I think somehow, for some reason, the gate network gets shut down/destroyed and humanity ends up scattered across the stars. [32] James S. A. Corey Babylon's Ashes : Book Six of the Expanse read book short summary. 10. Having found the protomolecule sample extracted from the body of Julie Mao, Protogen was able to make second protomolecular larger scale test by using this sample to infect the population of Eros as a controlled experiment to study and observe how the protomolecule would behave when fed with 100,000 humans. In humans, it spreads internally and starts altering its host through a process that may take several weeks, during which the host hibernates, but which can be significantly sped up via exposure to ionizing radiation. Only a show thing.

If I had to guess, there'll be a need to reconcile/work with Laconia (Elvi's new leadership role already kind of points towards this), and Jillian will head a reactionary element (especially with being the captain of the Storm). Expanding on Venus Good doggo. Difusion of Innovations. We'll learn the PM builders set up the neutron star trap for the others and that the star collapsing into a black-hole and pouring gamma rays though the gate did orders of magnitude more damage to them then the anti-mater bomb ship. No clue as to if he becomes an emperor or simply a hermit again. The protomolecule seems to me like some sort of self replicating biological nanobots. It contains five new modules that can be used independently or in any combination together with the base game.

[12], The Expanse is set in a future in which humanity has colonized much of the Solar System, but does not have interstellar travel. The Expanse … It is the navy's smallest ship powered by the "Epstein drive." The Expanse is a space opera, mystery-sci-fi drama television series based on the bestselling novels of the same name by James S. A. Corey. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast.

The gates are destroyed, Amos dies...again but this time for real. Intended as a companion book to The Created Cosmos: What the Bible Reveals About Astronomy, the new book, The Expanse of Heaven: Where Creation and Astronomy Intersect, is a comprehensive treatment of astronomy, interpreted within the biblical model of creation. You will learn how unique the earth is in the universe You will see incredible design in the moon, the sun, and other astronomical bodies You will better understand the role of evolutionary and creationary theories in astronomy today. The protomolecule samples sent to the stars were like panspermia-like molecular phage, invented and developed for massive galaxy exploration. There were no problems with the Goths in the 40+ years that they used the gates while avoiding having a ship go Dutchman. [17] Protomolecule was not programmed to develop life, however.

Pm builders backed themselves up into the diamond sphere, humanity figures out how to let them back out, they stomp the other aliens and humanity is caught on the crossfire, mostly dies. I think the Roci is going to find its way to that floating crystal structure, and through zombie Amos’ newfound knowledge interacting with the crystal a bunch of the mysteries surrounding the Builders will be answered. I can't recall dark matter being mentioned in the series, like, ever. For the television series, see, "Drive" was originally published as part of the sci-fi anthology, Learn how and when to remove this template message, Locus Award for Best Science Fiction Novel, "Leviathan Falls Will Be The Final Installment of The Expanse", "The final book in #TheExpanse series by @JamesSACorey is LEVIATHAN FALLS! 5. With this amount of biomass, it was revealed that the protomolecule had the ability to create a hive mind of sorts, which integrated itself with the computer systems of Eros station. On the way, the Anubis would board the Scopuli and take prisoners to infect. The diamond will be an incomprehensibly huge source of information. The first novel, Leviathan Wakes, was nominated for the Hugo Award for Best Novel in 2012.

Yeah, Holden sacrificing himself for something does seem about right. One day I will write this theory up properly, but I need to do a full re-read and collate all the evidence into an actual presentable format. According to the records accessed by James Holden on the Ring Station, the galaxy-spanning alien civilization responsible for the creation of the protomolecule, Rings, and the Slow Zone was destroyed by an unknown agency. Amos isn't really immortal, he can just endure more damage, and is not getting old any more I guess. It has also been observed that there are similarities in the political and social setting of the series to Alfred Bester's classic science fiction novel The Stars My Destination. The ones who didn’t ascend were left behind in pocket dimensions by that big diamond.

It is unclear whether normal functioning with an active connection to its creators would result in a host gaining some measure of control over the development and behavior of the resulting structures as Julie did. The Laconian system was kept secluded from the rest of the Interstellar human community over the next thirty years and using these new Protomolecule samples along with the discovered Ring Builder Empire shipyard Laconia Station developed new technologies.

My thoughts: The Romans are effectively "invading" the Goth's dimension with the ring space, high energy input into the gates gives the Goths some way of interacting directly with the area inside of the ring space. Julie Mao survives taking the shuttle Anubis 1A to Eros. This unique book is intended for general reading by lay audiences, but it can be adapted as a textbook on astronomy. Eight months into her mission, the Arboghast received or emitted a brief radiation pulse of unknown nature and origin that interfered with all observing telescopes in the non-visible spectrum. The AI went rogue / followed programing too ardently (depending on your point of view) and we're catching the end of this, almost "civil war" esque fall out centuries later. Instead of us, humanity (and ergo the Romans) violating their space and indirectly damaging the Goths largely unbeknownst to us, it was actually the Goths that instigated this situation and they couldn't fully shut down / eliminate the romans once they'd realised they had got 'out of control' / 'couldn't stop the work'.

GeekDad cited the book's "believable human personalities and technology that is easily recognizable" as a highlight. Elvi is going to take Cara and Xan to the big green diamond. There's no doubt about that. Eros' biomass) as well as inanimate (e.g. We know from the situation with the catalyst that the diamond reacts to proto-stuff, so the kids can probably interact with it. Then the consciousness suspeding effect seemd to correlate with their physical attack on the slow zone. Considering the ringstation shrugged of a gammaburst maybe it can't be destroyed, Maybe the ringspace itself can't be destroyed either. The Osiris Station was a sister facility along with Thoth, where smaller protomolecule research was done.[3]. As for Holden, I suspect that he will die at the end of the series, most likely in the effort to collapse the ring space due to some of the foreboding of proto-Miller who said something along the lines of people playing out their roles, and due to the fact that he actually was in contact with the ring station. -I'm not holding out for too many more major revelations on the PM builders and their antagonists; of course there will be some, but the series has gone out of its way so far to avoid anthropizing the alien entities/forces, so I'm guessing they'll still be more mysterious than not as things close.

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