After being rescued from living on the streets at 2 months old, Rusty the Surfing Min Pin competed in his first event in 2016 when he was still a puppy. Read on for 50 ideas for male dogs and 50 for females, plus a brief description of each name! Six-year-old golden retriever Turbo won his first surfing event, the Surf Dogs Surf-A-Thon, in 2015 and has been a fixture on the competition circuit ever since, both solo and in tandem with other surfer pups.

Her owner, surfer Ryan Rustan, was overcoming drug addiction when he rescued an abandoned dog from the streets of LA. For instance, if your dog loves to fly through the air, Aerial would be a great name for obvious reasons. Check out these fun cool unique dog names to get inspired: Really cool dog names for tiny dog breeds come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Let’s take a look at some of these ideas, with their owners in brackets. Red Queensland Heeler Skyler and his pro surfer owner Homer Henard make quite the team. I’d picked him up in terrible shape from the side of the road. Or just keep scrolling to start from the very top!

A 30 minute lesson was all it took for Giselle to begin her surf career. Delilah wanted in on the fun as well, and their owners Don and Connie Horn decided to see if they could hang on a surfboard.

The other pups needed names, too, so we stuck with the coffee theme. Banjo. Have you picked your dog’s name now?

You can jump to any section by clicking the links below. Moss?? Buddy was also included in the seminal book "The Dog's Guide to Surfing," which is seen as the book that helped launch the fledgling sport of dog surfing. Welcome to Surfdog and Dave Kaplan Management, where we live and breathe our passion for music, in our tropical bungalows by the beach! Sandy is a popular girl dog name for one that has a tan coat. Find the best pet name by browsing our list of surfing inspired dog names. His name was Flash. His name is Hermoso Chistoso Oso. My great pyranese names are storm and river.

They can come from traditional baby name routes.

I had a poodle , the owner before me named her Juni B Jones , I hated the name and I named her Eunice , after carol Bernett , she has the same hairstyle that she has on mommas family. ©2020 Wag Labs, Inc. All rights reserved. I really like the name Shadow for a dog. Pits. Faith has placed first in the large division at the Surf Dog Surf-A-Thon in 2015, 2016 and 2017. He's also skilled at tandem surfing with his pal Beans the whippet. Required fields are marked *.

For this list, I have tried to stay away from the most popular dog names like Sadie, Bella, Jake and Bailey, just to keep you out of the mainstream. There is certainly plenty to consider when trying to choose the right surfing-inspired name for your dog. We named our GSD male “Cargo” This name fits him well and everyone adores his name and of course him too!! I have 2 dachshunds Mr. All Rights Reserved. I loves meeting g pets who share his name . He has still to this day never skipped a meal and when he was really little he used to waddle when he walked! Now a celebrity athlete, Abbie has her own custom surfboard and sponsors and was given the 2018 World Dog Surfing Championship (WDSC) Spirit of Surfing Award. Cost: You may have guessed this by now, but prices vary. Check out this great list for some awesome ideas: We all know your dog is going to be a total sweetie pie. Did you get the name Kona from Hawaii 5-0? We decided to change it since he was only a few months old. We’ve got some unique ideas, which are sure to make your pet the top dog at the park. And we have some awesome ideas for you here: We’ve got plenty more tough, dangerous dog names here! In a house piled high with pets, I’ve had more than my fair share of naming to do.

If they tend to float surprisingly well, then maybe Buoy or Balsa would work best.

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