Ugh! He is also seen as the "dorky dad" type when it comes to his daughter Octavia since he took her to a carnvial called Loo Loo Land.

[The commercial cuts to a demon guy wearing an Ohio sports jersey, giving a testimonial, while Blitzo holds a cardboard sign in frame that reads "Some guy who hired us!!"]. ], Millie: [On phone] Loona, I got stabbed!

Also not unlike the refined aristocrats of old, Stolas engages in extramarital affairs with those of lower social class, such as the imp Blitzo, without apparent concern from his wife. Instagram Millie, Moxxie, and Blitzo: Aaaaah!


Blue-haired Nurse: It didn't do anything! He's kind of a piece of shit.

], [The scene cuts back to the boardroom. Moxxie: Okay, sir!

Helluva Boss He wears a torn black collared coat with red buttons, black boots (incidentally sharing the same shape as his feet), and large black gloves with yellow eyes on them.

[The scene cuts to a flashback of Moxxie and Millie preparing dinner in their kitchen.].

"], Eddie's Mother: [sobbing] Please!

MurderStalking Millie and MoxxieBabying LoonaMusical theatreHomeless peopleHorsesDoodlingMondays[1] [The bed is stopped by a rope that has become tangled around Blitzo's foot.] Blitzo: [voiceover] You know, folks, with this company, I really wanted to prove that we're capable [Blitzo and Moxxie are shown dismembering Eddie's body with a wood saw and a chainsaw respectively] of doing the same things anyone else can!

Created Nov 8, 2019.

Brock Baker's impression of Rupert Giles from. Occupation Directed by She's sensitive!

It's no one's fault, okay?

Blitzo: Hey, now we don't blame our screwups on Loona, okay?

[The flasback ends, and Blitzo is standing by Loona.]. [The scene cuts to the I.M.P.

But now, I want that. Clingy Rich Asshole (by Loona)Privileged Asshole (by Blitzo)Creepy Mouth (aka one night stand bird dick) (on Blitzo's phone)daddy_hoothoot (on Instagram) Blitzo: You know, even though this kid was a target, he's still a child. Millie and Moxxie are sitting across from Loona, who has her feet up and is watching a video on her phone of Moxxie getting hurt.]. Moxxie: You sit! Owl Demon

Feel free to edit or add to this page, as long as the information comes directly from the episode. In "Murder Family" we see a sign in his office titled "The Blitz Show" implying he had his own routine along with being part of "The Amazing Imp Siblings". homeless woman you let man the phones!

The boy is wheeled in on a hospital bed by a doctor, a pink-haired nurse, and a blue-haired nurse.]. Likes

Her desk phone rings with the sound of a cute puppy barking as the ringtone.

Moxxie: Wha-- Why-why would anyone send me this? Blitzo does art streams on Picarto and Twitch.

[Blitzo draws a flintlock pistol and fires it at Eddie, instantly killing him. [Loona runs out of the break room and out into the street.

Follow Blitzo (the 'o' is silent) as he attempts to run a startup killing company in a very competitive market, along with his weapons specialist Moxxie, his powerhouse Millie, and his receptionist hellhound Loona.

I want death!

HimselfGardening[1]Spending time with his daughterPeople dying from global warmingSexually toying with Blitzo Moxxie: Honey, can you get me the butter? Blitzo: Okay, well, yeah, that makes sense.

He even wore a Loo Loo Land outfit and wanted to go on rides with her.

Millie: Are you trying to crush his dreams, Moxxie?

120. Character information

[Points at Loona] And you! [pushes Moxxie away] Have you guys forgotten what service we provide? Blitzo loves horses, almost to an obsession with them, and apparently owns his own horse that can talk and teleport. Manipulate the world.Kill as many people as possible.Commit unspeakable acts to Blitzo.

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], [The boy collapses as Moxxie looks on in shock.

What's "obnoxious" about a super-fun jingle, all right?

], Singer: ♫We're the Immediate Murder Profession--♫, [Moxxie accidentally shoots a boy passing by, eating an ice cream cone. Sexuality Stolas was first properly introduced when he called Blitzo to aid him in getting rid of some unnamed people on Earth who were causing him problems by "convincing people global warming exists" - when Blitzo asked if it did Stolas confirmed that global warming was real but more people died if nothing was done about it. The scene cuts to a hospital operating room. 20.2k. 23[4] Moxxie approaches her with a flyer for "Chub B Gone".].

Blitzo: [to camera] Well, luckily for you, thanks to our company's special access to the living world, [his eyes narrow as he does a magical gesture with his left hand and a flaming portal appears on the floor. The Immediate Murder Professionals♫, [The I.M.P. Among other unknown hits, Stolas arranged for the death of at least one person trying to spread awareness of global warming, not because he did not acknowledge its existence, but in hopes of causing more overall deaths on Earth. True Name Imp Demon In the next scene, Blitzo is stabbing someone's head, while sporting a goofy expression.]

