The downside… this is a single model and as we outlined above, you often want to nestle your Warlord in your backfield, not on a unit that is getting up close and personal with the enemy. Kirby, my apologies, I led you astray. Still, you’re likely going to have three Commanders across the battlefield so your coverage should be pretty good. Still working out the kinks. While not amazing as other race relics which allow a re-roll per turn, a single re-roll can also save you one CP throughout the game, doubling down on the CP farm this relic is. EMP Grenade is better than most of the “do mortal wounds” stratagems and can combo with other strats. Until then, as part of getting back into the swing of writing posts let’s finish off the Tau codex review. You can unsubscribe at any time. Multispectrum Sensor Suite and Command and Control Node are both powerful shooting buffs that are as good or better than anything other books get in that regard. Keep this one at home. is amazing for 1CP. I would rather just shoot units dead than try and kill lots of models from lots of units and then get an extra dead model from using this Relic. Then, pay for Promising Pupil and give the Enforcer Commander…, I already have 36 on the way to my house lol, There's a few frustrations, and I think making Veteran Cadre available to all factions rather than just FSE would have opened up a lot more…, Color me underwhelmed with the whole thing. Hunting Grounds (1CP) – Unfortunately Kroot and their Hounds have two uses in 8th edition thanks to the changes in cover and neither of these are exemplified by Hunting Grounds. Then I remembered Natfka saying something about this. It means that Crisis Suits are potentially hitting on 2s and rerolling 1s. Le Codex Empire Tau (6ème édition) est une extension pour la sixième édition du système de jeu de Warhammer 40,000. This means these are already high value targets and often out in the face of the enemy, limiting their value as a Warlord (which can give up victory points in nearly all mission formats). I hate the nerfs to the only good tau army. thank you ShasOFish for getting the text for us With solid ML choices now in Firesight Marksman to fill out Brigades and combined with the Sa’cea Sept Trait, this can also minimise the need for Target Locks on moving units with heavy weapons (Riptides, Y’vahras, Broadsides, Ghostkeels, etc.).

Still, extra Mortal Wounds can sometimes swing the combat (though dropping an extra 3-4 Genestealers out of 20 isn’t really going to change the outcome for Tau…). While you can certainly do it from far away, the best use of this (i.e. Hammerheads, devilfish, etc. IG Brigade: company commanders, infantry squads, platoon commanders, multilaser scout sentinels, mortar HWTs; 78 bodies, The Mortars are basically the only good thing about it. Most units with photon grenades are hitting on a 4+ so you really need those markerlights to make this worthwhile though, like all single roll stratagems to get D3 mortal wounds, it is really only used in a pinch when you need to finish off those vehicles without using another unit. D3 wounds to a really hard target is usually worth a CP and they have a surprisingly good 12″ range. On an Ethereal we are talking about 10 Leadership for the Moral phase and affects all friendly models which makes it downright amazing in battle brother tournaments (cross-faction buffing!). Extra AP on 6’s to wound does not seem like a lot but when it’s in the middle of some triple tapping Fire Warriors, combined with T’au Sept Focused Fire or in conjunction with any other +to wound (i.e. Incorrect on the prototype limit, wording just says when you select a relic. You are taking PENchip still but it’s worth considering an extra CP for one of these options. While not relying on a dice roll for extra movement for both Fireblades and Ethereals is nice, the extra damage from Through Unity, Devastation is generally more important for the army (assuming you remember it – I keep forgetting…). Recalling from months and months […]

