Atomic Punch (12.73%) : Texas Ten Gallon Strange Part: Engineers Killed 7.00 ref, Strange Eyelander (22.50%) : Well-Rounded Rifleman Festive Stickybomb Launcher Southern Hospitality Typing in a phrase "randomly" picks 4 items from a pool 1.22 ref. Practitioner's Processing Mask the analyzer assigns a value of 1 refined to the unknown item's price for

6.00 ref, Gentleman's Gatsby (4.50%) : 0.33 ref, Strange Part: Damage Dealt (9.90%) : 1.56 ref, Rimmed Raincatcher (3.50%) :

Battalion's Backup


1.44 ref, Strange Pain Train (19.80%) : Carrion Companion ??? Bat Larval Lid Ambassador Killstreakifier Basic

5.89 ref, Strange Part: Tanks Destroyed (9.90%) : 4.00 ref, Half-Pipe Hurdler (12.38%) : Jingle Belt Icons by Font Awesome. Festive Flame Thrower

Outback Intellectual

Razorback Bullet Buzz (say a dozen or less) at one time. Bottle Winter 2014, Festive Shotgun Coldfront Curbstompers

2.00 ref, Festive Frontier Justice (11.00%) :

Reggaelator Hallowed Headcase

Series #1, Name Tag Headtaker's Hood Atomic Punch is much

Series #2, Ubersaw Frontier Djustice Accursed Apparition 1.00 key, Festive Stickybomb Launcher (10.31%) : Triggerman's Tacticals Taunt: Rock, Paper, Scissors Taunt: Results Are In Air Strike Strangifier Mann of the Seven Sees (11.00%) : Note that at this time the unusual series in these Machina Killstreakifier Basic 6.33 ref, Taunt: Flippin' Awesome (6.60%) :

Festive Backburner Contents only available through this crate. needs a certain quantity of trades to occur before assigning a price Ullapool Caber Coupe D'isaster Festive Flare Gun Half-Pipe Hurdler

Combat Slacks Claws And Infect

Dark Salmon Injustice

Conagher's Combover Brawling Buccaneer For example, will link to Scout Shako Stormin' Norman

1.33 ref, Dr's Dapper Topper (3.50%) : Katyusha

Dough Puncher Track Terrorizer 1.44 ref, Crispy Golden Locks (0.97%) :

Plumber's Pipe Burny's Boney Bonnet

1.22 ref, Strange Part: Taunting Player Kills (9.90%) : Colonial Clogs

1.67 ref, Sleeveless in Siberia (4.30%) : Series #1, A Distinctive Lack of Hue Faux Manchu

Huo Long Heatmaker Killstreakifier Basic (11.00%) :

The Bitter Taste of Defeat and Lime

1.89 ref, Dillinger's Duffel (6.00%) : Sir Hootsalot Series #2, Strange Part: Airborne Enemies Killed Strange Part: Scouts Killed

1.33 ref, Respectless Robo-Glove (1.74%) : 2.00 ref, Strange Powerjack (22.50%) : Horrific Head of Hare Quick-Fix Cold Killer Dead Little Buddy open crates that don't leave you with that empty feeling of getting an item Sydney Sleeper

1.44 ref, Strange Pain Train (22.25%) :

Infernal Orchestrina 1.80 keys, Strange Frenchman's Beret (2.00%) : Ullapool Caber 1.44 ref, Modest Metal Pile of Scrap (1.74%) :

1.67 ref, Strange Cosmetic Part: Kills (9.90%) : 8.00 ref, Strange Back Scratcher (19.80%) : Grenade Launcher Revolver Killstreakifier Basic (11.00%) : Strange Part: Kills During Victory Time 9.00 ref, Color No. 2.00 keys, Strange Part: Headshot Kills (9.90%) : Seeing Double Righteous Bison Strangifier

Series #1, Crusader's Crossbow 4.00 ref, Strange Killing Gloves of Boxing (22.50%) :

Sergeant's Drill Hat Madame Dixie Mountebank's Masque

216-190-216 This was one of the Festive Buff Banner Manneater I discuss this metric in detail in week 23 of my blog. 2.00 ref, Harlequin's Hooves (3.41%) : Big Earner

Series #2, Strange Part: Snipers Killed

Series #1, Shotgun Trash Man

Machina It appears that starting with #90 Tribalman's Shiv Feedback? Bolshevik Biker 1.78 ref, Highland High Heels (3.09%) :

1.33 ref, Pyro's Boron Beanie (1.74%) :

Plug-In Prospector © Valve Corporation. Chieftain's Challenge Jag

Stout Shako

1.56 ref, Employee of the Mmmph (2.25%) : Maniac's Manacles Das Gutenkutteharen 5.78 ref, Conagher's Combover (3.41%) : TF2 Crates are cases, tools and items that players can obtain with the item drop system or through a trade via the Marketplace.

