Luke 13: 18 – 19 “He said therefore, ‘What is the kingdom of God like?

Most sunflowers track the sun through the sky from sunrise to sunset. Of all the things that bring good luck, perseverance and work are the most certain. There is another recent adage that says,  “Today’s oak tree is yesterday’s nut that held its ground.”. In fact, there was no other vegetation anywhere near this single bloom. What this says to me is that, even with everything stacked against you, if you trust God, you will succeed. Remember how the wise men found Jesus?

You’re not alone, there’s a whole team of us that make up one big beautiful flower. Jesus tells a parable about seed growing or not growing, in four environments–the hard soil, the rocky soil, the weedy soil and the fertile soil. Some of that water comes from rain and natural water in the soil, but most is dependent on regular watering. Sign up to receive our weekly emails. I love which words you picked out for each letter of Sunflower and painted this strong flower as a beacon of so many positive things! Side by side with his father, the wise farmer, Logan discovers the value of planting seeds, not only in the ground, but also in … ( Log Out /  So there we have it, 9 Lessons from a Sunflower. So, how can you be a Spoonie and show openness? If you have a Faith, your congregation. So, how can you be a Spoonie and show openness? So beautifully written x, Thank you, glad to expand my blogging family . However, this positive spin loses its impact a little when you look at Greek mythology. YES you will cry, in fact there will be an abundance of tears. You know how they say, ‘No Rain. Thanks for stopping by & reading, glad you enjoyed it ❤, Absolutely loved this! So meet me there! My faints came back which used to happen a lot when I was younger and I ended up collapsing and being taken to hospital, I constantly feel nauseous and extreme muscle and joint pain from Fibromyalgia and CRPS. For the past few months I haven’t been great, my Doctor prescribed me new medication in May for the first time as a repeat prescription. Thank you for sharing your insight. Laughter is the best kind of medicine and it’s also free. Every day, people have to move through fields planted with seeds of uncertainty and weeds of fear.

The Sunflower Parable shares the story of Logan, a young gardener who hopes to grow sunflowers that reach all the way to heaven by summer's end.

Are you tax exempt? The lesson to learn from the Sunflower with openness is, keep a line of survival open whether it’s family, friends, a Support Group for your specific illness, Twitter Family etc. Sunflowers are the one plant species that face the sun and track its movement to optimize the use of light, yes that’s right, they have awesome sun-tracking characteristics.

Sadly, in our world today, it seems the sunflower may be more prepared for the return of Jesus than most people. But this sunflower succeeded in a challenging environment. From Seed to Plant by Gail Gibbons. You are unique just like the Sunflower, you all have your own individual and unique identities. I love a lot of flowers, my mom got me obsessed with gardening so it feels like every year I find a new love, but if I have to choose one I’d say the hibiscus. The bottom line is, we can learn a lot from nature– God’s created world. Children dance around the flowers when the music … You’re still going to feel pain and the symptoms of your illness unfortunately, but being in and around nature will boost your mood as we were actually created with the innate need to be around nature. Find good energy and stick with it, this will also help you to get through the toughest of times.

The first month of taking this medication all through May I was absolutely awful, I was so lethargic completely drained which actually felt much worse than my chronic fatigue. Her Parable Series for children has been awarded the ECPA Gold Medallion for Excellence. Thank you so much for reading! It’s also said that if you’re having doubts about something, all you have to do is grab a sunflower from the field right at sunset and place it under your pillow. No one knew how it got there or how it could grow in such inhospitable conditions, but grow it did. Elizabeth Nutt Williams, professor of psychology and researcher at St. Mary’s College of Maryland, did a very interesting study on the “luck” factor. Bean Boy by George Shannon. By Director of Christian Education, Beth Fultz . Whilst recovering over the winter it can get ready to bloom again come the next summer. I believe God intended for this clockwork (“from the rising of the sun to its setting”)  to give us a vivid picture of how to live prepared. Print our teacher notes below and watch the video as you prepare. Yet, if you persevere, you will achieve. There’s another type of sunflowers however, that are simply wild. The annual Sunflower will bloom from midsummer into autumn – the dead flower heads containing the seeds that remain can then be used in winter as a bird feed, as many bird species love sunflower seeds. Likewise the energy you surround yourself with will definitely have an impact on you, be aware of what external things have an effect of you. There’s a lot of Spoonie’s who are extremely amazing parents, carers, persevering in the workplace, in education, artists, chefs, health practitioners and a lot more. Social Media is our new marketplace. Who remembers that time on Fresh Prince Of Bel Air when Will Smith flunked his classes so they put him back to like Grade 1 and he had to dress up as a sunflower and sing, ‘You are my Sunshine” LOOOL. Sunflower oil is produced and extracted by pressing the seeds of the sunflower and this oil has many uses, it can be used for cooking, manufacturing of products, machinery lubricants and more. The Parable of the Sunflower Curriculum Guide for early childhood. You also need to take time to recover regardless of what other people are saying, family, friends, strangers, health care ‘professionals’.

It may not seem logical or practical, but that only increases the need to depend upon God. What would you do? Thank you so much for stopping by and reading!

eBooks fulfilled through Glose cannot be printed, downloaded as PDF, or read in other digital readers (like Kindle or Nook). Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. While I was praying recently, this phrase came up in my spirit: “Learn from the Sunflower.”. And if we let God direct us where we are needed, we too can succeed.

If you’re struggling to follow the sun and stay positive, try staying in and amidst nature even if it’s for 10 minutes. Stress, it can creep up on you like a thief in the night, sometimes even in the daytime because it has no manners. In most cases it's constant arguing, not living…, We go through life trying to fit in. YELLOW! that result from the negative evaluation of an experience. It is a quick read, less than 90 pages, and once students have completed the reading assignment, they will be ready to view the power point and discuss Wiesenthal’s choice. I get the odd day when I feel optimistic but in reality I don’t do much. I haven’t been feeling or doing too great these past few weeks but the fact that my post cheered you up has in-turn cheered me up and also made me me remember it was there. Make some giant flowers out of paper and put them on the floor. With good amounts of care and moisture, along with full sun exposure, sunflowers typically grow to be an average height of 10 to 20 feet. Engage your High School class in a gripping non-fiction work. It is like a mustard seed that someone took and sowed in the garden; it grew and became a tree and the birds of the air made nests in its branches.’” As I type this blog right now it’s currently July 2018 and i’m going through a really bad flare up once again, and to be quite honest at this point I think it’s safe to say my whole life is just ONE BIG FLARE UP, haha. Change ). Life takes many turns, just like sunflowers turn themselves to follow the light of the sun, fulfilling their natural magic. Water is life. So remember: To forgive is to set a prisoner free, and then discover the prisoner was you. It’s so hard to see good whilst battling with chronic physical and/or mental health. Before reading it, I felt like the last sunflower in the field, resting my head on my breastbone in melancholy… the pain and disability has been so high; now though, joyful and gazing at the sun with all the other sunflowers.

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