(1906). The Townshends have been seated at Raynham, between King's Lynn and Fakenham, since the 15th century, when Sir Roger Townshend was a judge of the Court of Common Pleas. For the same reason I do not care to see the stage adaping itself to the film, for neither great plays not great actors can always be represented adequately on the screen. Another advantage is the extent of its appeal, for although the nature of that appeal is in some respects more restricted than that of the stage, and must necessarily be more simple, it reaches a far greater public, and if nothing can equal the power of human speech, on the other hand, nothing can equal the eloquent silence of the cinematograph.”, “Then you are not in favour of the speaking picture, Lady Townshend?”, “Not of the mechanical speaking picture. The title honors either Elizabeth Jane Crichton-Stuart, daughter of Lord George Stuart, who married a naval commander, John Townshend, 4th Marquess Townshend (1798-1863). I think a plot should contain more of a problem than the abstraction of some papers of ambiguous value and the chase over two continents for their recovery. Should Chris Woakes be used as a home Test specialist? This may be the contract she refers to in her autobiography when she explains that “I was paid ?300 for writing six film plays” (40). A countryman at heart despite the growing demands of business life, and proud of his descent from the great 18th-century agriculturalist, he was active in the running of the home farm and at his ease among his farming tenants and neighbours. The Marchioness of Townshend was born Gwladys Ethel Gwendolen Eugénie Sutherst. People so often think their heart is broken, when it is only cracked. “Interview with the Marchioness Townshend.” The Bioscope: Reporting on the World of Early and Silent Cinema (9 June 2007): n.p. Was Gwladys one of the relatives they visited on their big trip back to England? MARCHIONESS OF TOWNSHEND, THE. Portrait of Anne, Viscountess Townshend (c.1780)

The Kinematograph Monthly Film Record confirms that she was an asset, writing in 1913 that “there is a distinct drawing power in a poster announcing the fact that a certain play is from her pen” (148). Did they often write to her or were they ashamed of her scandal and the social fallout associated with it? This page was last edited on 25 September 2020, at 09:12.

Townshend was the only son of John Townshend, 6th Marquess Townshend, and Gwladys Ethel Gwendolen Eugenie Sutherst. With regard to dramas, I believe that every good play which is true to life has a certain educational influence, and I should like to think that the influence of my plays will be a good one. “As far as I can remember,” said Lady Townshend said, “it must have been quite a bad picture, but I immediately realised the possibilities of this new medium, and fully believed that the time would come when its range would be enormously increased. By problem I don’t mean the morbid dissection of some social question which is left involved at the end. The trade press was also impressed by Townshend’s involvement in a new film industry seeking respectability. In an attempt to save their reputation, the Suthersts claimed the Marquess was a lunatic and locked him away. Indeed, I have been so pleased with the result of my first works, that I have no wish to change, and have, in fact, just signed a contract for six new plays. All of his activity apparently led him to neglect his home life, and, in 1872 Lord Edward Thynne called upon the Townshend home in London in the Marquis's absence, and absconded with a willing Clementina to France. Silent Film Organizations, Festivals & Conferences, http://bioscopic.wordpress.com/2007/06/09/interview-with-the-marchioness-townshend/. Was her husband really a lunatic? The young peer's incident-prone childhood and youth were avidly chronicled by the popular press. [1] He notably served as Chairman of Anglia Television from 1958 to 1986. Marchioness of Townshend, Writer: The Love of an Actress. Nottingham: Univ. Townshend later remarried Bernard le Strange. Thomas SUTHERST agreed to pay the Marquess £27,000 for the marriage with a £2,500 downpayment. I heard only yesterday that the Crown Prince of Siam had a private theatre in which he gives his soldiers practical instruction in manoeuvres and military matters, a notable example to come from so small a state. For example, The Love of an Actress (1914) featured the novelty of a film actress who falls in love with a Lord when her company makes a film on the grounds of his country house. . MARCHIONESS OF TOWNSHEND, THE. Vol.1. [3] Townshend sat as a Conservative, attending debates irregularly until the passage of the House of Lords Act 1999.[4]. Scenarios in this period were often barely worked-out ideas, but Townshend seems to have given her work an unusual amount of creative attention. Marquess Townshend . “As Mayor I give two banquets a year, a reception to the townspeople, open bazars, lay cornerstones, and represent the town at all affairs,” she explained to an American reporter. Townshend, Gladys Ethyl Gwendolen Eugenia Sutherst. http://theesotericcuriosa.blogspot.com/2010/12/meet-marchioness-gladys-ethel-gwendolen.html : accessed 05 April 2020. 1819). His political reputation a shambles, he determined around 1870 to devote himself to private philanthropy and took up a number of causes, both deserving and non-deserving. Lord John Townshend (born 17 June 1962); he married Rachel Chapple in 1987 and they were divorced in 1991. I certainly have no difficulty in weaving stories, and I think I have always been in the habit of doing that in dramatic form, but, after all, I think originality of treatment is the main thing, and that is essential in all classes of literary work. They had a son and two daughters; the marriage was dissolved in 1960, and Elizabeth died in 1989. Gwladys was destined for a notorious life, having bought her way into royalty. Subscribers may view the full text of this article in its original form through TimesMachine. The sinister Robbins was then prosecuted by the marquess's trustees for improperly disposing of Townshend paintings and jewellery. London: Hutchinson & Co.,1936. That is the kind of realism which appeals to the public and also has a certain educational influence.”, “You believe, then, in the educational value of the cinematograph?”, “Most decidely, and have always taken the greatest interest in that branch of the subject. Terpstra, Mirte.

