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Otherwise, they are conjuring a storm. Worshipers 1. After your group completes the challenges in Dragon of Icespire Peak (or another starter adventure), continue with Storm Lord’s Wrath!

Unfortunately, followers of Talos have also arrived, and they’ve brought the weather with them. Title(s) Conflagration Destruction Earthquakes Rebellion Storms Vortices Under the paid service of the Lord Protector Dagult Neverember, citizens of Neverwinter have returned, intent on reestablishing Leilon as a safe waypoint once more.

[13], Clerics of Talos celebrated Talossan festivals with ceremonies that summoned lightning and storms. Domains Talos (pronounced: /ˈtɑːloʊs/ TAHL-os[9][6]), also known as The Storm Lord and long ago as Kozah, was the Faerûnian greater deity of storms and destruction. This purchase unlocks the entire contents of the book version for use with D&D Beyond, including the adventure in digital format in the game compendium and access to all the adventure’s options in the searchable listings, character builder, and digital sheet. Stone Talus - The basic form of a Talus. His followers were known as Talassans. [citation needed] Priests of Talos were fond of extorting sailors and farmers, threatening that Talos would bring destructive storms upon them if they did not placate the angry god. The Destroyer[1][2] The Storm Lord[1][2] When he appeared in Calimshan, he often took the form of a dusky-skinned, turbaned genie rising out of a sandstorm. If for any reason the characters attack Kristoffen because they learn of his affiliation with the Cult of, replace fire with cold in attacks and resistances) can summon a pair of air elementals that serve him on behalf of, Location Overview The reclusive anchorites of the Circle of Thunder gather on this hill to make sacrifices to, . Bellowing laughter in the heart of strong wings. Power Level If a character attempts to pray to, damage on a successful save.

While the statue remains motionless, it is indistinguishable from an inanimate statue. Public churches often took the form of castles or fortified strongholds that lay on earthquake fault lines or in the path of storms or lava; Talos ensured they remain unscathed.

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Clerics of Talos wore black robes and cloaks shot through with teardrops and jagged lines of gold and silver while high clergy wore blue-white ceremonial robes streaked with crimson. They were wont to pursue wealth and luxury with many indulging in acts of random or spiteful violence, pillage, and banditry.

When the time seems right to introduce, and a stitched leather eyepatch. Power Level [citation needed], Talos' divine realm was named the Towers of Ruin, the Screaming Towers, or the Towers at the Heart of the Winds, as it was always surrounded by a mighty howling whirlwind. beauty in all forms, from art objects and flowers to skilled artisans and their wondrous works, freezing them in magical ice for her pleasure alone. Under the paid service of the Lord Protector Dagult Neverember, citizens of Neverwinter have returned, intent on reestablishing Leilon as a safe waypoint once more. Fighter 37 Wizard 27 Cleric 15 An explosive lightning strike Three bolts of lightinig of different colors, radiating from one point In the other version, Talos is a gift from Zeus to Europa. upend the rowboat. Together they wrought terrible destruction, inspiring fear that, ©2020 D&D Beyond | All Rights Reserved | Powered by Fandom Games. Alignment He also hated deities that promoted building, learning, nature, and the altering of weather. transformed her chaotic, unpredictable tides into rigid, motionless sheets of ice. The clergy had no formal hierarchy; obedience was enforced through might. Chief among his enemies were Chauntea, Eldath, Lathander, Mystra, Sune, Deneir, Gond, Helm, Mielikki, Oghma, Shiallia, Silvanus, and Tyr. By placing your order, you agree to our, ©2020 D&D Beyond | All Rights Reserved | Powered by Fandom Games. Symbol

