<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/Annots[ 7 0 R] /MediaBox[ 0 0 612 792] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 0>> g. FALSE - Open-end air columns can produce all harmonics - first, second, third, fourth, etc.

a. o. Frequency is an objective measure of how often the sound undergoes an oscillation from high to low pressure. Sound waves experiment by using cups and string to create a telephone. 9. The frequency of each harmonic is a whole number multiple of the fundamental frequency. Record your data on data table 1. A musical instrument can play any frequency imaginable. FALSE - Ultrasound waves are waves which have a frequency beyond the human range of audible frequencies - above 20000 Hz. Each frequency corresponds to a unique standing wave pattern. An increase in the linear mass density of a guitar string by a factor of four will increase the speed of a wave in the string by a factor of two. Yet string A is shorter than string B, so the wavelengths of waves are shortest in string A. e. FALSE - The strings are identical in terms of their properties; this means that waves travel at the same speed through each. endobj g. FALSE - All sound waves are created by vibrating objects of some sort. Students answer questions about the exploration within their science journals or on the included worksheets.This EXPLORE station is also available in a larger bundle of 8 stations at, Help your students learn about sound waves! c. FALSE - Sound waves travel faster in solids because the particles of a solid have a greater elastic modulus.

Scroll down to section 4, “Collision of Waves”: When two waves traveling in opposite directions through the same medium collide, the amplitude of the resulting wave will be the sum of the two initial waves, this is called _____. l�&�N3��+47�?/����]�����>2�]��Y�@%Ń��J�秗 j���6H4����3L0�C��d��è����a���Kq���lM�%�$�k+���0��v�ݓoUck�O��.��8���< $'*W9�i�v�wۼ̦RT�40����f?�``R����>/��R�`TT�|�fO.�!/@���v�y7��^��~�')�O���?�k�������^��W��9�c�W��0�uk6�N��q�C��GL�H&IŠ��l���TC���w� R� = .�56��j������Y�s� !�Jt�adž�A�Bi��,�Z��#ژ-kO*Z�+,ݮ_�v����� �na�Gc�X�f��Gہ|�}��S)',�����JJ��74���� �T���N�D�@D<0�A� ��^�Pp3 A sound wave is a means of transporting energy without transporting matter. c. TRUE - As the length of an air column is shortened, the wavelengths are decreased and the frequencies are increased. TRUE - The frequency of the fourth harmonic is four times the frequency of the first harmonic. Students then answer questions about the sort within their science journals or on the included worksheets.This SORT station is also available in a larg, In this INVESTIGATE science station, students investigate sound waves and build a telephone to test which resources make the best phone. 2. 10. Particles do not move from the source to the ear. �[O�*R���؛m13�Yp�'�w�l¹��2@a��B/ ��A���7� �G ��˝ �h靓B�ĥ\�Ì����,0�6�%eC��y=ʵ����F�y^��5�V)X��۶��z��e�o�̻UNR�egm���P�`g�_G�]]a���bZ'N�9����j?��ѫFSX��"v���z ��_(.�k�î?T�W�� ��C�֗2TU'�J�a3�Z�X Answer: CDGJ.

f. TRUE - This is the definition of elasticity. Documents you may need: Basic Waves Lab (pdf or google doc)Waves Interactions Lab (pdf or google doc)Wave Review Worksheet (pdf or google doc) - If you did not go on the field trip you need to complete thisSound Concept Project information (pdf or google doc)Sound Stations lab (pdf or google doc)Changing Pitch Lab ()Cuica Lab (pdf or google doc)Sound Homework Packet - collected 12-13-12 (For example: If you 1. c. FALSE - The wavelength for the fundamental frequency is two times the length of the string (not 2.0 m). l. FALSE - Intensity varies inversely with distance from the source. e. FALSE - A closed-end air column is an air column with one end open and one end closed.

d. TRUE - Loudness is more of a subjective response to sound, dependent in part upon the quality of an observer's ears. the particles of the medium merely vibrate back and forth about the same location, never really moving from that location to another location.

A shout in a canyon produces an echo off a cliff located 127 m away. Included in this product are: An alteration in the frequency or the wavelength will not alter the speed. Students answer questions about the video games within their science journal or on the provided worksheets. FALSE - The fundamental frequency is the lowest possible frequency which an instrument will play. The passage explains that sound is created when a force causes matter to vibrate.

That is, the time for the vibrations to undergo one complete cycle is large for a low frequency (or low pitch) sound. Which of the following statements are TRUE of the harmonics and standing wave patterns in air columns?

Identify all that apply. However, intense sounds will always be observed to be louder by an observer than less intense sounds. d. TRUE - The beat frequency is the frequency at which the amplitude of the oscillations increase and decrease. p. FALSE - A closed-end air column cannot have a fourth harmonic; there are only odd-numbered frequencies. Closed-end air columns can only produce odd-numbered harmonics. Draw and label the wave on data table 1. *Updated as of 2/24/18*This resource includes:Vocabulary fill-in-the-blank with diagram (compression, rarefaction, wavelength and more)Reading passage focused on more vocabulary (vibrations, frequency, pitch, amplitude)Graphic organizer for recording note, In this READ science station, students read a passage about visible light and vision. Intensity of a sound at a given location varies directly with the distance from that location to the source of the sound. f. TRUE - The frequencies at which an instrument would naturally vibrate are known as its harmonics.

