They have only been in bloom for two weeks, is this a normal cycle for them to loose pedals already, or did the soapy water hurt them? Elevated view of sunflower surrounded with white petals Premium Photo 2 years ago. While both of these things can cause white leaves, they are very different in their appearance and treatment options. He did have an issue with squirrels on the fence. I’m sorry to say it doesn’t sound good.

I just harvested sunflower seeds from my garden however I noticed that they are all black and without the white stripes. hello, well i planted about 12 sunflowers all were growing so well, that is until a deer came late one night and ate the tops of all of them.. there were only a foot or 2… Now 3 of the flowers managed to pull through.. the others still chopped and not growing. This year wanted seeds for birds so planted Lake Valley Mammoth Gray Stripe. I’m lovin it. What do you think I can do?

Is it pink? What’s the cause of this and how to stop it? You could even erect a wind break to aid protection if it is a particularly windy day. What could this be ? I live in New Hampshire,not a long growing season. Grey Mould: This is particular active in wet conditions appears as a soft whitish-grey mould which can rot any part of the plant and will spread to adjacent plants if you do not remove and destroy all affected material and spray with a fungicide. I built a cage to keep the newly sprouted seeds from being dug up by the birds. I have loads of large (8-10′) sunflowers that were blooming quite happily…however, last night we had really bad wind and rain which has snapped 2-3 of them and caused the rest to bend rather alarmingly. . BUGS! Along with the sky scraping tall varieties, some of which can reach a dizzying height of 10 feet, there are also shorter varieties, which barely reach 12 inches. ProCut® Orange DMR has the same familiar orange petals, a dark center, and is pollen less on a single stem plant. Spray in the morning or evening all over top and bottom of leaves and on the stem. I’d leave the leaves on if they still have enough green on them. Even when they look completely dehydrated and half dead they can recover quickly with a good drink. Save. But my plant is still very green even the head and some of the buds in the branch isn’t even bloomed yet.. Is it normal? Yes, it’s highly likely that it can recover. I could NOT get them to transplant. Rain: Sunflowers love a good dose of rain and also means you don’t have to get your watering can out. So this year I planted their babies but I am a bit concerned about if they will grow…they started beautifully but they have started wilting and going pale. When I got it it had a large bloom and more than a dozen flower buds. I planted them on the 3rd of April and they’re coming up already.

Last year my daughter brought home a sunflower from school for Mother’s Day. I would like to plant them again next year, they are so pretty! Any help would be appreciated. I’ve been growing tithonia in a large pot and my first flower bloomed and I was so happy…..unfortunately I went out of town for a few days and the person I asked to water then forgot -__- when I came back the petals on the flower fell off. Terracotta’s stems are strong and the flowers are erect with good vase life. Leaves and petals as well. the porch/ grill is east of the planting site.

Hello! My problem is the other buds turned brown and I just took them off because I think it’s dead. This time around, rather than one large flower head, I’m seeing many smaller heads. However I noticed that 2 of the seedlings have vertical splits in the stem, I think exposing their ‘insides’, starting from the base of the stem for about 2-3 inches.

Can I dehead them without damaging the seed for next year ?? Rubbing the old florets off to expose the seeds won’t do it any harm.

hi there…….i am conducting research on phytoremediation potential of sunflower….in my country summers are soo harsh…my sunflowers are about a month old…..unfortunately i m unable to water them for 3 days…most of the leaves got dry….shoots are fine…do leaves regrow again??? Something happens that causes the once vibrant color of a flower to dampen. Hi Christy, I’m afraid to say by the sound of it I don’t think you’ll be seeing any blooms anytime soon.

Once pollinated, flowers no longer need to attract their pollinating suitors and, thus, begin to fade. Perennial sunflowers have daintier flowers, but can be invasive given the opportunity. I saw somebody else had similar problem here, which was caused by hail, but we haven’t had any rain recently here in California. The ants are probably “farming” aphids, which can do a lot of damage to your plants…I use a mixture of water, dish soap, neem oil, rosemary oil and lavender oil…they die and it takes them quite a while to come back. I have to put boiling hot water down there because of my dogs as I am not sure if the powder is animal or child friendly. What shall I do?

HI, we have planted our sunflower seeds a few weeks ago, they have just started to shoot from the ground. Can someone please help. Should I stagger the planting time , 1 week ,2 weeks?

They reached over 7ft tall. It may mean you’re in for a monster! Not eating just snipping and leaving. They’re black, about a half inch long, maybe a quarter inch thick and they fly. Yes, that can happen.

Only one flower has bloomed so far but it seems fine. They are about 3-4 feet tall and have a single 4″ beautiful yellow blooms at the top with buds along the lower branches.

The blooms have been spent for approx 2-3 weeks. Sunflowers are summer plants. My back yard gets only partial sun and the flowers were not a large as could be, I wonder if the seeds are not fully developed? They do like being in the sun but need to be kept hydrated. This is our first time growing sunflowers. Thank you! When Plants Don't Get Enough Light, Why Do They Grow Tall and Spindly? Not sure what to do. Instead of toxic bug killer, I use a mixture of water, dish soap, neem oil, rosemary oil and lavender oil…they die and it takes them quite a while to come back. We started them inside in February in cups that we could plant right in the ground. We lucked out. I want to see my plants grow as big as they can.

Some sunflower varieties have smaller petals than others. The result is a brilliant explosion of color that grabs your eye.

They did live for an few days out of sunlight. Should I transfer them in to the prepared soil now .

Will they survive the winter? Having sunflowers grow at all this year was my first “success” and the plants were all healthy until I saw the bugs on them and sprayed only two days ago.

Are my sunflowers going to keep growing or are they just going to stay like that and that’s it?

My kids and I started plants from seeds (indoors) early this year (3.6m & 4.6m varieties), and they’ve been outside for about a month now. Or just give up? If you have a few Ladybirds in your garden they do enjoy munching on aphids, otherwise you can just pick them off with your fingers and give them a squeeze so they pop. Will it survive ? Using seeds from a previously successful flower head, I currently have a sunflower stalk that is almost 10′.

The spikes are already showing up on mine, so the flower is almost here! If you want to give it some food, give it a dose of standard tomato food. There are many varieties that have pure black seeds, it is not unusual. Hi Nikki, I’m not sure to be honest. It can be used in flower arrangements never before possible for sunflower, mixing well with bronze and reddish flowers.

I do still have some but I think I worry most for the children’s sunflowers , but I have told them i have more if needed. They look too good to destroy! What did I do wrong? I started growing my sunflowers around 3 weeks ago they have just started to get leaves on the top but I have snapped the stem,will it still grow normally or will I have to start again. There are many fantastic dwarf varieties. Is it the miraclegro I’m feeding them?

I tried moving mine and all that happened was that it started to loose petals. Collect. I started fertilizing when the buds appeared. Move plants that appear to be planted in a spot where they are unhappy. Annual sunflowers (Helianthus annuus) have bright, happy faces that faithfully follow the path of the sun across the sky.Sunflowers range from 3 to 10 feet tall and have yellow, mahogany or red petals.

Hi i have a question i bought 6 sunflower pots at home depod to plant them in my backyard. I had some precious sunflower seeds from a friend that I sowed on the ground. Terracotta is a special sunflower color that matches the old bricks in the wall or that terracotta pot sitting out in the garden. I was wondering: when is it best to prune the drooped heads?

If all the leaves have gone I think you’ll struggle as it won’t have any way to generate any energy. The back is still green and the seeds are still white.

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