I believe the best way to introduce those of us spearheading direct digital democracy in the USA is to share this letter.

Hey colbert — we share one thing in common – our birthdates – both born on May 13 th – although i am LOL (with inspired credits to “The Simpsons” Homer claims of, “Stupid Flanders!”). like you– you are NOT a comedian – you are a vile and Long-time fan. We look forward every night to watching your show. More votes were cast for Clinton than for Trump, who took the election because of the electoral college system. Various trees, grasses and weeds create pollen, which can cause hay fever, irritate your eyes and skin. as a white male, you have power. Sincerely, I am the compiler of the Move On campaign for direct democracy the Great Mandate (33 issues for national vote ) with a wonderful vision of a Congress allowing to serve the majority will if one by one pledging allegiance to the majority will. Donald Trump, Donald Trump Had a little revelation last-night that I thought you might find fun. Judith appeared in the Old Testament as one of Esau’s wives, while the deutero-canonical Book of Judith deals with a different Judith. your excessive use of exclamation marks is totally unnecessary and you’ve spelled “censored” wrong. It s not true, is it??????? Why? I am the compiler of the Great Mandate for direct democracy, now a Move On campaign demanding direct vote. I hope that I am not the only one to mention this. Not to worry, however. Core: You can use humor and still be respectful of human beings.

(Earth’s Gravity & Lord Cavendish’s Gravity)

Y Direction To the right or left depending upon its magnetic susceptibility (and the field strength and its direction) I don’t know if this will ever get to you but I thought I’d try. Why Cotton ? Why? Amen Brother after last night’s performance I will never turn on to his show again. Do a Cookin’ with Bernie segment in your kitchen, feel the burn…uh-oh… He will surround himself with good people so the fact that he’s old is okay. Why don’t you ask the same of Donald? Hi Stephen It is currently hosted by James Corden. Who’s always saying build the wall? Vesta Zealthinoff. The show is starving without them!

Why do you think you have the right to tell Stephen to stay out of politics? So …. “The most effective bath towels are made of 100 percent cotton because cotton is most efficient at absorbing or soaking up water.

Going back to Lord Cavendish’s universal gravity theory; the virus has a thin layer of water surrounding (stuck to it) and it (the pathogen) must penetrate the thin film of water molecules to obtain nutrients from its water environment (or living cells) . The vi ru will run its coarse like viruses do. I can keep it brief as I know you are so busy with the present election campaign. Google for: billionaires covid-19 Donald Trump, Donald Trump He is also believed to guide the prestigious Emmy Awards 2017 event.

Sheet togas (paint them), drag dresses, pearls/jewelry, paperbag/newspaper hats, evening gloves, baseball hats: don’t buy stuff, forage your closets basement… Now i just want to see your melon explode on TV like in that scene from “Scanners”. So, foolish D/T supporters want him nominated for the Nobel prize! For Example–simplified, X Direction Up or down Depending on all gravitational forces encountered Hey dumbass, how’s that Russian collusion thing going today? Otherwise, you idiots have nothing else to make a show. Perhaps it will provide a bit of support for him.

Tell Traitor CANCER Stephen Colbert to Report & give Justice and Pay to so-called Citizens and their Children who were Killed by Illegal Aliens in this so-called country, and some officers Families killed. PLEASE support him by NOT making silly jokes about him, his age, and all the other cheap shots that encourage and give Trump fuel.

Another LIBERAL folks.Might have book sense but no common sense. And also most viewers could care less about your political views so stay out of politics and try to learn how to be funny again. 3.42 >2.75 19 750,000 About 750,000 2,800,000 A. Diamagnetic Diamagnetic Diamagnetic – Diamagnetic Diamagnetic Paramagnetic Diamagnetic Joke on Kavanaugh Nomination.

Why not be a part of co-creating that in our mainstream culture? He and that scrawny Seth Myers are obsessed over Trump. You are supposed to be an entertainer, get some material fuck face and get off politics! Prevention——Wear Protective Masks, Freezing Weather Non Freezing Weather

