Then Kira came to protect him. Aizen uses a full-powered Hadō #90.

[28][29] He later uses his Zanpakutō's ability to trick everyone into believing that he has been killed and has Gin leading everyone to believe Gin himself is the murderer. After his illusion is revealed, he walks up from the ground. He tells Orihime to smile and tells her to wait where she is while they go and destroy Karakura Town. [147] Aizen has shown that his reiatsu is powerful enough to nullify abilities, such as when he negated Suì-Fēng's Nigeki Kessatsu technique. Afterwards, Isshin attacks Aizen with a Getsuga Tenshō. Template:Succession box. He orders Tōsen to cast the Tenteikūra spell and using that he reveals to all his true motivation behind the capture of Orihime. Later, Aizen replaced Shinji as captain of the 5th Division, while Gin and Tosen became the captains of the 3rd Division and 9th Division, respectively. Following his departure, Gin, who had been present in with Aizen the entire time, asks Aizen if he is enjoying himself even though his subordinates are losing, prompting Aizen to confess the emotion he is feeling at the moment is akin to enjoyment. Warning: Unmarked Spoilers Lie Within These Pages! Komamura fails again as Rose tries to attack Aizen only to be pulled towards him and slashed , sending him to the ground. He asked why he killed Hinamori and answered saying that the easiest way to manipulate somebody is if they admire you very much, and so I took her in as my subordinate. He has also gained three sets of butterfly-like wings. In this form Ichigo Kurosaki states that his riatsu is unreadable and therefore only someone who as attained the same level of power as him may be able to sense it. Aizen then splits the pillar of light in two to reveal his new winged form. Aizen made his first step into true villainy when he performed a Hollowfication experiment on eight Shinigami, including Shinji, and framed Kisuke Urahara, then captain of the 12th Division, for the crime.

As he bleeds, Aizen tells Gin that he knew that Gin would betray him. Aizen is the main antagonist of the first volume in.

[137] noting Yoruichi's armor must be special for her to survive his attack, Aizen states he plans on destroying this. He is now the leader of the Arrancar and his goal is to kill the King and achieve the key. This optional course was immensely popular among the Shinigami students, and many of them felt great sorrow at Aizen's sudden departure.

[23], At some point during their captaincy, Aizen, Gin and Tōsen, secretly visited Baraggan Louisenbairn, King of Hueco Mundo and Lord of Las Noches. Hiryū Gekizoku Shinten Raihō at them, Aizen blocked it with Bakudō #81.

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