While smelling shouldn't do them much harm, ingesting their leaves, flowers or even essential oils can. Why Does My Cat Hate Being Held? Their sense of smell is even stronger than dogs. A small sniff will make them madly run and hide in a corner until you have properly stored away the source of the foul smell.

Many people rub a banana peel on the sofa or table to keep their cat away from there. I have experience in pet training and behavior, sheltering, and currently working for a veterinary clinic. Cats not only dislike the smell but they also hate the taste of any citrus fruit. Is it any of the three we listed above or something else? Did you know cats have a sense of smell that is fourteen times stronger than that of a human being? Make sure to share your thoughts with us in the comment section below! Citrus Smells. While they have a cooling effect for us, especially in forms of candy, oil, and liniment, they are deemed abrasive by our cats. A cat's sense of smell is mighty strong.

I am going to share some smells that cats hate, and you might be shocked at a few of the smells! Certain herbs like cinnamon are harmless to the cat, but spices like chili and pepper could burn their eyes and noses and have the potential to harm them. Under no circumstances will they want to go near it. By Josie F. Turner, Journalist specialized in Animal Welfare. In oil form, it becomes toxic and has been known to cause liver damage and fatality. Cats are not the biggest fans of citric smells like oranges, lemons, etc. Cats might dislike the smell of concentrated vinegar, but they are not usually bothered by diluted vinegar. The list of the smells cats hate we represented here are general examples cats tend to hate, but of course, each cat is a unique individual. Who likes to go to a bad-smelling bathroom? However, too much exposure to bleach can be harmful to the cat’s health. Guess I'll just have to do my own experiment. Hence, they cannot help getting attracted to the smell of bleach. I am also the content manager of this blog. Lavender is used by people to relieve stress and anxiety and to cure headaches. Otherwise you wouldn't have much of a problem keeping out of your garden. Some of them you may know already, whereas others may surprise you.

Continue reading to learn more!

With mint, you’d think that being in the same family as catnip will make cats look at it favorably. You should be well aware of the scents that your cat likes or dislikes and choose your items of daily needs accordingly. Cats may also dislike the smell of other cats they are not used to.

Nature is wise! So, don't forget to provide your cat with enough litter boxes, and make sure they are regularly cleaned!

Now that we’ve established how keen our cats’ sense of smell is, let’s talk about the common smells cats hate. You should avoid perfumes, soaps, deodorants, etc. Oranges are acidic fruits and the article says that cats don't like acidic fruit smells, not that they are toxic. Vomiting and diarrhea are common conditions that occur if the cats ingest any acidic substance or inhale it in large quantities.

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