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Martin takes it, but is reluctant and doesn't want to be seen with it. Determine a theme or central idea of a text and analyze its development over the course of the text, including its relationship to the characters, setting, and plot; provide an objective summary of the text. He felt like he had to or he would hurt Marie's feelings. For instance, when Cheryl sees her grandpa, she greets him with a big hug, despite the fact that there were nearby onlookers. His friends are amazed when his grandpa tells stories about Native American life and legends. “The Medicine Bag” by Virginia Driving Hawk Sneve Worksheet and Answer Key.

Which contributes to the theme, don’t let what others think or even might think change your views on something you love. From the moment that his grandpa brought up the subject, Martin is extremely reluctant to accept the medicine bag, and imagines himself wearing in public and being teased about it by his friends.

As a result, Cheryl helps make people more aware of the Sioux and their culture from hearing her grandpa’s stories. He is embarrassed and and paranoid because of Grandpa. Martin surrounds himself with fear of what others will say about his grandpa. He knew he was about to die and he knew he had to pass the medicine bag on to Martin.

Martin often tells stories about his great grandfather to his friends, making him sound like a Native American from movies. Instead of focusing on talking to his grandpa he was self-conscious and thinking about other things.Although the theme could be interpreted as not accepting your culture, the text is actually less about what or who you choose and more about not being afraid of your choice.

This made Martin even more scared, because his friends already had such a glorified idea of him. The Later, his peers finally meet Grandpa, and they are amazed by him. Students are working on finishing up their final writing project of the quarter. A tropical storm hit the night before, making the gravel road slippery. This element in the story helps to show the theme by solidifying how Martin felt about his grandfather before their final talk together.At the end of the story, the time comes for Martin’s grandfather to continue the family ritual and pass on the medicine bag. The author notes that others may be understanding of your culture, just and Martin and Cheryl’s friends were of them.

This was the first time his Grandpa had ever come, and it was a very long trip, but all Martin could think about was what other people would think. Save yourself a few hours! One of which is the simile ‘His rumpled black suit hung like a sack over his stooped frame,’ which gives you a picture of a ragged and tired old man. This shows that he cares about what his friends think more than he cares about his own grandpa. As the story is ending and Martin forgets about his friend’s views on his grandpa, he takes full responsibility of the medicine bag. For example, when their grandpa has just arrived the story includes Cheryl’s reaction “...Cheryl came bursting out of the house. However, his grandpa is really just a regular old guy. Cheryl is young enough so that her life isn’t affected by crul drama and life. “I felt hot and cold at the same time as I recognized the man. There are plenty more differences due, literary themes and devices to describe the complexities of the human mind and soul. The Medicine Bag Answers question"My kid sister Cheryl" "Man, that really made an impression" answerSets up happy-go-lucky tone questionWhy did Martin and Cheryl continue their Beat your last streak, or best your overall time. While he performs the sacred ritual, Grandpa tells Martin a lot about the past, and opens up his eye to his past. even in this situation Martin continues to shun his culture. It shows you that this man just traveled a long way to be ther . “The Medicine Bag” is a short story by Virginia Driving Hawk Sneve that takes place in a small town in Iowa.

In addition, the author also uses a hyperbole to show the theme.

This could be interpreted as the theme being hope because grandpa gave the medicine bag, a bag that gives you hope that you will be saved somehow but it has to be not taking things for granted because the medicine bag is a great thing that Martin took for granted. Though all of these characteristics are true, there’s much more to him tham Martin realises.Aside from the outward appearance of Joe Iron Shell, he seems to be a very interesting man. The medicine bad is a tradition that is explained in the story. This is displayed through the thoughts and actions of Martin and others, and some figurative language as well. Finally, there is figurative language littered throughout the entire piece and is a main factor for the theme and neatly sets it in stone. Before passing away, he hands down the medicine bag. Martin avoids and tries not to talk with his grandpa and just doesn’t want to be correlated with him. Their grandpa, however, was Native American and lived on a reservation. He has a Sioux grandpa who live on a reservation, and he loves to tell many stories of him. When Martin brought his friends to meet his grandpa he writes that, “I could tell that he had known all along I was afraid he’s embarrass me in front of my friends.” This shows that his grandfather was a wise and patient man.

