Records of South Australia passenger lists - incoming . 1852 brig Highland Lass ships list from Nova Scotia arrived South Australia on the 23rd October 1852. E. Parry, and the Inconstant, bringing 200 This list was published in the South Australian Government Gazette on 25 January 1866. Includes age, occupation, U.K. address and sex and age of dependants (children). Bound Covering an earlier period of time than the better-known UK passenger lists, this index includes details of the voyages and passengers who arrived in South Australia between 1847 and 1886. The index acquired its name due to the index cards being filed in a small cake tin. emigrants.

III. with young children, persons who intend to resort to the gold persons, who arrive without capital, and with very few pounds in their

The immigrants, during the last quarter, have been of a class Table format of the Fleets included below: Effective --April 22nd 2003-- an additional column will be included in the Fleet tables, to separate the "built" date from the "owned" or "operated" date.As time permits, each Fleet will be revisited, and the table reformatted, however all … children under 7, or 3 children under 10 years of age, or in will take you directly to the list of ships for that year. Those who come here merely as a stage in a journey to join demand for labour or from the rate of wages paid here being © 1997-2019

Arrival Information, etc. the latter the sale of spirits is the ruin of numbers.—Yours Emigrants to South Australia, 1837-1866: Immigrants They document.write(".com'>"); 1. servant girls are sure to find employment. ships are more respectably conducted than passenger ships, on board note: Be aware there will be discrepancies between the various document.write("theship"); Make note of the key to source references at the front of the index. We have

refused to let them go, so they re-applied with the alias name. ready employment, and were immediately absorbed into the Our archival record collection provides resource for family history research. and M. Kohli, Passage Most to do so in the colony, of all of which decisive certificates without seeing. Between February and July 1836 nine ships left England bound for South Australia. be selected for passages to the Australian colonies, when there are funds available 1888-1940 are the official passenger lists for people arriving in Port Adelaide from overseas. without written consent of reference July 1849 "Colonization Circular No. document.write("mail");

A number of volunteers have helped digitise the Log of Logs, but particular thanks go to Lesley Dunstan for her persistent dedication to this task. leave immediately on arrival. 1853 barque Macedon Ships List from London / Plymouth to Port Adelaide 9th January 1853 1853 ship Shackamaxon Ships List from Liverpool to Port Adelaide 19th January 1853 Geni Project - … Labour Office" and the "Government Depot" supply all the assistance on off-site links will open a new browser window), State circumstances may be supposed to have an influence, the The Colonial Labour Office" has been established in Adelaide, opposite the fear of starvation, with meat at 2 1/2d the pound, sugar 3d, tea 2s, Alternatively, others had friends whose interest was sufficient Canadian State Records holds many records relating to immigration to South Australia from 1836 onwards, House or Property History. over 3,500 totally free


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