I'm very interested in teams that can auto through 80s and 90s, Baretta basalt Briand lapis Mav works on all non boss stages for me. Keep in mind this team is a lot slower as the whole focus is around survivability, much like ToA Normal teams. Same stats as Toa normal. AoE stun on all enemies that have DoTs on them. Puts a single enemies cooldowns on max and AoE resets the ATB of enemies to 0 (Great for not allowing bosses to use their second and third skills while also CCing the side monsters). Second skill has a 60% chance to AoE stun and attack speed slow. AoE Def Break and Attack Break are also very useful. One of which is a skill that reduces multiple enemy mobs to 0 attack speed bar. 2. Hey guys I know there are lots of guides for farmable auto teams. 170+ CD (the more the better) – CD would help you inflict more damage on Artamiel as Sigmarus’ damage mainly skills off CD and not attack, please read here if you have not to clarify this. Verdehile may be the most tricky unit to rune in this team. Basalt can be used to tank Akroma stages and apply defense buff for tough rooms that require a healer. 75% chance to put a DoT on a single target with his first skill. Sigmarus plays different roles in Toa Hard such as the damage dealer (raw damage) and CC unit. AoE silence for 1 turn is great for incase the enemies get a turn they will only be able to use their skill 1. The only truly problematic stages are Artamiel at 80 or 90 and Jultan on high floors. Any other offset such as nemesis/energy/guard etc is entirely up to your rune pool and the resources remaining. If paired with the right monsters and built with the right runes, she will let you auto all of ToA and ToAH faster than any other team. Luxury stats: Def > Flat HP > Res – avoid CR if you can because CR on Jultan rooms can be an issue. Stats such as attack/CD/CR can help add more damage but CR can be dangerous for Jultan rooms and is not suggested. Having 2 AoE abilities will allow her to AoE stun a lot with despair runes. The DoT team has a lot of choices to choose from and it is considered the safer route for ToaH. You can also use Basalt as a niche monster on the Akroma stages because you need a dark monster to tank Akroma. Despair/broken set – SPD HP HP (ACC) if you lack accuracy in substats, Violent/Broken or focus – SPD HP HP/DEF/ACC. 20k+ total HP is suggested but 17-18k total HP is fine. Baretta (L), Veromos, Belladeon, Bernard, Shannon, Baretta (L), Belladeon, Bernard/Spectra, Shannon, Mav, Baretta (L), Veromos, Belladeon, Shannon, Mav, Veromos (L), Belladeon, Bernard/Spectra, Shannon, Mav, Baretta (L), Veromos, Belladeon/Chasun, Water Homie, Mav, Baretta (L), Mantura, Belladeon/Chasun, Water Homie, Mav, Baretta (L), Veromos, Bernard, Belladeon/Chasun, Water Homie, Baretta (L), Veromos, Belladeon/Chasun, Water Homie, Briand, Baretta (L), Mantura, Belladeon/Chasun, Water Homie, Briand, Baretta (L), Zinc, Spectra, Water Homie, Verdehile, Baretta (L), Mantura, Charlotte/Lupinus/Lapis, Gildong/Woonhak/Woochi, Water Homie, Tyron/Verad (L), Zinc/Mantura/Rica, Charlotte/Lupinus/Lapis/Rica, Gildong/Woonhak/Woochi, Water Homie, Lushen (L), Lushen, Galleon, Zaiross, Sigmarus (ToAN Only), Lushen (L), Galleon, Zaiross, Sigmarus, Water Homie, Galleon/Bastet, Zaiross, Julie, Sigmarus, Water Homie, Galleon/Bastet/Mantrua, Lushen (L), Sigmarus/Rica, Water Homie, Akhamamir. Mantura pairs well with despair. My suggestion for players such as the example is to keep farming and make sure you have proper stats I will stating in my guide before attempting to clear ToaH. does it work for Artamiel at toah 80? Just FYI, Gany is amazing, but not on toah auto. This skill makes it easy for your team to get their CC cooldowns back up. As a result, this is very essential. ATK buff and ATB boost if you’re not using Galleon on lower floors. Spectra is very strong for bosses because special assault does massive damage on high HP monsters. Swift Broken set (SPD/ACC/HP from off-set depending on what stats you need) – HP HP DEF, Fully Broken sets or with energy sets – SPD HP HP/DEF (focus on ACC/more tanky stats for off-set), 170+ SPD is recommended and last on your team. DOT TEAM (Damage Over Time) The DoT team has a lot of choices to choose from and it is considered the safer route for ToaH. (this skill also cleanses). Basalt is a strong choice as attack bar manipulator and supportive healer with a defense buff. Her passive makes every attack reduce the enemies ATB by 25-50%, this is great for keeping the boss from moving since every turn she can attack speed slow and push back the ATB of the boss. In higher Toa Hard rooms, Sigmarus can do massive damage due to the high hp of Toa hard units. He provides provoke for boss rooms and stuns for trash waves. (His multi-hits makes him AoE reduce ATB by 30%). In terms of runes, some of you may ask: Can we use this team with the same runes we used in our team compositions such as our NB10 team? Good healer for Akroma stage because she also defense buffs which really helps your Dark tank survive. considering most of the teams are based of nat 5's and/or BASALT! A less valuable unit in Toa Hard but she excels in Artamiel rooms. Discuss the latest gameplay, news and events with fellow summoners around the globe.