Martin says,” I was so ashamed and embarrassed I could of died.” This use of hyperbole shows us that he is embarrassed of his ancestry, and in this case it would be his grandpa. Part 1“The Medicine Bag” is a short story by Virginia Driving Hawk Sneve about Martin, a teenage boy, and his grandfather, a Sioux native. As a result, she does not allow the opinions or thoughts of others to come between her and her grandpa. Q. In the video “Apache Girl’s Rite Of Passage” Dachina is excited to undergoing her tribe's ritual of when the girls go thr0ugh challenges to test their strength. The author voices Martin's thoughts as his grandpa is coming down the street; ”So when Grandpa came to visit us I was so ashamed and embarrassed I could’ve died.” Clearly, Martin is so embarrassed about his Grandpa's culture that he doesn't even want to be seen with him. Martin even says at the end of the first paragraph, “when we’d return home to Iowa….we always had some exciting tale to tell.” This is proof that Martin wasn’t always embarrassed to tell his friends about his grandpa. His grandfather comes to pass a very special family tradition onto Martin. For this reason, Martin believes that he must also stand out for being associated with him. It's free and takes five seconds. showed Martin what to put in it and what to do once it’s in Other quotes with imagery are, “...when his eyes met mine, they twinkled as if he were laughing inside.” Repetition also plays a role in Medicine Bag. Initially, there are many similarities that are valued in Martin’s and Dachina’s Native American traditions. passing down tradition like the story the medicine bag. Martin doesn’t dare to imagine that others may be accepting of the fact that his grandpa has a unique cultural background. The Medicine Bag Hawk Sneve Point of View This story was told in first person point of view from Martins prospective. Cheryl, Martin’s sister, had a completely different reaction to all of this. Tags: Question 15 . In the short story, “The Medicine Bag”, Martin, the main character, and in the video, “Apache Girl’s Rite of Passage”, Dachina, both have similarities and differences in their traditions teaching them the significance of maturity. Thus, he won’t allow his friends to see his grandpa. Some traditions include the medicine bag and a four-day ritual with many traditions. Although it could be argued that the theme is shame, the text actually proves that it is that you should stay close to your family or you will lose some of your culture because Cheryl tried to stay close to her grandpa, and she was very appreciative of her culture. He wouldn’t let any of his friends come over until they had pressed him so much he had no other choice but to give in. For example, Sneve uses imagery when Martin first saw Grandpa walking down the street. The Medicine Bag Virginia Driving Hawk Sneve My kid sister Cheryl and I always bragged about our Sioux grandpa, Joe Iron Shell. This indeed shows us that you shouldn’t be embarrassed of you ancestry.

Martin describes having “the same hot and cold feeling that I (Martin) had when I first saw Grandpa in the street.” This proves that he is embarrassed for having to hold on to this article despite it being a large part of his culture. Private Schools And Public Schools, Similarities Between Gilgamesh And Oedipus, Analysis Of A Valediction Forbidding Mourning By John Donne, Rhetorical Analysis Of Abraham Lincoln's Second Inaugural Address, Influence : The Role Of The Renaissance And The Italian Renaissance. His grandpa is 86 years old, after finding out he has heat stroke from traveling so far he announces he is giving “the medicine bag” an important family heirloom to Martin. Medicine Bag summary: Martin’s great grandfather came to visit martin and his family, but the rosebud reservation, his great grandmother's home and martins home is about 3 days away by bus. While it could be argued that the lesson is you should respect your elders, however how Martin acts at the beginning of the story clearly shows that it is more about being disconnected from your culture. Grandpa stood for a good purpose, he was a kind character with love at every thought “grandpa smiled his gentle way”. Martin has a Native American Grandpa who teaches him all sorts of new things, he loves his Grandpa but his friends haven’t seen him because Martin is afraid that his friends will make fun of him. This causes Martin to be embarrassed of his grandpa because he isn’t like the person he tells the stories about.

As you red this tory you may think that the theme is something different. At the end of the story, we learn that Grandpa is preparing for his death. It is important to stay close to your family in order to truly accept your culture. How did Martin feel about the medicine bag at first? In the text “The Medicine Bag” Martin’s great-grandfather comes to pass on a native american family tradition of the medicine bag but Martin conflicted on taking it by what others will think of him.

Which is kind of sad seeing as the only reason he was feeling this dread and thinking these thoughts is because he was worried about how his friends and others would react on seeing his grandpa. Medicine Bag

Its on a reservation. Martin mentions numerous times, especially in the first half of the story, that he is “ashamed” and “embarrassed” by his grandfather.

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