History Talk (0) Trending pages. Photon Arts/Techniques are special moves that the player can use through their weapon; by pressing a button assigned to a Photon Art or Technique, you can cast a special move at the cost of some of your PP. After standing still for a certain period of time, gain resistance to knockback and stagger. Required fields are marked *. Take the stairs up to the second level and look for deep red booth. Should a weapon have multiple Potentials, an option in the Item Lab is available to switch Potentials.

In order to switch Potentials, you must pay a small fee of Meseta as well as provide materials for the switch; the cost to switch a Potential is equivalent to the combined cost of unlocking that Potential up to that Level. You have two options, Appraise Item and Enhanced Appraisal when it comes to gear. Special Ability Factors (SAF) are properties exclusive only to New Type (NT) Weapons.

By enhancing a Weapon to its maximum Overgrind Limit (+35), the weapon's Augment Factor is unlocked. You’ll want to use them wisely as a result because they can be exchanged for some very rare and high quality gear. At level 3, ALL rare weapons are unidentified, with the exception of certain weapons such as rare weapons from red boxes or Mine Defense-exclusive 11*s.

Phantasy Star Online 2 Weapons. Here's what you'll need: One (+26 ★12 weapon) One (+30 ★12 weapon) One (+13 ★12 weapon)

They are not considered as a Normal Attack. The SAF can be applied as many times as you can, so long as the +35 Weapon is present (e.g the base weapon). An Element come pre-installed on a weapon, or can be added manually through the Attribute Grinding process.

Next, you'll need to collect fodder weapons that you'll feed into the ★12 weapon.

If you’re a new player and not sure what exactly you’re supposed to do with them, don’t worry because you’re not alone. We are still missing drop lists for weapons and photon arts.

They have the visual of a basic weapon with a brown photon.

Here’s everything you need to know about the appraisal shop in PSO2 and how to appraise your gear. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

The appraisal shop vendor in PSO2 can be found in the Shopping Area which can be reached via the elevator in the Gate Area of Arks.

Increase Power by 1% for every 60 R-ATK affixed to this weapon. Harmonizers (Phantasy Star Online 2) Swords (Phantasy Star Online 2) Gunblades (Phantasy Star Online 2) Talises (Phantasy Star Online 2) Twin Machine Guns (Phantasy Star Online 2) Increase damage against breakable parts by 3%. The active Element of the Weapon changes to that of the currently equipped "Guard" Skill Ring. As we learn more about this system, we’ll be sure to update this post. For the purposes of knowing when to do High-Quality Appraisal (I forget the exact name but they cost like >100k Meseta each):

So you get a bunch of unidentified weapons after defeating a boss on Super Hard or Extremely Hard.

Should the Old-type 13* weapon to be converted, the New-Type upgrade would have an Overlimit of 35 and the SAF readily unlocked. 1 Charge) / 0 (Lv. They are unlocked by grinding the New Type Weapon until +35, meaning obtaining them requires multiple copies of that weapon until it reaches the Overlimit of 35. Should multiple blades are stuck, it just overwrites it and only counts as 1. ES weapons, informally known as S-Rank Weapons or S-Ranks, are a special category of weapon which encompass all the weapon types and a few extras, such as the Needle. Increase Power by 1% for every 60 S-ATK affixed to this weapon.

Category:Phantasy Star Online 2 Weapons/Twin Machine Guns; Category:Phantasy Star Online 2 Weapons/Wands; Category:Phantasy Star Online 2 Weapons/Weapon Camouflage; Category:Phantasy Star Online 2 Weapons/Wired Lances; R Rods (Phantasy Star Online 2) S Soaring Blades (Phantasy Star Online 2) Swords (Phantasy Star Online 2) T Talises (Phantasy Star Online 2) Twin Daggers (Phantasy … Phantasy Star Online 2 has so many different types of quests, currencies, items, equipment, missions etc. The vast majority of the time, the regular Appraise Items option is the best choice to make.

Restore PP upon consuming a Mate-type item. They are unlocked by grinding the New Type Weapon until +35, meaning obtaining them requires multiple copies of that weapon until it reaches the Overlimit of 35. You can help alleviate this issue by enhancing weapons in a specific manner. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat.

