&E’s episode numbering. Skyler is losing his battle…he underwent brain surgery and has liver failure ….his mother has decided to place him on hospice.

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