He names his route the Lucinda River in honor of his wife. Course Hero.

People go to church, it seems, but once there they commiserate with one another about their hangovers. LIBRARY. "The Swimmer Study Guide." The story starts with a town reeling from a collective hangover. Privacy Policy.

Neddy doesn't want to stay long—he needs to keep going to complete his plan.

Neddy Merrill, however, is unperturbed. In two places, rude comments are made about his financial situation. 2 9 In Course Hero. He is disappointed when a friend’s pool is empty of water, the bathhouse locked, and a “For Sale” sign nailed to a tree. Neddy feels vibrant as he easily swims the Grahams' pool. However, the ubiquitous hangovers undercut the otherwise rosy picture of life in this beautiful suburb. In the human mind it is often expressed with fear, amazement, longing and might even love. Course Hero, Inc. As a reminder, you may only use Course Hero content for your own personal use and may not copy, distribute, or otherwise exploit it for any other purpose. Have study documents to share about The Swimmer? When he has to cross a highway, he is embarrassed to be seen in his swim trunks by passing motorists, some of whom throw beer cans or jeer at him. Save this story for later.

Since the Howlands and Crosscups are away, Neddy doesn't encounter them either.

However, the second half of the journey goes less well. Neddy finds he is barely able to swim the last two pools on his list and has to stop often because of fatigue. Suggest a Title. Describe the mood at the beginning of the story "The Swimmer. He asks Helen for a drink. The fierce wind "stripped a maple of its red and yellow leaves." He hates the idea of swimming in this pool with its high chlorine content. He tells his wife he's swimming home and heads for the neighbor's pool. As this calm cloud bank develops into a thunderstorm, sending Neddy to shelter in the Levys' gazebo, it again references The Odyssey.

Well-to-do Neddy decides to swim home via backyard pools.

She tells him that she and her husband, Eric, do not drink anymore because of Eric's surgery. Neddy cries, feeling tired, cold, and miserable.

Course Hero. All of them are the residential pools of people he knows, except for a public pool about halfway along the journey. 4 Neddy feels older as he swims Mrs. Halloran's pool. With gusto Neddy dives into the Westerhazys' pool, swims its length, and "hoist[s] himself up on the far curb." However, the action of the story takes only a few hours.

He is familiar with all of his neighbors, and his interactions with them as he swims their pools come to define the social world of the story. When he reaches its doors, they are locked and no one is home. Just as Neddy is delayed by the storm, Odysseus's ocean voyage is disrupted by violent storms sent by the goddess Athena. One couple, who happen to believe in nude sunbathing, offer sympathy for his recent misfortunes—yet Ned has no sense of what they mean. 6 But he figures that "explorers" like him have to deal with unpleasant circumstances and so strokes his way down the pool, keeping his head above water "to avoid collision." He reclines by the pool at Donald and Helen Westerhazy's house, full of pleasure at the beautiful day.

Neddy feels vibrant as he easily swims the Grahams' pool.

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