Moxxie opens his eyes and sees Blitzo standing on him, looking him right in the eyes.]. Likes

Blitzo is a very lanky jester-like imp with a pointed tail who conversely has wide-proportioned hands, pointed feet with a boot-like heel, and a narrow head with curved horns. [Blitzo, Moxxie, Millie, and Loona look at Eddie, the boy Moxxie accidentally shot. Brandon RogersSébastien Mineo (French)

Stolas then went into a vicious, perverted rant about varied acts he wanted to do to Blitzo, promptly causing Blitzo to hang up - destroy his phone and order Loona to eat it, and then excrete off of a bridge. Stolas is a major character in the Helluva Boss webseries, a spin-off that shares the same universe with Hazbin Hotel. Stolas It's good, right? @blitzorodeo LARGE SKETCHBOOK Helluva Boss Crew $14.95 USD; SMALL SKETCHBOOK Helluva Boss Crew $8.95 USD; Portrait of Loona Pin *LIMITED STOCK* $9.95 USD; Portrait of Stolas Pin *LIMITED STOCK* $9.95 USD; Portrait of Blitz Pin *LIMITED STOCK* $9.95 USD; Portrait of Millie *LIMITED STOCK* $9.95 USD; Portrait of Moxxie Pin *LIMITED STOCK* $9.95 USD

[Blitzo is suddenly hiding outside of the office window. It is revealed on several of his Instagram posts that he is horrible at spelling, and at one point, even won an award, Though, interestingly enough it did not seem to be the case when he first started his account. Moxxie: I'd like to go on record and say that incident was Loona's fault.

Moxxie: Oh, I do judge you, sir!

Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Blitzo: Wow. Blitzo: Look, I don't judge the boring couple stuff [Motions his hands to imply sexual activity] you do outside work hours, so don't judge me!

Loona: [Drops the box on the floor] You know what? Sit on...a-- and the d-- Do your job! Moxxie: [He twitches his eye in anger] No!

However, Blitzo occasionally uses the comparison as an excuse for his negligent behavior when called out on it.


So, how does it look?


No one cares about cars being cleaned here, okay? He is followed by Millie and then Moxxie, who trips over the grimoire and falls into the portal.

Hobby Moxxie: Are you kidding me, sir?

Blitzo: They wanted us to kill an actual child? or are you an innocent soul who got fucked over by someone else?!

Alias [Blitzo lands in a cake that Stolas' wife and her friends are having, splattering pieces of it all over them.]. One that you then additionally paid to have run for a full three hours on a channel nobody watches. Hazbin Hotel Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Evil-doer Moxxie (co-worker)Millie (co-worker)Loona (receptionist)

Millie: [lays her hand on Moxxie's shoulder] Calm down, Mox. ], Singer: ♫We do our job so well [The trio come up through the other end of the portal and adjust themselves, and then frown.] Moxxie: Um, excuse me, did you just fax me an ad for weight loss? Says it's urgent and wants to talk to you.

It's possible that Stolas would become the main antagonist of the Helluva Boss series.

[Moxxie gives him a "What the hell?" Moxxie and Millie are blown out of shot.

He is the founder and manager of Immediate Murder Professionals (I.M.P), a startup assassination business that carries out its services in the living world. AssassinI.M.P Founder

[In the next scene, Moxxie is singing the end of "Oh, Millie", as Millie joins in on some parts. However, in contrast to his normal regal behavior Stolas has a disturbing quality of becoming extremely profane and graphic when discussing his sexual interests.

Brandon Rogers, who co-wrote and voices in the show, is also known for his. Moxxie: I don't need any reminding, sir, considering you blew most of our salaries on an obnoxious TV ad last week.,,,, [gestures to the logo as it appears on screen, then disappears. Then I don't want it!


If anyone has seen my little Eddie's, please contact us at-- [Eddie's body bag is suddenly dropped into her arms.] Blitzo possesses a twisted sense of family when it comes to his work.

Vivienne Medrano Blitzo (casual affair/one-sided) Stolas and the Helluva Boss characters with Angel Dust, Stolas and the Helluva Boss characters with.

The trio together form a letter "M", thus spelling the initials I.M.P.] For example, his justifying of Loona's volatile behavior and appraisal as a surrogate daughter against employee complaints, or endlessly stalking Moxxie in public and private. Other In Hell, imps are the lowest of the low in society, but what happens when one starts an assassin business? Ooh, what about a billboard? Prior to the actual events of the pilot, Stolas and Blitzo engaged in a sexual affair, though Blitzo only did this to obtain Stolas' book and thus gain access to Earth and begin the formation of I.M.P.

Goetia DemonPrince Then it zooms out to everyone watching the TV, with Loona, Millie, and Blitzo eating popcorn.]. Focused on his company's success, Blitzo prides himself as being business-like and professional, but in truth, he has a shortsighted ego that makes him terrible at managing a legitimate business.

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Dislikes [Moxxie starts whimpering in anger while looking back at Blitzo].

Moxxie: What the?!


Guess he was the right target after all. Stolas appears to be narcissistic, decadent, exigent, and has a regal quality about himself. Active Stolas He's trying to convince people global warming exists!

Blitzo: Do not talk to my receptionist that way! Being a regular client of Blitzo and his service, Stolas is responsible for ordering the deaths of mortals to advance his own agenda. Loona answers.

Blitzo: Happy Adoption Anniversary, Loony!


Millie: That's my husband you're talking to! Jayden Libran previously worked with Vivziepop and Maxwell Atoms as a puppeteer on Atoms' shelved series, Although Vivziepop stated that recording for episodes had been delayed due to the recent COVID pandemic, According to Moxxie on one of his Instagram posts.

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