Spar varnish is a finish that remains a little more flexible, which is why it better for outdoor conditions. As for diluting and wiping, that’s really my favorite way to apply a finish anyway. "searchable": true, If you decide to sand, I would use 180 to get the ridges down, then work my way up to 320 for a nice smooth starting point. But they aren’t quite as protective as a nice thick film and will likely require more maintenance over time. :) General Finishes has a fantastic line of gel stains and I recommend them highly. Now there could be something else going on that I am not even thinking of, but these would be my “best guesses”. Its not worth the extra bucks. 75. We, husband and myself, make rustic furniture. Didn’t realize I got this saying water based. Can you shed some light on any of this – the speckles, the smear? I will likely fill the pores with Herter’s stock fill, but as to varnish: I am undecided.

"unitOfMeasure": "", My question is can I apply spar urethane over top of the water seal? How many coats depends on what kind of look you want and the level of protection you require. Hey Marc Will this help or do I need to completely start all over? then apply a spar urethane or have I completely messed this up? The good thing is that stuff binds to just about anything.

Went to finishing the top with spar urethane to provide water and UV protection and the clear is still there but there are many ripples, runs and brush marks. "languageCode": "fr" But that doesn’t mean the other methods aren’t valid either. Great site, accurate info, not pretensious. "isBuyable": "true",

MANY folks have used Helmsman on their exterior surfaces with no problems at all.

"defaultDisplayFlag": "false", "sequence": "20.00000", I used the liquid alcohol dye and mixed the dyes into denatured alcohol. "partNumber": "650102742", thanks. If it is, do i apply it in circle motion and rub it in using very thin coats? 60’s -low 70’s is definitely below the optimal curing temperature for that stain. Also, if you sand too aggressively trying to flatten everything out, you may accidentally cut through the top layer of finish. The areas where I sanded have a darker appearance than the unsanded areas, even though it is the same varnish being used and it occurs not only on the exposed wood but the areas that I sanded the finish off of (that had not been damaged), just in order to be able to feather the new finish in easier. Especially in a conspicuous area, I know that I would never be able to spot fix to perfection. I applied spar urethane to the benches of one of those picnic tables they sell at Home Depot.

Makes sense in theory. "facetable": true, Am i better off just using a water sealer such as thompsons? And in this situation, I’m not sure what the reason is for using lacquer. I would like to try your wipe on method, but I had a few questions about your technique. after trying to spray 50% urethane on was not happy with the results; tried (after lightly sanding) using just a rag, perfect; very happy I found your site, thanks ps; I’m a beginner at this, so its all new. I.e. I’ve used a very soft micro fiber cloth – (1) w/ Dawn soap, (1) wet for wiping off and (1) dry – and nothing! 6 answers Gk. My first try was an oil based polyurethane, it seemed was too glossy for the look I was wanting (and I fly landed in my tacky finish, so I had to start again). There might be some way of diluting it but in the world of wood finishing, that’s not really something we ever need to do. I was considering sanding lightly with a very fine grain (600 or 1200?) It’s important the finish remain flexible in order to withstand rolling of the rug. I have completed my 4 coats of Exterior Water Base Varathane Spar Urethane on my Bow Window and it turned out really great.The question now i’m asking is the window sil is pine and I would like to put a more durable protection (hard) finish over it. In my opinion, you get the best results when toning with fast drying finishes like shellac and lacquer.

But if I remember correctly they recommend applying with a brush at certain dilutions.

Sanding any sooner could cut into your stain. So my recommendation would be to apply the stain in a warmer environment. Thinning allows the finish to self-level a little better, and ultimately that will help you avoid brush marks. "sequence": "510.00000", Man,I am impressed. It’s just a little softer and contains UV inhibitors, things you generally don’t need on indoor trim work. This is my first outdoor piece. "searchable": true, Hi Wanda. I assume from your description that the door has been stripped completely and you are dealing with raw wood. },

Hope that helps. "partNumber": "650102676",

Do you have any recommendations for a better way? hindsight I now realize I should have skipped the water seal. I am planning on taking your recommendation and using a GF stain topcoated with Epifanes varnish. Because I’m really not sure what’s going on.

Basically, once you get the topcoat on, the finishing methods/techniques are much like what’s used on an automobile. It is also a water-resistant compound, which is why it is used mostly used on boat finishing. First, always try to pour just what you need out into a secondary container and quickly put the lid back on the stock.

I wish more “professionals” would do thd same.

