When protesters began accusing the Kaminarimon Company of corrupt practises, Boruto suspects that the Byakuya Gang is behind it. While Sarada and Mitsuki go off to capture the opposing team's flag, Boruto defends their own, believing he and his four shadow clones give him an advantage over the other team's three members. When Sasuke asks them their purpose of coming there, Suigetsu hands him the scroll — the one with which he exclaims that their group Taka can rule the world with — and making him cognisant of reincarnated Madara's presence even though Itachi forced Kabuto to release Summoning: Impure World Reincarnation, which leaves Sasuke somewhat surprised. Jūgo left with Karin and Suigetsu, who had also taken a powerless Tosaka with them for their trouble. She has also shown similar aim while devoid of sight, as while practicing with her eyes closed, she was able to perfectly hit the target mat six times in a row. Not wanting to be caught in a war with what he considered the four most powerful reincarnations and three monsters, the young man schemed to escape as soon as he got an opportunity. He activated his Kāma and teleported Isshiki and himself to a separate dimension. Ultimately, Boruto and Inojin's respective words resonated with Iwabee, ending the fight. Even more, he dislikes anyone who would hurt animals. Boruto likes burgers where he would rush to get a limited edition green chilli hamburger, on the last day it would be sold, and would sometimes carry burger discount coupons. Jūgo later helped Sasuke in reviving Orochimaru by giving Sasuke a portion of Kabuto's modified reptilian flesh. A supplementary usage of his techniques is the ability to gather information via water such as rain, seen when he learned about the Fourth Shinobi World War after his imprisonment. Despite having been convinced by Sarada to take his shots regularly to avoid transformations, Jūgo still retreated to his cave, as he was building up an immunity to the medication. After he woke up, Jūgo made the cursed seal in one of the birds recede, and made his dislike of Boruto over his previous bird kill known. Suigetsu didn't believe Kabuto as he helped instigate the war in the Sarada is reminded of all the times in her life that Sakura was there for her and how she always tried to make Sarada happy. Listening to the advice, Sasuke and Boruto disguised themselves. After severely wounding Sasuke, Killer B invokes his tailed beast form in order to deal with the rest of the group. Boruto expressing his desire to become a shinobi like Sasuke. Stating he doesn't care, Boruto made Naruto promise that he'll be home for Himiwari's. Inojin notes that he has a knack for this. After the bear/panda is captured, Mitsuki notes that as amazing as Sarada and Boruto's parents are, they don't compare to his own parent, Orochimaru. Gender The group then followed Orochimaru into the depths of the hideout to discuss the situation. While initially resentful of his father and his absence since becoming Hokage, Boruto eventually comes to respect his father and duties. After being relieved that they would be fine, Sarada decided to leave, dragging the loud Boruto out before he disturbed the patients. [26] From training with Sasuke, he became very skilled in shurikenjutsu, able to change a weapon's trajectory mid-flight and coat his shuriken in Lightning Release.[27].

When Karin becomes preoccupied worrying about Sasuke, Jūgo tells her to continue looking for Danzō while he goes to help Sasuke. Sasuke arrives at his hideout to collect information on the Dark Thunder Group As Boruto's seal began to hurt Kawaki, also felt the pain, making him abruptly wake up and destroy the area within his vicinity. While training with Kawaki, he quickly grasped basic concepts of chakra control. Kawaki opened up about Jigen, revealing him to be the one who modified his body and granted him his Kāma, and as someone they'll inevitably have to fight. plus they saw him go thru a lot (going after itachi, finding out the truth, his suicidal quests, reviving orochimaru, speaking with the hokages, deciding to protect the village). Sasuke saved Boruto by swapping places and tried to strike Isshiki, only to quickly be rebuffed. Boruto soon found Tentō, just in time to stop Shojoji from eating his brain for his jutsu. From Sakura, Sarada inherited naturally advanced control over her chakra. the world in his own personal problem and sought to correct it. Boruto informed Kawaki of his recovery. Shortly after, Kagura took the class to Memorial Park, where they payed their respects at the Memorial Stone. Boruto is very intrigued by the device. He began acting like the action movie hero Kagemasa. [10] While staying in the past, Boruto wore a red vest, grey long sleeve, and long shorts as a disguise. He revealed that a new enemy killed his allies and was on his way to the Land of Haze to get the Hashirama Cell. Later, knowing that Konohagakure would send a team to retrieve Boruto and Sarada, Orochimaru sent Suigetsu (while concealing his identity) to stall the two genin's pursuers long enough for them to reach Ryūchi Cave. His attributes are: 160 in dexterity, 140 in chakra, 130 in perception, 120 in strength, and 90 in intelligence and negotiation. [4] At some point in the past, he had to fight with Jūgo. Main articles: Sasuke Shinden (novel) and Sasuke Shinden (anime) Boruto admitted that he was less afraid of dying than hurting people should Momoshiki take control of him, but Sasuke swore as his teacher to stop Boruto by any means necessary. Soon after, Konohamaru and Mugino brought them back to Konohagakure for better care, also bringing Mitsuki to Orochimaru for his treatment. Sarada and Mitsuki track Boruto down afterwards to tell him about it, but he's uninterested, even when told that they can't enter without him. As he follows him onto a Thunder Rail carriage, Boruto stops Denki from taking revenge on the bullies from the previous day and divert the carriage from crashing. Recognising him as such, Suigetsu threatened him to talk. Chocho and the others soon find them, where Magire quickly attacked them with his concealment skills. When Jūgo attempted to defeat him as well, Killer B overpowered him using the sword he stole from Suigetsu. On another day, Boruto met the new transfer student Mitsuki, who he found strange. After Boruto was discharged from the ward, he had Mitsuki contact Sarada with his snake to have the warden move Kokuri to their cell for better protection. The combined effort of the Alliance is ultimately enough to defeat Obito. [15][16] In this form, he turned his arm into a shield to defend himself and created Multiple Lotus Nonself Connected Cannons on his back that were capable of devastating the area. He’s the dude who starts a family and later comes out at a later age like 40-50. Upon arriving, they discovered the new chakra signature was from Kabuto, having escaped the loop of Itachi's Izanami. Meanwhile, Naruto was informed by Ino that someone had infiltrated the village. The genin refused to accept that and decided to subdue him. While in the manga Naruto noticed Boruto cheating and subsequently disqualified him from the tournament, in the anime his cheating goes unnoticed, leading to him progressing to the finals against Sarada and Shinki.

Leaving Mitsuki to recover, the team infiltrated Curtain Village to search for the item. While managing to separate Moegi Kazamatsuri from her team, Boruto and Sarada were subdued by the genin.

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