The Townshend family has owned land in West Norfolk for 600 years, since the reign of Edward IV. They have two children. Women Film Pioneers is published in partnership with Columbia University Libraries.

Returning to the theme of British women filmmakers in the silent era, meet Gwladys, Marchioness of Townshend. If I write of the doings of the people of the slums, I want them to look and behave like real slum people; just as when I bring in members of the aristocracy, I want them to look and behave like ladies and gentlemen. Lord Townshend married first, in 1939, Elizabeth Luby, daughter of a judicial commissioner in the Indian Civil Service. Everybody concerned has worked hard to ensure success, and I hope that the new ones will be received as well as the earlier ones.”, “You find no difficulty in inventing original plots?”, “Is there such a thing as an original plot? But Townshend’s status was no longer required since the status of British film was improving by other means. Nevertheless, Gladys gave every impression of being genuinely devoted to her husband, and set herself the challenge of restoring his fortunes so that George and his younger sister Elizabeth could be brought up in Raynham Hall, and George would eventually inherit the estate in good order, even though she had to sell some of the family's extensive land holdings elsewhere. Many a man’s soul has been choked out of him by the long strands of a woman’s hair. He was reported to have seen and accurately described "the Brown Lady of Raynham Hall" (the ghost of "Turnip" Townshend's wife, Lady Dorothy Walpole) and to have received letters, signed "a British Communist", threatening to kidnap him – to which his mother responded: "His assailants will have to look out, for he is a very clever little boxer.". x 5 in. He was a farmer and wartime soldier in the family tradition, but he was also a successful entrepreneur in the very progressive sphere of commercial broadcasting. He was known in his time as a "liberal crank", who championed a number of humane causes "far in advance of his time," often for the welfare and protection of the poor. I think the time is certainly coming when much more will be done in that direction, in which, at present, we are rather behind other countries. Kinematograph and Lantern Weekly (11 Feb 1915): 49. George John Patrick Dominic Townshend was born in London on May 13 1916, the only son of the 6th Marquess, who achieved some notoriety after a series of court cases revealed the uncomfortable truth that his wedding in 1905 to George's mother, Gladys Sutherst, was a hard-nosed commercial arrangement.

Marchioness Townshend on the cover of The Bystander, 1905. 1. He leaves five children and is survived by the Dowager Marchioness Townshend. His grandson was knighted in 1588 for gallantry at sea during the battle against the Spanish Armada, and in 1617 another Roger Townshend was raised to the baronetcy – shortly before embarking on the building of the Italianate mansion of Raynham Hall, possibly with the assistance of Inigo Jones. Kinematograph Monthly Film Record (1 June 1913): 148. Women Film Pioneers Project. In my new play, “The Story of an Actress,” for example, the problem is whether a young peer should marry an actress who is a thoroughly good girl or sacrifice his happiness and hers out of consideration for the feelings of his relatives. 1882, London d. 10 October 1959, Portsmouth, Hants. Now they almost kill each other as Jay learns to inline skate. No. Gwladys is definitely one of the most interesting people on my family tree. Other books by Townshend included a book of poems, In the King’s Garden (1906), and a novel, The Widening Circle (1920). Full text is unavailable for this digitized archive article. In 1936 he joined the Norfolk Yeomanry, later transferring to the Scots Guards and serving in World War II. 30 July 1768, succeeded 16 December 1775, d. 30 March 1863). Lady Townshend’s views are of partiular interest, not only on account of the great success achieved by “The Convent Gate,” “The House of Mystery,” and “A Strong Man’s Love,” but by reason of the cordial reception given to the one act play now running at the Coliseum. Buy the Podcast Back Catalogue The Mega Value Pack. Men like to compare women to lilies; but remember there are Tiger Lilies. Lord Townshend joined the Suffolk and Norfolk Yeomanry in 1936, and was an ADC to General Sir Edmund Ironside as GOC Eastern Command. These are some of my favourites: In 1928, Gwladys was elected to a term as Mayor of King’s Lynn, though she opposed the idea of women as lawmakers.

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