The only non-invasive fix that I know of, would be to bring the whole door to a darker color. The pad should help smooth the surface and get rid of any little nubs without making the surface appear matte. 158 posts in 1413 days. Dilution may help the product flow out a little better. What should I do? 3 to 4. 3.0 out of 5 stars 2. In some places the mirrorcoat appeared to pull back off the general purpose so I have crater type effect. Or, you can use some of that “heavy air” stuff. So you have to pick your poison. This post is what I needed, and I’m going to try diluting my spar urethane to 50% and wiping it on. So after applying it to 75% of the deck we stopped working and it rained over night. It's too bad you applied the Thompson's water sealer. Now there’s nothing wrong with applying a light stain to event things out a bit. One thing to keep in mind is that even a matte finish, when part of a few layers of film finish, may still look a little glossy to the average person. Hey Lee. And oh lord, that would mean staining again, and it might have a blotchier effect after sanding down…yikes! Thanks! But that’s the trade-off right? At the moment, I’ve disassembled these parts and have been sanding them with 60 grit trying to remove as much as I can of the previously applied finish. "value": "1 Gallon", Gel stain usually is an oil-based stain, only its thicker than a regular stain. I would just hit it with your exterior stain and then topcoat with a high quality marine varnish. Any suggestions to de-gloss the gloss on this thing? "ATT_sheen": "Gloss" "facetable": true, TotalBoat Lust Marine Varnish, High Gloss and Matte Finish for Wood, Boats, Outdoor Furniture (Matte, Gallon), RTG Outdoor Wood Furniture Varnish (Quart), System Three 1850S16 Clear Marine Spar Urethane Varnish Coating, 1 quart Can,Gloss, Minwax 43210000 Helmsman Spar Urethane Clear, pint, Semi-Gloss, Minwax 43205000 Helmsman Spar Urethane Clear, pint, Satin, Minwax 43210000 Helmsman Spar Urethane Clear, pint, Gloss, Minwax 132200000 Helmsman Indoor/Outdoor Spar Urethane 350 VOC, 1 gallon, Satin, Minwax 13205000 Helmsman Indoor/Outdoor Spar Urethane, 1 gallon, Satin, Rainguard International CU- 0101 Seal Acrylic Urethane Coating High Gloss 1 gal (Ready to Use), Clear Coat Sealant, Minwax 132250000 Helmsman Indoor/Outdoor Spar Urethane 350 VOC, 1 gallon, Semi-Gloss, Minwax 132150000 Helmsman Indoor/Outdoor Spar Urethane 350 VOC, 1 gallon, Gloss, Varathane 200241H Water-Based Ultimate Polyurethane, Quart, Satin Finish, Minwax 630520444 Water Based Helmsman Spar Urethane, Quart, Satin, RUST-OLEUM 250131 Gallon Outdoor Clear Semi Gloss Finish, RUST-OLEUM 9232 Varathane Gallon Gloss Exterior Spar Urethane, Rust-Oleum 207008 Marine Spar Varnish, Quart, RUST-OLEUM 250181 11.25 oz Outdoor Clear Semi Gloss Finish, RUST-OLEUM 250081 12 oz Outdoor Clear Gloss Spray, Rust-Oleum Varathane 242180H 1-Quart Classic Clear Oil Based Outdoor Spar 275 Voc Urethane, Gloss Finish, Minwax 33055000 Fast-Drying Polyurethane Aerosol, 11.5 ounce, Semi-Gloss, Minwax 13210000 Helmsman Indoor/Outdoor Spar Urethane, 1 gallon, Semi-Gloss, Rain Guard Water Sealers SP-4004 Concrete Sealer Ready to Use - Water Repellent for Interior or Exterior Concrete - Covers up to 200 Sq. They have a Java stain that is about as dark as anything I have seen. My wife does not want a high gloss finish, she prefers a satin finish, and honestly, I don’t think high-gloss is quite appropriate for the look of the cabin either.

What can I do to fix it. "searchable": true, Have the temp and humidity just right and still brush trokes. My skill is not at all at your level, but I teach woodworking to high school students now and it is so much fun.

If I were doing cabinet doors or doors I might consider wiping. I would add “slow thinner” to your lacquer top coat to create a longer curing/drying time to allow the moisture to escape before it skins over. Sometimes strippers can pull the stain out but in all likelihood, you’ve got some more sanding to do. You really shouldn’t have a problem using their water-based stain under the Epifanes. Would like to know if you can apply spar urethane over a formica countertop? I would hate to go through all of this cost and time to have them installed and then have the finish damaged when we started walking on them. Unfortunately the sanding left a lighter uneven color than I wanted so I’d like to give the bench a new finish. Problem is that nail holes were filled with putty that initially matched but turned white as it dried, so now every nail hole is extra obvious, as is the putty that smudged into wood around each hole. It sounds like this tub needs to breathe, absorbing and releasing moisture is probably an important part of its function. PaintPerks® Terms & Conditions, generated on: Tue Nov 03 13:05:28 CST 2020.

Hey Marc, Thanks for your incredible website.

Follow the manufacturer’s insstructions for application. * I used steel wool (000) to “sand” in between coats. or can they?

"uniqueID": "7000000000000005586" Hey Gus. "15777": "Satisfaction Guaranteed", { thanks, Hi, great site, I am building an outdoor bar and I would like to get a thick glass look to the wood top of the bar, I was thinking of having the outside edge of the flat bartop come about an 1/8th of an inch higher than the bartop and then after 1 regular coat of varnish (type yet to be decided) I would simply pour the varnish onto the bartop, it would self level and without brush marks and air bulbs. "sequence": "30.00000", How can I get it smooth with the shine? Would love your opinion! Most of the trouble comes from the fact that the urethane solution is so thick. {

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