His work involves lots of travel so he usually buys books from overseas and then travels back with them (because as you said, the international shipping costs are ridiculously expensive).

I want to see him as Kylin

The length they’d go to ruin a fresh face’s career. She’s so annoying , In other news, Yang Yang dissolved his contract with HR (the company producing this series) so he probably wouldn’t reprise his role in season 2 (if there is one). I remember what I posted, so I just ended up retyping it.

0.0/10 from 0 users. Basically your missing two episodes worth of footage. I think HR’ll have the same problem too if LYF doesn’t improve his acting. I would never believe it but there were photos and many, many reports over these few months. The movie adaptation will be produced by another production company (not HR) and Uncle 3 has heard the fans and audiences’ response – he’s also trying to get the movie production company to hire YY again for the role of Kylin, but of course it depends on the production company and all…. Anyone who’s read the novels will tell you that Kylin is the soul of the story while Wu Xie is the narrator (the story is written from Wu Xie’s point of view). Novel fans have been puking blood over the mess of this sequence in the drama because: Shimo, can you please elaborate more on that Lost Tomb being a failure? >_<. Your gif is really cute! However, the drama version of Wu Xie is one of the biggest disappointments in any screen adaptation of a book character I’ve ever seen. but then after watching it, many audience members (especially those who read the novels) were so distressed at how “bad” (YMMV) the adaptation was: nonsensical plots, ridiculous/propaganda plot changes (including changing the main character into a parrot for propaganda, etc. LYF and YY are great in their roles and so are the others like Fatty, Panzi, Uncle 3, etc. I read on the news that Taekwondo Girl is off to a good start in terms of ratings and the BTS news all said that the cast worked very hard to make all the Taekwondo kicks look good, and based on what I’ve seen of the first 4 eps it does look good. Wu Xie has so much inner feelings but none of that is shown (or acted out).

1. there’s no point in filming scenes that end up getting cut anyway – why work for a company that doesn’t even respect him as an actor? Broadcasting Station: IQiyi Yang Yang is really good as our main guy too because his subtle expressions are very in character and very good to watch , As for the Lost Tomb series, the author (Uncle 3) right now is focusing more on the movie adaptation. A lot of scenes (including important story sections and action sequences) got filmed, but all got cut because HR has a personal vendetta against Yang Yang (more details in my comments just above yours) and they don’t want him to make a deep impression on audiences, because they’re changing actors for Kylin’s character come next season.

Dramacool will always be the first to have the episode so please Bookmark and add us on Facebook for update!! However, from what you’ve said about the scenes that have already been filmed but were them cut out, it sounds like there were some pretty epic sequences that the cast and crew put a lot of hard work into. TBH my Chinese is actually not that great either but my cousin was kind enough to encourage me to try reading the books. I find it odd that the film editors didn’t catch this: AHA! International shipping doubles the cost of each book. In fact, if Kylin is the “soul” of the novels, then Wu Xie is the “heart”. I don’t remember my login for MU so I can’t delete the duplicate files in the system. They cut out most of his scenes (especially all the action sequences) because they don’t want him to make a good impression on audiences. I didn’t understand 70% of the whole drama.

YY was handpicked for the role by Uncle 3 (the author of the novels) himself (who also invested money to produce this drama), and out of the main cast only YY was a novel fan and actually read the novels, so when there were scheduling conflicts, YY was going to reject Left Ear (a MOVIE role) for the role of Kylin, because he loved the character so much. ♦ Episode 3 That and the stupid Red Bull (EVERY. So really, BOTH Wu Xie and Kylin have potential to be legendary characters when adapted onscreen. Sort by popularity | Uncle 3’s reason for making this drama series was to give this gift to the fans for their 10 years of waiting (the Lost Tomb novels finished around 2005 IIRC and fans have been waiting for the day that Kylin comes home, so to speak) and dedicated support. episode 1 = pilot ep. I need more of that *^* And for Kylin to keep saving Wu Xie xD “The Lost Tomb” also is known in English as the “Grave Robbers Chronicles” and “Grave Robbery Note.” [Credit: Viki], Note: Video files are encoded by me in 720p resolution. Right now Uncle 3 seems to be very focused on the movie adaptation instead of the drama, and he’s made it very clear that Kylin is a central character and that the movie will be scripted by him.

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