He doesn’t have a typical black African accent though. So yes, there are many varieties in Australia, but rather than defined by region, they are defined by social class, race, gender, etc. In central Queensland I met two South Africans, one whom I assumed was French, and one who assumed I was South African. There is some truth in that. White South African English has its variants too. Of course, there’s the stereotypical accent (which the guy in the clip wasn’t speaking) – you hear this mostly from Air New Zealand flight attendants, Maoris, people from Auckland, and people from Dunedin (plus others, I’m sure).

I also think there is a issue with the three accents not wanting to acknowledge their similarities so not many take the time to notice their differences out of not wanting to look ignorant.

(1982). There is no difference in the range of accents. I do. However I think the confusion in the states is probably due to many factors. Athol Trollip says in this interview (0:42) that his first language is the Bantu language Xhosa. It sounds like they are speaking through their noses. A fairly classical “British” accent. southern NZ), while SAE has been heavily influenced by Afrikaans and local African languages. Even today there are a few areas where the locals speak Afrikaans with a slight French influence (which is mostly apparent with their fricative “r’s”). And when they shorten their words, everything gets an ‘o’ at the end.

Help support journalists, the guardians of independent journalism, through our, ‘She wasn’t a murderer,’ says family of alleged drug kingpin, Rape-accused Timothy Omotoso denied bail again, family face deportation.

To help make points better you should know what the various types of hoover are, what the principal features you’ll find on a We are just not shy about it or pretend we don’t do it.

They are also more common among women than men. Yes. There are variations in the SA accent and it sounds very different from our southern hemisphere cousins because of the larger array of influences on it due to the high amount of different language groups in the country. Different, but similar enough that the confusion is understandable. Our offices are for administrative purposes only, no visitors will be accepted without an appointment. We knew what she meant, but we still found it hilarious (it sounded like “nice arse”). I am Canadian and every time I hear an Australian accent, I melt. When people use “alot”, it drives me crazy!!! Are squats on the tip of the feet and bending back good for the legs? So South Africa becomes Seth Efreekeh. The South African accent you’re describing seems to be that of white anglophone South Africans. A very good example of this is author JM Coetzee — here is a a clip of him speaking. It is the inherited language of British colonisers who introduced English to the Cape region in 1795 when they established a military holding. you that we render reliable beneficiary assistance as I’ll be glad to offer you a Well, maybe some kangaroos, dingoes and a lot of dirt. The Durban Indian English accent is instantly recognisable to an Indian from the Transvaal region. To a Kiwi there’s a vast difference between our accent and the Australian one but I guess we’re attuned to the differences in ways that US folk aren’t. It can be confused on very rare occasions but in general no. With a South African accent you may hear more of an aw sound. So all of these accents have some related vowel shifting. Just had to say firstly because it is one of my pet hates, there is not such word as “alot” but I agree with you completely, Americans (in particular) often think Aussies have to have a very strong accent.


I do, however, think there are certain characteristics that have become common across a large spectrum of South African English. However, to a foreign ear (particularly American ears), we sound the same. I think secretly the Aussies wish they were Italian! Think ‘Out Of Africa’ vs ‘Wolf Creek’. So just ask if someone knows who their country’s leader is. More than 40% of English words are of French origin, that doesn’t make English a creole. The most correct answer to OP’s question is that he doesn’t have an ear for the languages in question. in English a phonological complex? My mother’s family are Irish but my grandmother came from Glasgow. Notable are the loss of the weak-syllable contrast /ɪ/ vs. /ə/, and the raising of the short front vowels of TRAP and DRESS. The dipthong in words like MOUTH, meanwhile is even more unusual–“mouth” is nearly homophonous with American English “moth” (IPA mɑ:θ). At least we voice our ignorance and generally welcome correction. Fair enough. To criticise someone for speaking a second language with an accent influenced by their native language is simply… Extremely stupid. My guess is OP is an American, in which case he’s likely over-emphasised non-rhoticity. We actually had a PhD student here at the Uni of Queensland about a decade ago who was working on this, she noted that the changes I’ve mentioned are actually quite recent, so that you will hear them more clearly among younger than older speakers.

Want to share good ideas and tips? It is related to Dutch though). NUMSA supports government’s R10.5 billion SAA bailout, Dudu Myeni to appear before State Capture Commission, CCMA announces user forums on retrenchment, COSATU schedules collective bargaining conference, Copyright © 2020 Political Analysis South Africa. In Joburg alone the difference between accents in the north, south, east and west differ greatly. I refer to the two mainstream accents, educated black native English speaker and educated white native English speaker. Each tends to raise the “a” vowel in TRAP, so it may sound like “trep” to an American. I will now dodge missiles hurled from across the Tasman. The three-way mixup between Australian, New Zealand and South African English. The rest of the English speaking world is then split between greater English and Peripheral. Can anyone please give me three sentences one in aussie english, another in kiwi english, and the third one in south african english? as for mistaking the 3 accents south african to me sounds like a combination of australian with a heavy afrikaans influence whereas AUS. Wells, J. All they need is time and someone to map the divisions . Former model-C schools is the term the media uses to describe schools that were formerly only reserved for whites and usually offer a better quality of education. The ‘mum’ sounded pretty much like an Australian to me.

And of course, with the amount of immigrants and first-generation Australians, you can very quickly get a South African-sounding accent from someone who speaks a Germanic language, such as Dutch or German. His accent has hardly anything recognizably “un-RP” in it at all. This system categorises South African English into three sub-varieties – Cultivated, General and Broad English varieties. It is appropriate to group these three regional forms under the common heading of southern-hemisphere English. I can only imagine what it’s like to constantly be told you’re from a country thousands of miles from where you grew up. Would I have an Australian accent or South African? This variety seems to have emerged in the last two decades, originally among second generation immigrants (mostly Meditteranean) in Melbourne and Sydney, but now, and largely thanks to the power of hip hop, spreading to become an urban youth variety.

Americans for the most part do love to stereotype, assuming all British people sound like either James Bond or the Queen and all Australians sound like Steve Irwin or Paul Hogan. Speaking with the ear of a kiwi .. uh.. anyway.. Australian accents vary a lot. So it seems this is the accent that South Africans are adopting more and more. Plus, I always thought some AUS accents sound a bit nasel too. Every accent sounded completely natural to me and to this day I can still slip into them all. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. I'm not insulting you or being flippant, this is just how it works. Somewhere in these comments there’s a clip of JM Coetzee speaking in his very ‘British’ sounding accent. Indian accents in the rest of SA are apparently very different from Indian accents in Durban and Indians are often stereotyped as speaking like Indian ESL speakers from India but most actually speak with former model-C school accents.

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