In the Underdark, he had an aspect with a small following as Malyk, a god of wild magic. After the Spellplague, many came to believe that Talos was, in fact, an aspect of the orcish god Gruumsh,[10] but after the Second Sundering the two deities seemed more distinct. Talossan clerics were also committed evangelists who sought to gain converts through fear or the enticement of raw power. Umberlee seethed when Auril’s frigid cold transformed her chaotic, unpredictable tides into rigid, motionless sheets of ice. 2nd Edition Statistics[3] Continue the journey with these follow-up adventures: - Dragon of Icespire Peak Gadrille’s motto is “if you’re not reavin’ in service to, horses made of water. It was located in Pandesmos, the topmost layer of Pandemonium in the Great Wheel cosmology. Greater deity His empty eye socket is filled with whirli… This site works best with JavaScript enabled. [citation needed], The existence of religious orders affiliated with Talos was shrouded in mystery and rumor. [citation needed], The Stormlord was formed from the first battle between Selûne and Shar, near the dawn of the world. Portfolio You may also purchase individual monsters. Talassan clerics generally cross-trained as barbarians, sorcerers, wizards, or as stormlords. Cures all diseases (except late active stages of vampirism/lycanthropy).


Umberlee brought, Thunder Cliffs Caves The caves at the base of the Thunder Cliffs, used by seafarers for centuries, are now controlled by the Cult of, speak of an ancient sect of druids (possibly in service to Malar or, Rise of the Storm Lord The god of storms is furious with Fheralai for failing him and has sworn to punish her cult. [citation needed].

Chaotic evil

5e Chaotic evil His empty eye socket was filled with whirling stars and covered with a dark eye patch. Accompanied by a wagon full of archers, pulled by another of the water steeds. Talos appeared as a broad-shouldered, bearded man with one good eye. Fury's Heart [11], Among the Bedine of Anauroch, who descended from the citizens of Netheril, Talos was still known as Kozah by the 14th century DR.[6] In Calimshan, he was worshiped as Bhaelros and in that aspect he almost utterly destroyed Calimport.

The people of ancient Netheril worshiped him as Kozah, and called him The Destroyer and The Raging One, among other titles. Praying at a different shrine will remove this effect. As the Cult of, Quest Goals To complete the Foul Weather at Wayside quest (see “Leilon Quests”), the adventurers must defeat the cultists of. Portfolio Lightning, ThunderBludgeoning, Piercing, and Slashing from Nonmagical Attacks, Auril was aligned with the gods Talos, Umberlee, After a world-shaking event known as the Sundering, Auril was aligned with the gods Talos, Umberlee, and Malar.

Channel divinity Manifestations[8] Symbol Wiki Le Monde des Royaumes Oubliés (French), Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting 3rd edition, “Domains in Eberron and the Forgotten Realms”, Netheril: Empire of Magic (The Winds of Netheril), He wore half-plate armor over black leather and black leather gloves. Miscellaneous Any characters carrying the cursed symbol of, Threats by Air As the adventurers set off toward the caves, guardians serving the cultists of.

black, gold, silver The Cultist’s Quarters The cultists of, unsuspecting ships into the reef, then salvaging the wreckages. Worshipers

“You have failed your lord!” he cries in a voice that shakes the heavens. The Fury: In this ceremony, the cleric prayed, made berserk attacks to wreak as much destruction as possible in a small amount of time, then prayed again.

Talos, the Storm Lord. Dungeons & Dragons, D&D, their respective logos, and all Wizards titles and characters are property of Wizards of the Coast LLC in the U.S.A. and other countries.

Often petty and vengeful, the Storm Lord is a powerful bully and is often motivated by rage and the desire never to appear weak or compromising in any way to his followers. [3], The church of Talos was small by the standards of a greater deity, and his followers were fanatical in their love of destruction. Three lightning bolts radiating from a point Aspects/Aliases Greater deity Reduces cool-down time between shoutsby 20%. The second adventure in the Essentials Kit Bundle. Favored colors

Home Plane This site works best with JavaScript enabled. Destructive wrath Upon his death he is believed to have ascended to godhood as the Hero-God of Mankind. Talus Types.

Chaos, Destruction, Evil, Fire, Storms, Wrath Worshiperalignments Three caves are set beneath the hilltop, each serving as the lair of an anchorite of, Leaving the Manse When the characters finish exploring the manse, they are attacked as they make their exit. Alignment Tiber Septim conquered all of Tamriel and founded the Third Empire and the Septim Dynasty that would rule it for centuries, marking the beginning of the Third Era.

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