With that in mind, I’m now going to talk about a specific bad style. It’s communicated more as just another exploratory adventure. Detail doesn’t have to be long, but it has to be specific. Collapsible or fixed: Towers vary on how easily they collapse. Selecting a Wakeboard Tower or Extended Pylon.

Not listed. It scatters information, like locked doors, through intro texts and then leaves those locked doors out of the room description of the rooms they appear in. How can you make combat interesting? Abstracted, generic text full of stabbing with little in the way of specificity to fire the soul. Providing context, up front, is a great tool to get the DM s mind in the right place for the follow up information to come. That’s not social.

They drone on an on with backstory and generic, abstracted descriptions of things using boring words like “large” and “big.” Thirty some pages of this (the rest being maps) and almost not actual detail at all. You get chucked in to the dungeon and make a save or take 1d3 damage.

This don’t have that.

Cultits, woudded, argue amongst themselves on the next course of action.

The Insanity Water Ski Pylon is the perfect solution to add a rope attachment point to those boats that aren’t geared for skiing.

Related to this is one of the openers, a meeting with the town council, in which 13 of them all give a several sentence long soliloquy. Endless rows of crypts and coffins, made of black Marble or Granite with dwarf skeletons inside laying dormant. No real advice on using the illusion powers it has. A good extended pylon will take the rope up about 6 or 7 feet, this makes you go higher Maybe not, I guess. Alas, the hex formats and dungeons differ greatly, and the preview would benefit by showing a page each of those instead of, say, the title page of the book. An illusion fey then attacks you. The purpose of the preview should be giving me enough information to determine if I want to buy it. The Insanity Wakeboard Pylon is EIGHT feet tall when in use, but stows in minutes into it’s optional carrying case. People call it the Evening Star. “You see a lit room with frescoes on the wall and floor, a low brick wall, and two skeletons near it.” The party can then follow up with questions about the lighting, skeletons, frescoes, wall, etc. It’s a classic older hex crawl. Player Characters are hired to retrieve a sample of water from a long-sealed temple atop an island peak.

What do you want me to say here?

In this adventure you get make a saving throw roll to stand up when you fall down. There IS decent interactivity in the temples complexes, more than a just fighting, and there ARE some roleplay opportunities in the villages. There’s no “Q&A faq”, it’s just a lot of read-aloud. It also buries the lead in many rooms. There’s a barrel of brined pork about to explode with a +10% chance each turn. Just thought you should know. The book has new monsters, magic items, rules for resources and running the “bonfire” home base, and a generator/guidelines for creating your own set piece rooms. You could even think of the “room name” or a keyed encounter doing the same thing.

It’s all in here. Fly High. Larger widths available by special order. and also is weird about it, highlighting weird choices when more effective ones are present in the same description.


Maybe it’s the Skulp lair? But, with analysis, we can go deeper than “Well, _I_ liked it.” But you have to say why. Not as bad as it first seems, it’s a digest product. Delete most explanations of HOW and WHY, because they don’t contribute to actual play.

range in weight anywhere from 400 to 650 pounds.

There’s no preview and no level range given. Lets face it, if you have a boat with no wake, no storage and no pylon, you are pretty Nothing bad happens. These are basicly just colapsable

Thus leg two, evocative writing, is left to suffer.

And thus HOW the players learn of the dungeon is an issue. Not here; there’s essentially none. When limiting yourself to just a page of keys per map you really need to bring your A game to pack in the exploratory/interactive/evocative/formatting. This 87 page linear DCC adventure contains eleven rooms, of which about eight or so will be experienced.

Now there’s a classic!

That would have made the thing MUCH stronger and, even, I think, solved some of the “what do we do now” syndrome that the generic adventure generator tries to solve. A small inline d4 table would have been great, in this instance, adding flavour and allowing the DM to then riff on it. Note also the bolding of the keywords.

SKYLON Tower Wakeboard Pole W/ Racks.

Cross-references are non-existent. There are alwo, however, numerous misses in the adventure/hex crawl.

This 171 page booklet details the island of Neverland, from Peter Pan, and it’s 26 hexes, politics, and creatures. Outside the box! https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/331164/Pretty-Little-Lairs–The-Squid-God-of-Wraith-Isle?1892600.

And then followed by the wanderer table, to make it easy to find during play; that’s the kind of thinking that goes a long way towards usability. A quality universal tower will be absolutely rigid.

Touch device users, explore by touch or with swipe gestures. I mean, it’s great when it happens. From a scanability standpoint, sure. This 104 page digest adventure details about sixty locations inside of a burning abbey that houses a beer-making operation. When autocomplete results are available use up and down arrows to review and enter to select. I will, however, go through the process of making a room, just to fill a word count. (Which, generally , is why I no longer review them.

Ten Foot Pole Retro: Fits any boat and it has a low ski tow eye for lowliners. Your credit card or PayPal account will be charged. It’s also lacking a certain specificity … and weird specific in other places and generic in other places. But, whatever, I’m nothing if not a hypocrite.). The follow up information for each element, being included in braces immediately after the keyword, are also easy to pick out.

Ah, Good Times, Good times … so, prepare yourself for an endless number of meaningless dice rolls in this adventure. From a usability standpoint, a good adventure is a good adventure and any DM can restat/convert a good adventure. $569.99.

When surveying a large area you need a good overview. Wild animals are going feral, odd abominations roam the lands, and there are even rumors that the dead wake up from their graves when the light from the crimson star shines.

That would require some stellar design work and I don’t think the brutal version, used here, manages that.

I think it stinks.

Again, more like real encounters than a hex crawl encounter. But the rooms are dry, and thus from a evocative standpoint they tend to fail.

But the hairs on the back of your neck stand on end as your sixth-sense tells you something is wrong. There are maps in the first few pages of the book.

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