Family There, Tegan learns that the relationship her wife had been in (with a man named Patrick) had been over for six months and that Cora hadn't told Tegan this because she feared Tegan would want to reconcile their marriage. Realizing that something is wrong with the situation, when Michaela tries to leave to go to the hospital to see her friends, Tegan stops her from getting the elevator. (Stay). En las oficinas de Caplan & Gold, Nate visita a Tegan para interrogarla sobre la noche de la fiesta, y la cuestiona sobre si cree que Asher lastimó a Simon. Cora Duncan - Ex-WifeUnnamed IT girlfriend (former)Claire Telesco - One-Night Stand† Annalise Keating - Romantically involved Age Nate asks whether anyone in the firm knows anything about an Antares Technologies conspiracy to which Tegan reminds him that anything that the people who work for the firm about the company is protected by the attorney-client privilege. As noted by a frustrated Nate Lahey, little is known about Tegan prior to the start of her legal career. ("Everything We Did Was For Nothing"). (Episodio: "Everything We Did Was For Nothing").

What If Sam Wasn't the Bad Guy This Whole Time? Defeated, Annalise tells Tegan that she is making a mistake. Upon returning from Mexico City and settling in Philadelphia, Tegan entered into an ill-fated relationship with Cora Duncan. Though is unclear when the two of them began their relationship or how long they were together, Annalise's memorial board (which shows she changed her name back to Harkness) shows a picture of Annalise and Tegan on their first date - a trip to a salsa club, similar to a night they'd spent together years before. Because Tegan was the only one present when Emmett died, the FBI deems Tegan a suspect, especially since Emmett's death solidifies Tegan's rise to managing partner. Annalise then races over to Caplan & Gold where she walks into the meeting room where Soraya is on the phone with a member of the Middleton board as she is losing her job. Lleva tu comunidad favorita contigo y no te pierdas de nada.

As Tegan is now openly on Annalise's legal team, it is easy for Jorge to deduce that Tegan was the informant that put him in prison; still, fingering Tegan in open court puts her life in mortal danger. By season five, the two have warmed to each other, and are depicted as close friends in season six. Viva. The mere suggestion of this repeatedly flusters Tegan, much to Emmett Crawford's amusement. (Episodio: "Was She Ever Good at Her Job?")

Tegan es un personaje recurrente durante la cuarta temporada de How to get away with Murder,[1] y a partir de la quinta temporada se une al elenco como personaje principal. Seemingly unaffected, Tegan tells Annalise to leave. After winning the case for Soraya, Tegan offers Annalise a job if she wants it. En algún momento, consigue un trabajo en Caplan & Gold, y se convierte en asociada poco tiempo después. Tegan reluctantly gives him Oliver's name. Prior to Tegan's promotion to managing partner, Laurel approached Tegan with help in escaping Philadelphia with Christopher, threatening to tell her father about Tegan's deal with the FBI if she did not help out. Following Emmett's death, Tegan is appointed managing partner as Emmett planned.

Michaela assumes that the food is to compensate for how bad the meeting with the CEO of Antares went but Tegan tells her that she is simply hungry. While Tegan loved Cora ("and not just for the sex"), Tegan admits that with the public proceedings of Antares, everything she'd lost - including Cora - would be worth it. Network: ABC Annalise Michaela Laurel Wes Tegan Bonnie Connor Rebecca. Michaela gets worried as it isn't a lot of time to arrange a party. Cuando Simon Drake despierta en el hospital después de un coma de aproximadamente 2 meses, Tegan lo visita y se convierte en su abogado.

("I Want to Be Free") She also works with Bonnie regularly on legal matters despite having fired her on two separate occasions ("I Hate the World"), albeit very briefly, and ("Family Sucks"). After a sharp reprimand from Tegan, Annalise acknowledges that she feels "too safe" with Tegan. At first, Annalise tries to assuage Tegan's fears, reminding her that she "saved [Laurel's] ass" and that neither of them had any reason to give her trouble. Pages using DynamicPageList parser function, Páginas que utilizan etiquetas HTML autocerradas no válidas,,,, (Presiona "Mostrar" para ver la nomenclatura. Tegan tenía una novia llamada Cora, pero termino con ella porque Tegan priorizaba su carrera ante su relación. Tegan Price Finally, after Michaela confronts her one too many times about their ruined relationship, Tegan lays out her anger: Eventually, Tegan's animosity towards Michaela largely (but not completely) fades. Tegan was originally meant to be the love interest of Michaela Pratt, who was going to explore her possible bisexuality with her. Tegan assures him that even though was a breach, they have no reported files missing. ("Do You Think I'm a Bad Man?") Más tarde, Tegan da su declaración, y el novio de Michaela, Asher Millstone, es arrestado en la oficina. Michaela stands close to Tegan and offers again to hold her bag.

Tegan da un discurso para agradecer que le hayan dado la oportunidad de trabajar en Caplan & Gold, pero ella le deja su bolso a Michaela.

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