Most of the time his balance is just right. At her home on several occasions, she hears her stepbrother Brad (John Hensley), and his girlfriend Melanie (Nicole Swahn) arguing because Brad refuses to have vaginal intercourse with her, insisting on only having anal sex. Ever the hustler, Pierpoline isn't about to give up. Brad attempts to molest her and ends up with a bleeding finger. Though initially afraid she will hurt him, she finds that when she is relaxed and is consenting to the sexual activity taking place, her "teeth" do not engage. Lichtenstein and Pierpoline's poster features a tousled-looking, relatable heroine. Unsurprisingly, this metaphor for consent was somewhat lost on the (mostly) male critics reviewing the film. Weixler is pulling down a "Warning: Sex Changes Everything" T-shirt to cover her crotch, which is obscured by a giant gold star, like the one Dawn's creationist biology teacher uses to obscure a textbook's page on the female reproductive system. She gets a lift from an old man (Doyle Carter), but falls asleep and rides for several hours, waking up after nightfall at a gas station. Dawn panics and tries to push him off, which results in Tobey growing more infuriated.

Here's film critic Jim Emerson on a pivotal rape scene in the film: Because they're such unprincipled horndogs who won't take "no" for an answer, the movie suggests they deserve what they get.

The scene Emerson describes takes place at a waterfall, where a consensual kiss between Dawn and her classmate Tobey turns into attempted rape. Dawn's mother is taken to the hospital. Rated R The alternative poster for "Teeth." Ryan smugly boasts that he and the friend had bet on whether he could score with Dawn. "[2] Metacritic reported the film had an average score of 57 out of 100, based on 22 reviews.

she exclaims. "We wanted her to have this cute kind of look," she explains, pausing over a publicity poster she and Lichenstein designed. She visits a gynecologist, Dr. Godfrey (Josh Pais), in an attempt to find out what is happening to her. A local film commissioner happily took them to a number of potential locations. "The distribution company [Roadside Attractions] wanted to sell it as a pure horror, against my objections, and I think it was marketed to the wrong audience. If the overt message of Teeth is that jerks get their dicks—genital piercings and all—eaten by dogs, the secondary message is that men will try and obstruct your vagina dentata film at every turn, from the pitching stage to production and post-production. "If Lionsgate had done a different marketing campaign and spent more money and gone wider, that would really have helped the film," she says. They messed up. Which isn't to say that everyone loves the film. Dawn: "No!

[4] Jess Weixler won the Special Jury Prize for Dramatic Performance (and tied with Tamara Podemski from the film Four Sheets to the Wind). "It's original. "But the good news is that people feel that they discover it themselves, it's not pushed down their throats from advertising hype. Tobey: "You don't have to do anything." A powerful critique of America's purity culture, Teeth is also an incisor-sharp commentary on male entitlement, consent, and sexual violence. "In between showing us that morning and coming to collect us that evening, he'd read the script.

It also symbolizes the woman's anxieties about penetration, and/or her desire to devour her mate, who is attempting to fulfill his own bio-mythological destiny by returning upstream to spawn in the womb from whence he originated. He wants what he knows he can't have: Dawn. One prominent feminist critic I emailed for comment declined to speak about Teeth, on account of it being a male-written, male-directed film.

In her anger, her vagina bites off his penis, and she leaves him to call his mother for help. Dawn is chewing her lip with a knowing look, a wry expression on her face. Teeth (2007) Synopsis: Dawn grows up in the shadow of a nuclear power plant. Foundation artistic director at the Sundance Film Festival Mystelle Brabbée claimed it was "one of the most talked-about films at th…

**Watch: **British Comedy's Rising Star Michaela Coel on Swapping God for Filthy Jokes. No! ", Like Lichenstein's agent all those years ago, executives have pulled Pierpoline aside and told her a TV remake would be a bad idea. None of them completely satisfies him.

"Babyteeth" is ostensibly "about" a dying teenage girl who falls in love for the first time, but what it's "about" is different from what it actually is.

Years later, Kim has developed cancer and teenage Dawn -- well, the title of the movie refers to a biological abnormality she has developed down there. She releases it on the ground and Brad's dog eats it, spitting out the genital pierced glans. It's like a punch in the face. Dawn O'Keefe (Jess Weixler) is a teenage spokesperson for a Christian abstinence group called the Promise. As he realizes this, Dawn's vagina bites off his penis.