), There's an additional loss - if the warlord isn't Farsight Enclaves, then I lose the option of taking Talisman of Arthas Moloch in relevent matchups.…, Have Aun’Shi be your Warlord to get Academy Luminary (+1 Command Point, 9" Moral Aura). Also, it’s worth noting that almost all of the units in the “minimum” Tau brigade are ones that you will actually field in a “real” Tau brigade. Likewise through a Mortal Wound line on a cramped parking lot could hand out… well handfuls of Mortal Wounds. Codices in 8th are made or broken by their stratagems, especially flavor-wise, and I feel the Tau Codex is a pretty big letdown on that front. pdf) or read online. WARAMMER 40,000 – CODEX: T’AU EMPIRE 1 WARHAMMER 40,000 CODEX: T’AU EMPIRE Official Update Version 1.2 Although we strive to ensure that our rules are perfect, sometimes mistakes do creep in, or the intent of a rule isn’t as clear as it might be. June 22nd, 2018 - Torrent Contents Warhammer 40k Warhammer 40k 7th Edition Codex Tau Empire Codex 8 Ed Tau Empire 2015 10 31 09 54 29 Mobi 161 MB Codex 8 Ed Tau Empire Epub 87 MB' 'warhammer 40k chaos codex pdf wordpress com 8th edition rolled around and not having a special / heavy weapon is far less an issue as everything can wound everything and Tau are finally in an advantageous place where that S5 weapon really comes into its own. While taking a SMS or Missile Pod turret is not a terrible option, it can add nearly 40-63% to a Fire Warrior units cost.

In the end, once the math backs this up, this is a fantastic tool at the right times but not something that you will reach for each turn unless you sacrifice a Commander slot to be less useful. I mean promising pupil is just the generic Viorla Warlord trait anyhow... You could put it on anyone if you want. Furthermore, T’au Sept vehicles would already be hitting on 5s where Hammerheads are most likely to be seen. The biggest benefit of AFPs is their ability to damage units out of LOS and the upgrades to S, AP and D really help allow this option to be more useful than just plinking at infantry like a short-ranged mortar. Especially given how lackluster the Hammerhead is in this edition, and how underwhelming Overwatch is in general, unless you specifically gear for it, and your opponent is unaware of what could happen.

Commanders are perhaps one of the best HQs in the game. The standard load out will be I think the Puretide and then 1 CP to access one of the weapons (Fusion Blades if one has Farsight) but we will review this more in the Relics section. Losing your Warlord loses the free benefits we will outline below. Works on PC, iPad, Android, iOS, Tablet, MAC! Orbital Marker Distribution Uplink can easily put 4-5 Markerlight hits down with no need for any kind of roll. Again though, it is pretty easy to buff BS2+ to get re-roll 1s in Tau and impacting one model, while generally a good model, is not as good as impacting multiple units. Str 5 hurts basically everything on a 5+, unlike flashlights. We have seen Blood Angels get very few changes but a series of key stratagems (and combinations with Relics) have turned them into a very strong option in the current environment (still waiting for that March FAQ…). The commander limit pretty much forces you to take Cadre Fireblades – so guess who gets to throw that EMP grenade? As for Branched Nova Charge, if you take a Riptide budget for the CP to use this every turn until you have blasted the opposing army to its component atoms. By subscribing you confirm that you are over the age of 16 or have consent from your parent or guardian to subscribe. 4 (Through Boldness, Victory): Re-rolling failed to hit rolls for a unit within 12″ of your Warlord is never a bad thing but when Tau have so much access to re-rolling ones and all of your shooting HQs are BS2+… this really only comes into play against units that have negs to hit (*looking at you Eldar*). 621 points for the bare minimum T’au brigade, though realistically 579 + the cost of the commander. Profile matching is far less an issue in 8th edition as you can split fire; range is the most important and the AFP / supernova does match with CIBs / Fusions in that regard. Most turns, you’re probably in range of a lascannon or something. pdf: 2018-01-23 01:58:40: 180. +1 to wound for potentially everything in your army is off the chain. I exist! 2 (Through Unity, Devastation): This is your go to choice. For Fireblades, less so as they can then no longer use their Markerlight. Tau Brigade: fireblades, strike teams, firesight marksmen, kroot hounds, sniper drones; 57 bodies

A single S10 AP-4 D6 attack is not amazing but can finish off a tough unit that Tau normally cannot do in the combat phase. You could take a Drone Controller on the same Commander as you’re already sacrificing shooting but it still leaves an unpleasant taste in your moth.

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