A standing wave pattern is a regular and repeating vibrational pattern established within a medium; it is always characterized by the presence of nodes and antinodes. f. TRUE - Closed-end air columns produce a first, third, fifth, seventh, etc. Teachers Pay Teachers is an online marketplace where teachers buy and sell original educational materials. 3. 1 0 obj The intensity of the sound at the threshold of pain is one-trillion times more intense than the sound at the threshold of hearing. d. TRUE - This is exactly the case and is clearly portrayed in the standing wave patterns which are constructed for air columns. FALSE - As the tension of a guitar string is increased, the speed of vibrations in the string is increased and the frequency will be increased. © 1996-2020 The Physics Classroom, All rights reserved. b. TRUE - Absolutely! Fun learning activity for students, they love it! b.

It includes 10 multiple choice reading comprehension questions and an answer key.

TRUE - Always remember that a decibel rating is based on the logarithmic function. FALSE - The speed of a wave in a guitar string varies directly with the square root of the tension. The passage explains that sound is created when a force causes matter to vibrate. Investigate how sound travels through different materials.

It can only have odd-numbered harmonics. And that is exactly how particles of the medium move as sound passes through it.

FALSE - If an open-end air column has a fundamental frequency of 250 Hz, then the other frequencies in the set of natural frequencies are 500 Hz, 750 Hz, 1000 Hz, 1250 Hz, etc. Predict what will happen to the sound waves when the sound source is in motion. h. FALSE - Quite surprisingly to many, most sounds which we are accustomed to hearing are characterized by particle motion with an amplitude on the order of 1 mm or less. The Watt is a unit of power and the meter2 is a unit of area. The resonant frequencies of a musical instrument are related by whole number ratios. c. FALSE - Pitch is a subjective response of the ear to sound.

f. TRUE -The frequency of the nth harmonic is n times larger than the frequency of the fundamental or first harmonic. Fixed and Free Reflections. TRUE - Interference results when two (or more) waves interfere to produce a regular and repeating pattern of nodes and antinodes. %PDF-1.5 endobj b. TRUE - This is the number one criteria for the formation of audible beats.


FALSE - Intensity is a power/area relationship and as such the units are typically Watts/meter 2.The Watt is a unit of power and the meter 2 is a unit of area.. b.

These reading passages will not only help your young scientist learn about sound waves and vibrations, but they will also master Common Core Reading Informational Standards! <>

e. TRUE - This can happen provided that the two tuning forks have the same natural frequency and that they are somehow connected (for instance by air). Includes Answer Key. TRUE - A sound wave transports its energy by means of particle interaction. FALSE - Low pitched sound have a low frequency. So low pitched sounds have a high period.

b. h. FALSE - No! Waveform and Vibration Graphs #2. Answers to Questions:  All || #1-#9 || #10-#52 || #53-#64 || #65-#75, [ #1 | #2 | #3 | #4 | #5 | #6 | #7 | #8 | #9 ]. Energy Reading Comprehension Interactive Notebook activities is a DISCOUNT BUNDLE of all of my Read & Apply products that pertain to Energy. The close proximity of particles produces a high pressure region known as a compression; the distancing of particles within a region produces a low pressure region known as a rarefaction. • Reading passages align with my interactive notebook chapters.• Reading passages can be used for close reading, one-on-o, About this Product• This is a SINGLE, nonfiction reading passage with text-based evidence comprehension questions. {8#�"���%�R)z'yj��˿�62�8�IɀG��9z�� �/DBŕ~=���Lx4*W�=!"4�ҍuJ��$�! a.

The energy carried by ocean waves makes this a thrilling ride, but other waves carry energy, too. 1����~:�O@LG���b���O�٢;&*h|����l��� x��[[o�~��@�/vq̐"EI� E�e/���؇`q��r��q��r���O��P�DI��t�XG���p8�qf���.�|��Kvyyq]��|�-������/7����O�}�I��isu�����ߜ�]|+��\hv��L��)�"r����3�������ߦ�$}���$�&�o�35a_���~�2��=~u"�Cܖ������'�N��H��ۓ��0�.�-éV�0���#"��2.� o.

Students begin with four input activities where they read articles, explore hands-on demos, research online, and watch videos all about sound waves.

a. j. Intensity is an objective characteristic of sound that can actually be measured in Watts/meter2. i. That is to say that a disturbance of a particle from its rest position in a solid leads to a rapid return to its rest position and as such an ability to rapidly transmit the energy to the next particle. Over time, a given region undergoes oscillations in pressure from a high to a low pressure and finally back to a high pressure. Each reading passages includes: Reading passage4, In this WATCH science station, students watch a video about sound or watch a video about ocean waves. <>>> Identify all that apply. Students then answer questions about the diagram within their science journals or on the included worksheets.This DIAGRAM station is also available in a larger bundle of 8 stat, In this EXPLORE science station, students explore and read about ocean waves via simulation with a cork in a bottle.

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