The Sunday Times has broken down the complex AAR database into the favourite breed for each Perth suburb.

I am desperately wanting a new Staffordshire bull terrier to join our Staffy dog loving family. “She’s a great little watchdog,” Mr Clarke says. SURVEY HERE>>.

Pic 7 & 8 Girl Dad is Orivet tested and is completely free of any hereditary, genetic diseases.

Any breed but Staffy please. The more traditionally wealthy suburbs such as Peppermint Grove, Mt Claremont and Salter Point, Dr Harman says, put money into their poodles.

We are a couple that looking for another puppy. Edith Cowan University senior lecturer of psychology Bronwyn Harman says our dog preferences paint a picture of our lifestyle. Mr Spencer says rottweilers generally have a good temperament, are very loyal to the family and their bark alone would be enough to put off most burglars.

Our rehoming centres are not open for public browsing but you can still make an appointment to adopt or bring a dog to us. You could also consider about adopting a puppy or adult dog - there are many advantages to adopting a dog that you may not have thought of. Any breed but Staffy please. Little Pixie is just nine weeks old but is already scheduled for brunches on her local Highgate cafe strip where the hotly sought-after, trendy breed is the most popular dog in the inner-metro suburb. In Australian slang, a cobber is a ‘mate’, and the name Cobberdog was chosen because it means ‘dog-friend’, referring to the ... Australian Terrier. Beechboro, WA. Ellenbrook is a close second.

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Retired Dianella couple Des and Jan Clarke live in a low-maintenance unit and like most of their neighbours find their chihuahua is the most agreeable breed. We have a small backyard and park 5 min walk from our home. I have been involved with Mini Schnauzers for over 30 years. “They suit a wide range of people — single people, families, retirees and big manors on the water.”. We also offer Kennels & Cattery Boarding, Pet Transport, and are the W.A Distributor of Eagle ... Our pugs are members of the Family.

Finding an experienced and caring breeder that understands genetics is essential for the long term health and wellbeing of their dogs, and your new pet. Pic 3 & 4 Boy Our dogs are predominantly from UK blood lines, including our beautiful stud dog "Spencer" who ... We have been successfully exhibiting and breeding quality Saint Bernards since 1993. “If I’d have to describe a border collie, it’s like a little boy with the energy,” mum Claire Cotterell says. 14 - 18 years. The upper classes of Dalkeith, Mosman Park and Fremantle — as well as migrants of English culture in suburbs with space such as Floreat, Churchlands, Carine and Hillarys — rate the noble labrador, Dr Harman says.

All breeding dogs are DNA tested with results available to view. “(Their owners generally) have a lot of money, go out to breakfast often and sit out in the cafe on the cappuccino strip and watch people go by. Dog Breed clubs can be very helpful as well. “The puppies are all cute and fluffy like a little toy and pet shops have them by the bucket-load. Both social commentators and dog whisperers say the most popular dog of any given Perth suburb says something about the character and lifestyle of the people who live there. A DOGGED search for a French bulldog pup took a year before Christine Shao found a litter of the designer breed and snapped up a pup, without baulking at the price of $3500. Wanted: Looking for a small- medium size pup, I am a part time worker (working 2 half days and 2 full day) living with my mom whos working as casual and my partner whos full time worker.

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