There are also other links, to help you identify whether you have an Eastern grey or Red baby squirrel – red babies are smaller and have a dark stripe on their nose. CAUTION about “creating” orphans:   Squirrels choose warm protected places to have their young, sometimes in and around our dwellings.

A photo of a 4-5 week old Eastern grey baby squirrel being fed from a 3cc syringe with what looks like an elongated PetAg nipple attached (note how its little forepaws grasp the syringe), can be found at: Pedialyte is a rehydration solution made for human babies, and is available in drug stores – it often comes fruit flavoured, but if you can find the unflavoured kind that is best for wildlife babies.

Inside their nest they do not pee on their own, the mother squirrel licks away the urine and thus keeps the nest clean. Take your time, and go slowly, carefully watching both the squirrel and the syringe.

If its appetite is poor, or it obviously wants much more than you calculate it should have, please take it to a veterinarian for an assessment. Place a plastic tarpaulin under the cage with an old sheet on top which will catch the debris, and wash the sheet once or twice a week.

Formula dries like glue and turns hard, sticking the fur to the skin, which must be very uncomfortable, and results in fur loss. After the squirrels are chewing the rodent block, other teething materials should be provided – such as hardwood branches and twigs, cedar boughs with seeds, and pine boughs with pinecones, replaced daily. The White and Albino Squirrel Phenomenon + New US Maps!

Again –. Himalayan Striped Squirrel (Tamiops mcclellandii) Bedtime Math. Its mother is dead or out of the picture.

Urban Nature Information System: Squirrels", "Squirrel Tales: Care Instructions For Infant Squirrels", "Squirrel and man: is a local custom worth dying for? Feedings should be a smooth, gentle, unrushed experience for the baby and rescuer both. Conservation- Considered of least concern by the IUCN because of their widespread distribution. Start with 1 teaspoon (5ml) of cream for each cup of reconstituted Esbilac formula. She may not have another nest site safe and warm enough to keep such fragile infants alive. If the baby is weighed in grams, to calculate number of cc (1cc = 1ml) of formula per feeding, simply divide the weight by 100 and multiply by 5 to get 5%, and by 7 to get 7%. She may be off preparing a new nest for them or simply anxious, cautious and scared. for detailed information on mixing Esbilac. Work back up to full strength formula gradually as the problem resolves.

Check local pet stores; there are several brands of rodent block made for rats and mice – “Mazuri” and “Kaytee” are two good ones.

The veterinarian's directions for diet, care, and treatment should be followed closely. Likewise, wood chips release aromatic oils, and are thus not good to use for bedding, nor do they provide insulation and warmth in a nest. There are 15 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page.

One way to make sure they have fresh water (until they scout out their own source) is to nail a yoghurt container onto the truck of the tree holding their nest box, low enough for you to refill it daily.

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