The total number of votes was actually about 127,000,000. He should be making funny jokes like Johnny Carson and not politics which is always aimed at the President! It is not the killer the Spanish Flu was from 1918-1920 10-20%. But, please, don’t forget about “Man in big furry hat” and “Confessions”. The best concert I have ever been to in my life was the gift of Jon Baptise here at the Sinclair in Cambridge. LOL) I only have a 2.6K (vs. everyone else’s 10-50M net-access) and thanks to Centurylink and other greedy CEO mucky-mucks, they shutdown all dial-up providers last month so all I get is 10 hours per month at 2.6K access on top of that. This creates a magnetic or “dipolar” attraction that binds the atoms together into a water droplet and also allows water to bond with or attach to any adjacent molecules which contain an opposite charge, such as cotton molecules.”, Mar 8, 2020 The stay at home order was to keep socialism from attacking the communist doctrine. Warning Always wear a Face mask for warmth

Ron. You tell the truth, you point out all the lies and waffling of the Idiot in Charge and Fox (Faux) News. Voice the American Flag as “he/she/it” is being mauled by Trump. He’s a clown, that Donald Trump It’s too bad that the audiences (and Jon) rarely understand what you are saying…. Shame; for your lack of respect; you failed as a lefty liberal because you overlooked the possibility that Conan may be a liberal transgender dog. Hey, Lebaron, how do you think your diatribe looks to folks whose ancestors were living on the continent of North America before Christopher Columbus got lost on the way to India? You mentioned on your show the other night, that you enjoy cooking and baking. However, this past year, I have noticed ageism in your jokes. Though Trump doesn’t even know what the 19 stands for – covid is NOT corona + disease, CO V ID is CO for corona V for Virus and ID for identification. Envelope: HIV is enveloped virus. We are so global that it feeds well on new victims. When outdoors in Freezing weather during the flu Season please go for pulling the people together rather than dividing which is the easy way out which is to line your pockets with higher ratings during this time. This Coronavirus is happening, in part because of the Traitors CANCEROUS Democrats who were PROTESTING and Harming and Interfering with President Trump’s attempts to make SAFE a So-Called Nation, and All the Harmful Protests and the CANCEROUS DEMOCRATS EVIL HARMFUL Attempts to Hurt, Damage, Destroy our President Trump and some of his administration, and for the DEATHS of so-called Citizens and their CHILDREN who were KILLED by ILLEGAL ALIENS because some of your Traitor Democrats are Responsible for some of the DEATHS. From always watching you to being barely able to stand you? You are the type of person I hate!!! Try diff rooms of your house, windows, outdoors, green, Nature behind you (watch out for glare). Wow! not a single day has passed without that word coming up. I have this Nrw Year’s Eve and I’ll split it with you if you make me the winner. You should not believe completely with it. No wall would’ve kept the gold-hungry Europeans out, would it? Yes Colbert do try it with the Obumers and see which culvert you end of in they would chew you up like mincemeat, and you know what that isn’t a bad idea. You spoke from the heart and said what we were all thinking…what the f just happened!. Disgusting excuse of a human being . Your trashing of his family is beyond disgusting! I have a few interesting new gangsta nicknames for Trump and his minions you might find interesting: Pretty Boy Flynn, Lucky Giuliani, Machine Gun Mnuchin, Mad Dog Miller, Baby Face Pompeo, Scarface Scaramouche, Ma “Crazy-legs” Conway and (best of all) Donald “The Golf-Bag” Trump. . Please call me at 505-423-2468 In cultures other than mainstream America, older adults are respected and recognized for their knowledge, lived experience, ability to adapt to changes, and other contributions to society. On that cheery note, i sign off, after saying, bring back Grace Kelly throw her a solo now and then! I KNOW this is happening all across America under stay-home order: be the plumber unplugging toilet (too many tampons? I understand you are a comedian. Dear Mr. Colbert, Suck it up Colbert. and begins to make the cell produce virus DNA and other parts of viruses. Hey Stephen, (I still think I should be allowed one good murder or bank-robbery for all the time I’ve already done. And small partiles will cling to larger particle by gravity And YES, for your information, the offenses Trump was accused of, and which he clearly is guilty of, are and were impeachable, but when you’ve got control of the senate, whether you’re a democrat OR a republican, it can be very difficult to convict a guilty person, especially when Mitch is your Bitch.

Your continuous bashing of Trump is grossing me out – even though I’m not fond of Trump myself. Sincerely, https://cbs.com/shows/the-late-show-with-stephen-colbert/, Cher Tells Stephen Why She's Such A Huge Fan Of Joe Biden. For a far lefty liberal, you must be very confused about the gender of our hero and service dog Conan. Trump needs to be labeled like he labels his “victims.” Maybe that would bring a hint of sanity to him. Stupid Universe! It’s not the Eloi that would be harvested for protein!

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