, Pages using DynamicPageList dplvar parser function, Pages using DynamicPageList dplreplace parser function, Pages using DynamicPageList parser function. At this point, armor serves little purpose other than to boost your defense. Honestly, I'm still not 100% sure those are the actual official patch notes. Spectre Pants defense increased to from 8 to 10.

Spectre Robe defense increased from 12 to 14. At this point, I'd say Mana Cuffs are practically needed in order to regain Mana back from. Their only chance to live is like melee or ranged where they depend on dealing enough damage to kill everything while minimizing hits, but without the defense to back it up when things do hit them. Orb damage is 50% ā€‰ / 100% of the damage dealt by the magic weapon fired, before it is doubled by a critical hit (if a critical hit deals 200 damage, the orb will have ā€‰ 50 / 100 base damage).

When I saw the "Full" changelog posted in this sub with descriptions like "Nerfed Spectre Healing helmet" and "Spectre Healing Armor: Now uses more mana instead of decreasing mana usage" without any hard numbers and no mention of the buff to its healing, I was kind of wondering where the official patch notes were. Not everyone has to do patch notes like Blizzard (or, not everyone has the resources to do things like Blizzard), but I think you're right.

It got practically cut in half, with weapons pulling in at 50-55% of their previous strength. As a primarily solo player, this is my only real concern. There is a little bit of fluctuation with certain weapons healing more than others, but overall nothing changed too much. Any idea? I was thinking the same thing.

Are you using weapons or spells that do magic damage? Spectre Hood defense increased from 4 to 6. The "Efficiency" results are in comparison to their status in 1.2.2: Mythical Razorpine: 5 seconds (5:0 ratio of debuff time to off time; debuff is on 100% of the time; debuff reduction: avg 10%), Mythical Heat Ray: 6 seconds (5:1 ratio of debuff time to off time; debuff is on 83% of the time; debuff reduction: avg 8.3%), Mythical Nettle Burst: 7 seconds (5:2 ratio of debuff time to off time; debuff is on 71% of the time; debuff reduction: avg 7.1%), Mythical Golden Shower: 8.3 seconds (5:3.3 ratio of debuff time to off time; debuff is on 60% of the time; debuff reduction: avg 6%). Wearing a full set causes small white orbs to manifest whenever the player hits an enemy with a magic weapon. With that average -10% damage cut hitting them too (nullifying twice over the Mask's own increase), can they expect to do that solo? It's especially easier after the update because of the change to reforging: it now costs 1/3 of a weapon's cost instead of 1/2. So its probably a good idea to use magic cuffs now. I didn't see anything about the heal per second cap that was added in 1.2.2. After you get the Spectre Armor complete, try to get the Nebula Armor set from the Lunar event (Purple Pillar). It really does suck. For the moons, use Spectre Armor with the mask and Razorblade Typhoon. After stable, the damage by the damaging orb is capped at 500 damage per second.

I could "only" get to wave 15 of the frostmoon using the hood yesterday, but that should really be sufficient to get all drops you need. Note that equipping the Spectre Hood incurs a -40% magic damage decrease. IIRC, its damage is purely Summon, so it's a nice DPS-booster that's unaffected by the Spectre nerf. Spectre Robe defense decreased from 14 to 12.

The results were surprising, and somewhat contrasted the belief that Spectre was made completely useless. This is incredibly crippling to the "Moon" events, where time is short and decides what sort of items you get.

", very slowly. The world is your canvas and the ground itself is your paint. I'm not asking for it to be a cakewalk. Telling people, "We nerfed the damage, but we also buffed the healing" might have cut down on the backlash a bit. (Well, I despise increases to the late game grind as well, but that's another point altogether.) Then again, they were already massive. Did it need to be so severe on top of the damage nerf? Hello i'm a mage in this game and i wear a full set of spectre armor and a mythical heat ray. If you have time please compare the damage that the new mask gives versus before the 1.2.3 update. My (brief) testing indicated that it still exists. Life-steal ratio of the set bonus reduced from 10% to 8%. I do pumpkin moon and when the mourning wood come, i keep attacking it at my platform above him but i didn't receive any healing effect. Vanity items don't contribute their stat boosts, I don't believe. In the 1.2.3 update, a few changes were made: Spectre Healing set got a -40% Damage Debuff, Chugging a Mana Potion results in a consistently-degrading 20%-0% damage debuff for 5 seconds. dealing 50 magic damage heals 10 health). Can someone inform me of the status of last patch's healing cap? It punishes your damage output, no longer letting you stand in a boss and spam spells without your health ever dropping. Added requirement of Chlorophyte Bars to craft. As in 1.2.3 Mask Spectre vs 1.2.2 Hood Spectre? With a good arena and good weapons it should be possible. More experienced players can save time by completely sā€¦ In light of the backlash of the recent update's nerfs, I took it upon myself to find out just how bad the nerfs actually were. Can't help but think that if this sort of solid info had been added in the patch notes instead of just saying increase/decrease/debuff it would have helped avoid a lot of this backlash. Are they? I haven't delved to much into the moons myself, even before 1.2.3, so I can't tell you from experience. i use mythical heat ray. Spectre Hood's damage decrease is moved to its set bonus.

This is the end-game Mage armor set. First and foremost, the healing bonus is at 187.5% compared to the last update. Overall, Spectre retained its survivability. noooo-_- can you give me link for the changelogs? Damage, however, I can't say the same for. It's got a -20% mana cost bonus that completely counters Spectre Hood's +20% usage.

Healing appears to be practically unaffected. But the bottom line for me on the issue is this: With these changes, can the mage class consistently solo the moon events WITH a reasonable amount of area preparation (lava, traps, etc) and player skill? TL;DR: Healing is fine, but damage got cut practically in half.

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