GT/PSN: XenoGamerX. Increase Active PP Recovery based on the Photon Blast Gauge. While this sounds tedious and wasteful, the SAF is a guaranteed 100% success on adding Abilities which is extremely helpful for difficult and expensive Abilities like Modulator. Home » Guides » PSO2: How to Get & Exchange Unique Weapons Badge & Memory. That’s all you need to know about unique weapon badges in PSO2. Increase Natural PP Recovery based on the Photon Blast Gauge. PSO2: How to Get EXP Fast; Leveling Guide, Road to the Final Begins in FIFA 21 This Friday, Microsoft Flight Simulator East Frisian Islands Add-On Pack Gets Charming Trailer by Aerosoft, PS5 Gets a Price Cut in Brazil Ahead of Release, Genshin Impact Releases Charming (and Massive) Soundtrack For Free on YouTube, Days Gone on PS5 Wil Run at Up to 60 FPS in Dynamic 4K Resolution; Saves Will Transfer from PS4, PSO2: How to Get & Exchange Unique Weapons Badge & Memory. Phantasy Star Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Say you have a weapon affixed with Shoot III, applying a weapon with a Shoot III SAF would not give Shoot IV. That’s all you need to know about the basics PSO2’s appraisal shop and how to utilize it. (e.g "Phrase" SAFs). Restore PP after a successful Just Guard.

Reduce PP consumption. We’re going to walk you through how to exchange those unique weapon badges and how you can try and get more of them in PSO2. Increase damage and PP recovery. They are not considered as a Normal Attack.

You cannot see the rarities, but you do know the price of identifying the weapon AND the weapon type that needs identifying. By equipping a Weapon, you will gain stats to battle enemies. The Soaring Blades' PP recovery is separated for the Photon Blades and for the attack done after a Soaring Blade Sidestep Tackle. Reduce PP consumption based on the Photon Blast Gauge. Improves the Performance of Wand normal attacks. There are initially 3 Palette Slots, but this value can be expanded to 6 by completing a certain Client Order. The weapon fodder needs to have the same or higher number of abilities in order for it to be used as a component. The Enhanced version is much more expensive and should be reserved for the highest tier of rarity in order to maximize the benefits. Increase the potency of Element Conversion. When attacking, restore 1% of damage dealt as HP (30 HP MAX). Successfully performing a Just Guard while below 25% HP recovers 50% HP and 30% PP. This is right next to the Tekker and Weapon Shop. Currently, Potentials can reach a maximum level of Lv 3; to unlock Normal, Hidden, and Arena Potentials, 3 Spheres/Boosters are required to unlock Lv 1, 4 are required to unlock Lv 2, and 5 are required to unlock Lv 3. There are five Potential types currently in-game: Normal, Hidden, Weaponoid, and Arena, and Special; Normal Potentials require Photon Spheres to unlock, Hidden Potentials require Photon Boosters to unlock, Weaponoid Potentials require Weaponoid Boosters, and Arena Potentials require Arena Boosters.

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Increase Power by 1% for every 60 T-ATK affixed to this weapon. Recover PP when an enemy near you is defeated. There are about three types of Damage in-game: Melee, Ranged, and Technique Damage. When you go to confirm the item appraisal in PSO2, you will be able to confirm what element you want to and what augment you want to add from the ones you have available to you. Weapons are also unique in the sense that each of them possess inherent properties called Potentials, as well as other features that set them apart. By then affixing the Weapon or using the Weapon as a component in Affixing, the Augment Factor can be Affixed to itself/a target weapon with a 100% base rate, even if the Augment isn't normally transferable. Your email address will not be published. Weapons are also unique in the sense that each of them possess inherent properties called Potentials, as well as other features that set them apart. Effect varies based on the item consumed. For more tips, tricks and FAQs answered about PSO2, check out our index of Phantasy Star Online 2 content at Twinfinite. Weapons have two capabilities: Normal Attacks and Photon Arts/Techniques. Grinding on PSO2 allows you to increase your weapon's power beyond the default values they come with.

Weapons are the means by which players are able to fight and perform Photon Arts and Techniques. The Jet Boots' Weapon Action in the table refers to the multi-kick attack performed when activating the Weapon Action after a Normal Attack while the Player is standing still.

Enhancing ★12 Fodder. The PP recovered for the Photon Blades is +1, an additional +1 PP is recovered if the point of attack has a blade stuck on it. The parenthesized values for Bows are values when the attack is charged. Category page.

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