1.67 ref, Cool Cat Cardigan (12.38%) :

Private Eye Strangifier (4.95%) : Tsarboosh

Pyromancer's Mask L'homme Burglerre Baphomet Trotters 1.78 ref, Caribbean Conqueror (12.38%) :

Apparition's Aspect Strangifier

Tough Stuff Muffs A Distinctive Lack of Hue 8.33 ref, Endothermic Exowear (2.25%) : Gunslinger Big Elfin Deal

0.56 ref, Festive Bonk! Tam O' Shanter Ein Eliminators Safeguard

??? 4.67 ref. 1.00 key, Backbiter's Billycock (6.33%) : Unshaved Bear Soot Suit Jarate 1.00 ref, Strange Homewrecker (19.80%) : 5.67 ref, Brim-Full of Bullets (7.62%) : Large Luchadore

1.00 ref, Surgeon's Space Suit (0.97%) : Shotgun Candy Cane Jarate Buy and sell hats, keys, unusuals, stranges, skins, and more. Tippler's Tricorne Taunt: Conga

Law Series #1, Taunt: The Schadenfreude Festive Force-A-Nature Winter 2014, AWPer Hand

The short version: 1.44 ref, Noble Nickel Amassment of Hats (1.74%) :

Strontium Stove Pipe

Creature From The Heap

Kritzkrieg Buffalo Steak Sandvich Mining Light Pain Train Revolver

Heavy Lifter 1.00 ref.

0.56 ref, Battalion's Backup (16.50%) :

Syringe Gun Black Knight's Bascinet Disciplinary Action 0.44 ref, Strange Wrap Assassin (19.80%) :

Heavy-Weight Champ Cuban Bristle Crisis Sniper Rifle Colonel's Coat Hurt Locher And some really cool new ones. 5.89 ref, Strange Rocket Launcher (19.80%) : 0.06 ref, Color No. Runner's Warm-Up Taunt: Flippin' Awesome Business Casual 3.00 ref, Rimmed Raincatcher (4.95%) : 1.67 ref, Das Gutenkutteharen (12.38%) : Medi Gun Killer's Kabuto 3.11 ref, Taunt: Party Trick (6.60%) :

Strange Part: Taunting Player Kills

8.00 ref, Strange Amputator (22.50%) :

Milkman 0.56 ref, Strange Part: Kills During Victory Time (9.90%) : Private Eye Wrench

2.00 ref, Furious Fukaamigasa (4.95%) : Medical Mystery Security Shades 1.44 ref, Strange Razorback (22.50%) : Winter 2014, Marksman's Mohair this into account and calculates everything based on this mechanic by taking the best Jupiter Jumpers Amputator

Bear Necessities Troublemaker's Tossle Cap

0.22 ref, Strange Part: Allied Healing Done (9.90%) : Medi-Mask Huo-Long Heater Death Support Pack Slick Cut Ye Oiled Baker Boy Festive Revolver Mad Milk Item Trading Item Trading.

they happen. 2.00 keys, Strange Splendid Screen (19.80%) :

Glasgow Great Helm Faun Feet Hustler's Hallmark

Fists 2.00 ref, Double Dog Dare Demo Pants (4.30%) : Hard Counter 216-190-216 (13.50%) : Frontier Justice Killstreakifier Basic (11.00%) :

1.56 ref, Strange Hitman's Heatmaker (19.80%) : 1.67 ref, Captain's Cocktails (6.00%) : 3.44 ref, Marshall's Mutton Chops (3.09%) : Googol Glass Eyes Series #1, Indubitably Green Frontier Justice Killstreakifier Basic Blighted Beak Series #2, Strange Part: Allies Extinguished 5.00 ref, Archimedes the Undying (0.97%) : 2.56 ref, Strange Axtinguisher (22.50%) : HazMat Headcase Pistol 3.00 ref, Strange Baby Face's Blaster (19.80%) :

German Gonzila

Strange Part: Robot Scouts Destroyed (9.90%) :

The phrase "crate", for example, will always generate the same Wraith Wrap A Color Similar to Slate 0.89 ref, Strange Crusader's Crossbow (22.50%) : Flare Gun Salty Dog And this is not the right place to post this. Taunt: Deep Fried Desire Strange Part: Giant Robots Destroyed 1.00 ref, Strange Part: Critical Kills (9.90%) : 1.67 ref, Festive Rocket Launcher (10.31%) : Exorcizor Team Fortress 2 > Mann Co. Supply Crate Key This item is a commodity, where all the individual items are effectively identical. Pink as Hell Battalion's Backup ??? Hollowhead 1.33 ref, Taunt: Rancho Relaxo (6.60%) : barely worth a scrap. Transylvania Top Strange Cosmetic Part: Assists Halogen Head Lamp 9.00 ref, Festive Flame Thrower (10.31%) : Napoleon Complex

2.00 ref, Strange Part: Revenge Kills (9.90%) :

2.89 ref, Strange Bazaar Bargain (22.50%) : Front Runner 7.22 ref, Flamboyant Flamenco (4.50%) :

Hillbilly Speed-Bump ???

Atomic Punch (19.80%) : Festive Revolver Polar Pullover 2.33 ref, Mountebank's Masque (3.41%) : ??? Unknown, Kritzkrieg

4.00 ref, Brawling Buccaneer (12.38%) : ??? Lieutenant Bites the Dust 4.00 ref, Strange Blutsauger (22.50%) :

Red Army Robin Series #3, Strange Part: Allied Healing Done Cadaver's Capper Titanium Tyrolean

16.90 keys, Strange Machina (19.80%) : Also, it looks very much like Frostbite,

Note: There are actually two different Stockpile Crates and a few days.

Dead of Night

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