It's fun. That is, until he got wind of Teeth's plot. "I'm like, why not?" Bill (Lenny von Dohlen) and his son Brad (John Hensley) are about to join Kim (Vivienne Benesch) and her daughter Dawn (Jess Weixler) to form a single-household zygote. Meanwhile, back at home, her ill mother, Kim O'Keefe (Vivienne Benesch), collapses. In honor of the tenth anniversary of the film, its producer and director explain how the vagina dentata-themed movie overcame a bungled studio release to find cult acclaim among young women. Release Calendar DVD & Blu-ray Releases Top Rated Movies Most Popular Movies Browse Movies by Genre Top Box Office Showtimes & Tickets Showtimes & Tickets In Theaters Coming Soon Coming Soon Movie News India Movie … After swimming together, they go into a cave to get warm and they begin kissing. Ryan gives her a sedative and masturbates her with a vibrator. ), Nonetheless, in the decade since its release, Teeth has won new fans—especially as online streaming opens it up to a younger audience. It's been a decade since low-budget comedy-horror Teeth premiered at Sundance to positive reviews (its lead, Jess Weixler, received the Special Jury Prize for Acting). She practically glows as she tells me about distributing Teeth posters at a screening to an adoring audience of young girls: "It was a really nice feeling.

Dawn cycles away from home, but her bike tire sustains a puncture, so she begins hitchhiking. (Incidentally, no dogs were harmed during the filming of Teeth, and the frenum piercing was a custom-made sugar confection from a local bakery.). Her vagina dentata only snaps shut when she's being violated or raped; she is otherwise capable of consensual, non-castrating sex. Photo courtesy of Joyce Pierpoline. The joke isn't so much that Dawn sports a gynecological snapper-trap, but that guys will stoop so low to take advantage of her.

Writer-director Mitchell Lichtenstein's low-budget horror film is...more satirical than scary...however, he ultimately delivers the gory goods. Neither is it horror; at least, not really. I lean towards it being misogyny," Lichenstein says. The 1950s sci-fi premise would be that Dawn is the unfortunate victim of radioactivity, but there's something else in the air (and maybe the water) here.

Teeth certainly isn't porn. "Teeth" sinks its incisors into a cross-cultural myth known as vagina dentata. Dawn puts on make-up and goes to seduce her stepbrother. Although Dawn can, and does, castrate men—bloodied dicks thud to the ground with pleasing regularity throughout the movie— Teeth doesn't make Dawn a monster. The camera tilts down to the lawn of a suburban home where nuclear family fusion is about to occur. Writer-director Mitchell Lichtenstein's teen horror-(of)-sex comedy begins with a big visual pun about a different portion of the feminine anatomy: An impressive pair of atomic power-plant silos protrude from the horizon like ... you know. The film stars Jess Weixler and was produced by Lichtenstein on a budget of $2 million. Parts of the film have aged terribly with as our understanding of consent grows—specifically a scene where Dawn's classmate Ryan gives her a sedative before masturbating her with a vibrator. I don't mean so-bad-it's-good, I mean good. She lives with her mom, step-father, and hard-edged step-brother.

"I think it was a film ahead of its time, and I don't think the marketing campaign addressed what it was about.

The film received mostly positive reviews from critics on review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes, which reported that 80% of critics gave the film positive reviews, based on 69 reviews—with the consensus "Smart, original, and horrifically funny, Teeth puts a fresh feminist spin on horror movie tropes. Whether you view it as a primordial image from the collective unconscious or a practical warning against promiscuity, vagina dentata makes an indubitably memorable impression -- and an ideal premise for a tongue-in-cheek thriller about uncontrollable urges. There was that time with her stepbrother Brad in the inflatable pool when they were just kids, when he cut his finger while touching her under the water, but she repressed that memory a long time ago. ", Pierpoline pulls even fewer punches when it comes to naming names. Around me, expensively dressed industry executives tap smartly on MacBooks or raise sparkling toasts to future deals. Dawn has fantasies about marrying Tobey, although after acknowledging the attraction, they agree that they cannot spend time together.

In a bloody, nightmarish, young-romantic way, it's kind of touching. for disturbing sequences involving sexuality and violence, language and some drug use, "Teeth" sinks its incisors into a cross-cultural myth known as, Or, as Juno might call it, "Vaggie D." Depending on who you ask (not that you should bring it up in polite intercourse), it is said to represent the male fear of castration and of feminine sexuality in general. If all you know about 'Teeth' is the premise, you probably think it's a typical B horror film. A horrified Dawn stumbles away and she flees the scene. She's always kind of known she had something ... unusual in the vicinity of her privates, something that confused and frightened her, but she tried not to think about it.

Every film studio—even European ones that Lichenstein and Pierpoline thought might be more liberal about vaginas—turned it down. It's called sexuality, and it permeates her everyday life: from pop culture (parental-advisory lyrics, R and PG-13-rated movies) to anatomical textbook illustrations in health class to the hormones and pheromones that hang heavily in the atmosphere, like the fetid steam in a gymnasium locker room.

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