Nowadays, if you have an ENT condition at PMH you could languish and suffer on a hospital bed or you may eventually get flown overseas after your full recovery is quite likely compromised. And a very sad and tragic reflection of who we are as Dominicans. As a Dr. your first passion and priorities are your patients. Enjoying their newfound freedom, many former apprentices, now … Continue reading →, by Bernard lauwyck When the Colonial Government abruptly abolished apprenticeship on August 1, 1838 and total and unconditional liberty was granted to all ex-slaves in Dominica, very few were prepared for the consequences of this event. This site uses cookies to provide a better user experience. This exactly what ” Masa” would say which you so eloquently repeat. On the slave plantation, our humanity was determined by where we were positioned in the hierarchy that descended from ‘Massa’ to house slave, then to all those field slaves. In other countries and Islands retired doctors can and allowed to use the hospitals while they have there own out side practices and that’s the problem we are facing with both doctors Pascal and Shillingford, As doctors you or your nonsense will never be able to take there education and knowledge from them, now of them a wallowing all they want is to help all the people of Dominica, because not every one like you can flight out to other Island/Countries for treatments, so I would say check yourself and your comments when referring to the people and park your jealousy a side . His behavior is tantamount to a five year old throwing a temper tantrum. Here we see the response of a House Slave!!!! ” Anon Lennox might not be correct this time, since I am aware that only the ruling government can invite the FBI or New Scotland Yard into the country to aid the local police in investigating an unsolved crime, be it murder or thievery. We have issues let’s deal with them in a mature manner.

I repeat from my DNO article of July 2014 “Our Health Care System is on a slippery slope and those who cannot stop the slide should step aside.” I expect a repeat of the fruitless official attempts to bully, demonize and misrepresent me and quite likely much more, given that five years later the stakes are much higher! Sadly, these ‘trusted’ officials and their lackeys who are responsible for this level of SUFFERATION, will wax lyrically that your HEALTH is your WEALTH, while as it has been alleged, they embrace deception with “hand-outs” and “cool-outs” masquerading as WEALTH. The only thing that has changed is the complexion of the Massa. if (typeof tinyMCE != 'undefined') { but we do try to maintain a sensible balance between free speech and responsible moderating. Throw them through the EXIT DOOR by giving them the finger on Election Day. Once Skerrit can put $5000 into their pockets to secure their votes, that is all they care about. Originally apprenticeship for apprentices … Continue reading →, part 30     written by Bernard Lauwyck My previous article # 29, published three weeks ago in The Chronicle, contained a drawing of a treadmill. } SLAVERY - DOMINICA AND JAMAICA. myField.focus(); ” So true, Dr. Pascal. The masses live on the edge of life while a chosen, privileged few ( Skerrit and his Entourage) live a life of unimaginable luxury. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. In any event Lennox did not not mentioned the  CIA: However; it might be interested to note the CIA may long have a presence in Dominica only you don’t know they are there. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy, Privacy Policy, and our Terms of Service. cursorPos += tag.length; myField.selectionStart = cursorPos;

var startPos = myField.selectionStart; } The other local Doctors sit there in silence and says nothing and the labor supporters that cant afford to airlift their children say nothing because it hasn’t reach home. This was however  an incomplete state of freedom as  … Continue reading →, In my previous two articles I described the lot of the free coloureds and blacks in Dominica between 1820 and 1832. Invoking words like slavery, Massa and plantation to give individuals labels in this modern age, shows that too many of the educated are mentally retarded. Today, in Dominica, our humanity and your ENT care is measured not by the content of your character and the professional competence of your doctor but by the presumed colour of his thoughts and the degree to which you genuflect before those practising the ‘Massa’ supremacy mentality.

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