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racist or sexually-oriented language. Happy Holiday! “Everybody smiles when they see a tiny house, even the grumpiest people smile.”.

Ready to find a new manufactured home?

There are currently 8 new and used mobile homes listed for your search on MHVillage for sale or rent in Grand Mound. We innovate to make every space, every nook and cranny, functional and beautiful. We offer a complete turn-key solution to get you into your dream home. We've collaborated with experts in dozens of organizations dedicated to tiny house construction. They're built well for their intended purpose - hauling cars & equipment - but not for a tiny house. Be Proactive. . But for those without the carpentry skills or money to build a house, they were a dream just out of reach. You have permission to edit this article. Blair, who owns Blair’s I-5 RV just off the Grand Mound exit and has been in the RV industry for 40 years, said he was sitting in his office when a “guy dressed like a phone book salesmen” walked in with a pamphlet of European designs of tiny cottages. Let’s get together and discuss where you are in the home buying process, what you’re looking for, and what kind of options you have available. 827 Railway St, Silverton, OR 97381 Unit C, 33358 Southeast Redmond-Fall City Road, Fall City, Washington. Notifications from this discussion will be disabled. 3 Bdr / 2 Bath / 1998 sqft. Looking for local businesses and/or local services provided in our area? We've seen a lot of tiny house trailers over the years so we know what's out there. Come see us today! When browsing homes, you can view features, photos, find open houses, community information and more. - Skillfully and beautifully designed by Kit Custom Homebuilders featu... 2 Bdr / 2 Bath / 1387 sqft. Innovative midsize quality family home available with customizable options including covered porch, den in-lieu of third b... Value oriented small family home with big home quality features including extra large living room open to beautiful well a... See what makes The Housing Mart, Inc.™ stand out from the rest, meet our team, and get a better understanding of our core principles. Last year, more than 80,000 homes were sold on MHVillage with a combined transaction value exceeding $3 billion. Blair won’t name which network it’s going to be on, but said the concept is about 24 people who document their efforts to build and furnish their own mobile tiny homes and later compete for $100,000.

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