Prioritize Units - Janet Mims: Grants: Research Blades Trap, the Blades Trap will be unlocked (and can be built from now on).

All Mayors and Tech Tree Guide: They Are Billions. Your income will probably not be more than 1000 around day 30 and it will only increase to about 1800 by the time you get to day 60.

In a tent you can accommodate four colonists and in a cottage you can accommodate 8 inhabitants while in a stone house you can accommodate 16 more colonists. Have a lot of them to deal with a horde easily. There are only a few factors that you need to know to determine whether or not the map is good for you. - Vance Scholl: Wood reserves: +120, your colony will receive +120 wood once. This way they can protect themselves adequately based on their stats. Farms would be a very good source of food revenue so to get more farms, elect the mayor that offers you farm tech.

Then come Snipers which are good because of their range but do not have much use up close, but they are perfect for the early game. It may seem expensive but it is actually much more efficient than gates ever will be. Do not create protective structures before the 30th day of the mission - it is better to use these funds to expand the colony and increase the amount of income (mainly gold and iron). Plan carefully to make the most out of your districts.

- Lola Franz: Gold reserves: +3000, you will receive +3,000 gold once in your account.

In the game, you can pick up to four Mayors and then depending on your playing style you have to choose one of two mayors. A late-game resource, oil is necessary to construct and maintain high level units like Lucifer and Titan. For defenses, you can put random walls in the area around your base which zombies will attack first and give you time to react to them. You need to account for this when you play the map and ensure that you do not waste your resources on stuff which will probably not be that useful to you. As you may have expected, you need to ensure that you have trees where you spawn. - Ambrose Martins: Oil Platform: Oil production + 20%, Oil production from all oil platforms increases by 20 percent. - Olena Barnhill: All structures: Return costs is now 75%, instead of getting back only half of all resources, you now receive 75 percent of the raw materials if you tear something down.

Pay attention to them, as they will be crucial when you try to follow our strategies. When you happen upon a deposit, keep a mental note of it until you’re ready to harvest from it. - Diana Madison: Grants: Research Market, the market is unlocked (and can now be built). - Erica Keys: Hunter Cottage: Food supply +3, each hunting lodge earns +3 food until the end of the game. Defenses are your first priority, and thus they should be carefully laid out and protected.

- Helen Heflin: The colony gets: Stone Tower (2), your colony will receive once 10x stone wall and a stone gate. Eventually, you want to research snipers and start building them instead of archers. This.

- Rashad Lester: Unit: Building time -10%, the construction time of buildings is reduced by 10 percent. The market will make the food cheaper in its vicinity. - Arnoldo Crutchfield: Command Center: Gold income +40, you will receive +40 gold every 8 ingame hours. - Jamel Cowley: Stone House: Gold Income + 10%, each stone house brings you 10 percent more gold. This guide summarizes strategy and techniques to survive in They Are Billions. In the game, you can pick up to four Mayors and then depending on your playing style you have to choose one of two mayors. - Carrie Burley: The colony gets: Great Ballista, you will receive a Great Ballista once. Remember to not have more than 1 warehouse on this map as you will need your workers due to their shortage on this map. - Geralda Siler: Command Center: Energy supply +20, you will receive every 8 ingame hours. You should be familiar with the grind by now.

Planning the City Units like Sniper or Titans will be better off if they attack the target of the highest priority whereas units such as the soldier will be much better if they attack the target closer to them. Here, you can find basic tips and descriptions of the mechanics.Thanks to that you will be able to develop your colony fast. Remember to fall back if your defenses are breached and build new defenses further back. They will also massively assist you in the final wave which is why it is best to build them towards the end of the game on a large amount. No amount of troops is ever enough. - Arnoldo Crutchfield: Command Center: Gold Income +40, every 8 ingame hours you get +40 gold. When paused, you can cancel buildings without losing half of your resources. - Threya Jolly: Oil reserves: +30, your colony gets +30 oil once. One will tell you how to win the game in 80 days while the other will give you tips on how beat the Fourth Map on 100 days. The bank should be placed next to your market. - Newton Denton: All structures: Building time -20%, the construction time of any building is reduced by 20 percent. Day 66-72 Conversely, it is also good to have a small force on the side for the last few waves as a way to shore up your defenses wherever you find them to be weak. After this, we will tell you about two specific strategies which are very useful. Ballistas and Walls should be your main focus at this point. Day 54-66 Next, build a warehouse near your production place and then begin expanding as fast as you possibly can. Apart from this, they attack your base in waves and do not spawn randomly.

- Brandy Tarver: Stone reserves: +150, your colony gets +150 stone once. Here you can set up your defenses! Day 26-34

For this purpose, you have to get more land. Build farms and huts everywhere while upgrading residential until you have enough resources for foundry research. Fortifications is an element of gameplay in They Are Billions.. Strategies. Just make sure you have an adequate number of rangers along with a double wood wall and you should be fine. - Reggie Tyler: The colony gets: Oil Platform, your colony gets once an oil platform.

- Jokkul Kamprad: Command Center: Resources storage +200, you can store +200 items more in your Command Center. They also do not work really well as scouts. Enjoy the Game and It’s Learning Curve Income and Building Use your free resources to build residential areas, and keep on constantly building troops to house them in. You will struggle a lot at start. Zombies try to hear a sound and go towards it. This is a zombie survival game and making colonies while expanding your territory. If you want to keep your losses to a minimum then this is the way you should play the map. The sound can stack and cause a whole horde to be on your small group of rangers. After this move on to the next map. - Isaiah Grubb: Sniper: Salary cost -40%, you pay 40 percent less gold when you train a sniper. - Vannessa Rockenstein: Command Center: Gold income +120, every 8 ingame hours will receive +120 gold in your account.

This is for the greater good so that you can be more efficient in the later or the middle stages of the game. We have covered all the details in the post below: Idling You do not need to use soldiers if you do then its all over and you will not be able to win the map no matter what you try. You need to understand that sometimes you need to sacrifice some of your units or buildings as the game goes on. Clear our zombies from the map from the second day by sending your archers around the map in groups of 2. How to Defend

Apart from this, you should have snipers for their long range and archers for their mobility. ; When building fortifications, it's worth erecting a two-row wall with several rows of Stakes Trap in front of it.

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