[1][19][20] Earlier in 2000, New York State Police, at the request of then-District Attorney Jeanine Pirro of Westchester County, had re-opened an investigation into Kathleen's disappearance, and was urged by her friends to contact Berman for an interview.

To finance it, they used Susan’s assets. Nyle drove to the house. In this case, however, she was touched, one friend says, that Bobby had told her the $50,000 was a gift. She insisted you be well-versed in the characters and plots of her colorful and troubled journey, especially that of her beloved father, Davie Berman, the Las Vegas mobster who was Bugsy Siegel’s partner and who died at 53 of a heart attack when she was 12. Of course, by the time she called me back, everything was fine in the world.”, She had fretted endlessly about various ongoing dramas, from her health to her dogs to her obsession with her longtime manager, Nyle Brenner, with whom she had a fraught relationship. Cleveland International Film Festival

Discover what to watch this November including a Marvel docu-series, a '90s reboot, and a Star Wars holiday celebration.

Susan lived by a moblike code of loyalty. She thought these trips were family vacations and loved the ice-cream sundaes from room service, when in truth it was to protect her when there was mob unrest. “If you pissed her off,” says her adopted son, Sareb Kaufman, “she was like, ‘Fine, you’re out of the Rolodex. Berman was found dead on Christmas Eve 2000 in her home in Benedict Canyon, California, a suburb of Los Angeles. (Durst didn’t show. Run Time: 88 minutes.

Bobby Durst gave her away. The biggest thing to come out of that period was Susan’s return to Las Vegas: A book and an A&E special called Lady Las Vegas brought her new acclaim and fresh cash (and showed, perhaps, a lack of caution, since she’d once told Julie Smith that, after Easy Street, she’d been warned, Don’t ever mess with us again).

Whenever she wanted! The only snag was the Easy Street book tour.

Susan Berman will be in attendance. She was previously married to Des McAnuff. She said she knew Dee owned a gun. “What information?”, “Well, I don’t have it myself,” said Susan. Right (1987) and The Unit (2006). At another point in the conversation, Susan said she’d just talked to a psychic.

He would ask her to wear Chanel No. “The way she dealt with her past was to make it theater,” says New York Times reporter Dinitia Smith, a colleague from her New York days. One told New York that many years ago, Susan revealed that “she’d provided Bobby’s alibi” — while insisting it did not mean she thought he was guilty. She wrote about her late-in-life realization of her father's role in that criminal empire.

She was married only once, to a Mr. Margulies, in June 1984 at the Hotel Bel-Air; Durst walked Berman down the aisle.

She would never want to miss how it would all play out.”, When the news hit, her history as a gangster’s daughter dominated the headlines.

Less than a week later, at 1 p.m. on Christmas Eve, the Los Angeles police were called to Susan’s rundown home on Benedict Canyon Road by neighbors who’d grown alarmed that one of her three wire-haired fox terriers — so precious to her, such a nuisance to others — was running wild and barking hysterically. In the 2010 film All Good Things, the character Deborah Lehrman, portrayed by Lily Rabe, is inspired by Susan Berman.

But there has also been much discussion among her friends about what Susan really knew about Bobby and Kathie Durst.

737 Canal Road

“I don’t think she ever smoked a joint in her life,” says Lankford. Robert Durst’s Second Wife Helped Conceal Murder of First Wife, Lawsuit Alleges: ‘Cold Blooded Opportunist’, Favorite Documentary Series of IMDb's Top 250, The Best TV Shows About Being in Your 30s. Finally back on her feet, she called Dee Schiffer and asked if she could move back to the house on Benedict Canyon Road. “If I were a gangster,” says Markey, “I’d have encouraged her to write more.”. 88 minutes. That was Susan. Berman grew up in Las Vegas and, later, in Hollywood, California, where high school classmates and friends at the Chadwick School on the Palos Verdes Peninsula in Los Angeles[6] included Jann Wenner and Liza Minnelli. “Fortunately, it is on the second level,” says Kim Lankford. She was dressed in a long black velvet dress with white trim that had belonged to Sareb and Mella’s grandmother and was placed in a vault next to her parents and Uncle Chickie.

Berman was a New York magazine writer in the ’70s and ’80s, and the following feature chronicles the mystery surrounding her death. At the same time, she had rewritten her will and cut her out. .the rock clubs, the sleazy bars, the tenement lofts." Liberace sang “Happy Birthday” to her. Her posters ask "Who Is This?" She was a writer and producer, known for, The Jinx: The Life and Deaths of Robert Durst, A Guide to the Serial Killers (and Infamous Murderers) Taking Over Film and TV. And for a while, he made her happy. It wasn’t until she researched Easy Street that she realized who those gin buddies were.

[10][14] Margulies died of a heroin overdose in 1986. With his wife in the mental hospital, he’d pick Susan up from school and help with her math homework in the counting room, using casino chips. Not a CIFF Member? And they knew all about her glamorous mother, Gladys, the onetime tap-dancer who lived in perpetual fear that her family would be killed and who had been institutionalized for depression much of her short life. Film producer Robert Evans toasted the couple. Although Durst's presumed victim was not immediately named by authorities, the Times first reported that he had been detained in connection to Berman's slaying. Berman was found murdered execution style with a 9mm handgun on Christmas Eve 2000 in her rented Benedict Canyon home, and was presumed to have been dead at least a day. The film's design is influenced by cartoons, pop art and "the colorful trashiness of New York's urban landscape," fulfilling Susan Seidelman's desire to "make a film that captured the crazy energy of lower Manhattan.

The letter reached its target: In the months before her death, she had cashed two $25,000 checks from Bobby. Please contact us to speak to a representative.

They all moved into Susan’s Brentwood home (up the street from Nicole Brown Simpson’s townhouse). [19] Berman biographer Scott told the New York Post in February 2017, before witnesses were to testify against Durst in a pre-trial hearing, that the evidence points to his guilt in Berman's murder. Ron Nyswaner and Peter Askin (from a story by Susan Seidelman), Principal CastSusan Berman, Brad Rinn, Richard Hell. Or, her best-known half-threat: “I’m going to get into the bathtub with my hair dryer now.” Those who really knew her well didn’t worry (too much) that she’d ever take her own life. To some she seemed more upbeat than she’d been in years. On the way home, she had a fit in the parking garage because someone in the elevator pressed 5. “You couldn’t help but see it, it was all that was left,” says her friend Julie Smith, a successful mystery writer. On December 19th, five days before police found her body, Susan Berman was talking on the phone with actress Kim Lankford, one of her closest friends.

Later, she was sent away to various boarding schools, her education broken up by regular visits with Chickie in jail. And I got back in the car and drove to Susie’s.’”. Yet when Susan tried to reach him last summer to borrow money, she was irked to find he’d changed his phone number. She left the rights to at least one of her works to Nyle Brenner.

Or why the windows in their custom-built house were so high off the ground (to keep from being shot at from the street). It is implied that Bump murders Lehrman on the orders of David Marks, inspired by Durst, in order to prevent her from revealing incriminating information about Marks.

But a bullet casing found at the scene — and reported to have been from a small-caliber gun — gives investigators a shred of hope. She complained that Baskin Schiffer would show up at the house unannounced to argue about overdue rent, the dogs, repairs; the standoff had escalated to a three-year eviction battle.

It was too awful to contemplate.”. Oh, it was dramatic. She was married to David Margulies. Things got stranger at the memorial service Sareb arranged for Susan in early February.

Right (1987) and The Unit (2006).

She was shipped off to Idaho, with a single trunkload of clothes and mementos, to live with Uncle Chickie.

[1] She kept close ties to friends on Alta Loma Road, at the Las Vegas Strip and in New York City, including Durst. Writer Susan Berman, whose devoted circle of intimates included real-estate scion Bobby Durst, didn't discover her roots as a Mafia princess until a freewheeling stint at New York in the seventies. The case took a more macabre twist when Westchester County District Attorney Jeanine Pirro announced that Berman had been on her short list of witnesses to interview in yet another eerie case, a coast away from Susan’s struggles.

Susan Jane Berman was an American journalist, author, and the daughter of Davie Berman, a Las Vegas mob figure. USA She was a writer and producer, known for The Real Las Vegas (1996) and The Jinx: The Life and Deaths of Robert Durst (2015). |  “If you were a friend, you were a close friend,” as one put it. Her father was the “love of her life.” His FBI wanted poster was hung prominently in her living room (the phrase on it, ALIAS: DAVE THE JEW, amused her to no end), and most of her friends knew the story of his funeral, when little Susie tried to throw herself into the casket. Later, Nyle would tell friends that when no one answered the door, he crawled in through a back window.

What made her happier were his children.

*Sorry, there was a problem signing you up. “Susan always was optimistic,” says another old friend, Stephen M. Silverman.

If you've binged every available episode of the hit Disney Plus series, then we've got three picks to keep you entertained. In 1992, a friend gave Susan, now penniless, use of a condo on Sunset Boulevard. Check out our FAQs for answers to common questions about entering the film festival.

On December 22nd, Susan’s last night alive, she went to dinner and a movie with Rich Markey. She’d been dead for at least a day.

Susan had survived the Las Vegas mob of the ’50s, and one unbearable loss after another. Berman lived just off the Sunset Strip on Alta Loma Road in West Hollywood for several years prior to her final residence in Benedict Canyon, a suburb of Los Angeles. Have a specific question? Berman became a confidante of Durst,[4] an heir to a New York real estate fortune, at UCLA in the late 1960s,[1] and came to know Kathleen after later moving to New York.

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