Second skill does 18% of the enemies max HP as damage which is huge in ToA with all the enemies having crazy high HP. Press J to jump to the feed. 180+ SPD (Verdehile does not have to be last because the battle in ToaH are much longer and having more speed can mean more turn cycles in the long run). Best part about water homunculus, it is farmable but it is a long grind to obtain it. Puts up 2 stacks of AoE DoTs on a 3 turn cooldown. Can defense break and attack break which can be a minor help on boss stages. However, her base spd can be difficult to rune because it requires spd substats. Any SPD slot 2 can be replaced with an attack slot 2 as long as you have the SPD subs to make Shaina faster than the other twins. Not only does huge AoE damage but it will stop annoying enemies that resurrect or heal. Some things to consider when runing a DoT team: 1.

Similar to Rica but Charlotte acts solely on reducing attack bar of Toa hard enemies instead of dotting. Any debuff landed on Poseidon can be transferred back to the enemy with its first skill under usage. They are considered budget dot damage dealers when you are unable to obtain the ones above or want to add more damage to your ToaH team. Both units can slow/reduce attack bar/stun under the condition of slow. The enabler and protector of the Toa hard team. One of the best ToA monsters in the game. Cleansing can remove all of your hard work from your dot damage dealers. Puts on 2 stacks of AoE DoTs with second skill. Can even auto some boss stage like toah 90. The provoke will prevent any harm to your fire units unless the provoke is missed then it is likely Maruna and Shaina will be able to stun the remaining units not provoked. Jamire’s 2nd skill does damage based off MAX HP of enemy. Therefore, Tyron is ranked 5 in CC units. Basalt is great for that since hes tanky, heals, and puts up defense buff. However, the sleep mechanic is weak because any damage can disrupt the sleep effect. However, it is still very strong in Toa hard as a skill reset unit. However, I would recommend at least 35% ACC to secure more stun locks in ToaH. Vio/Will – SPD HP DEF/HP – the typical set for overall usage in PVP/PVE content such as labyrinth and Toa hard. First skill will AoE freeze the enemies with a 25% chance, Second skill will AoE reduce ATB by 30% with a 50% chance, Third skill will AoE put 2 stacks of DoTs with a chance to put more stacks depending on how many debuffs are already on the target, With 3 AoE skills on despair, he’s an AoE CC and DoT machine.

Second skill strips and put enemies skills on max cooldown which is great for stopping bosses from using their second or third skills. This team is favored by people who either dislike ToA Hard, have other things to do like work, or by people who like convenience.

Do not focus the Jultan until the end. However, the team is damage based and less of the old school dot teams. As I explained in my DB10 guide, Verdehile does not have a certain rune set he needs to do well.

Verad makes autoing in ToaH much easier because he has two freeze skills. Hemos is farmable but Thrain must be obtained through LND scrolls. Amazing for speed clearing the lower floors because he does huge AoE damage that doesn’t need defense break. It may be a good idea to stack CR/CD to enable massive damage on enemies. Broken Sets with Energy off-sets – SPD HP HP – Focus on ACC/SPD subs, Vio/Will-Rev – SPD HP HP – An all around set for players using Jeanne in PVP, No actual HP requirement but make sure she’s on SPD HP HP, 180+ SPD is recommended as you want her fastest on your team (2nd is fine). Mainly used on the ToA 100 boss Lyrith because her incarnations can be Oblivioned. AoE attack break debuff is great incase the enemies get a turn. The guide will mainly focus on effective ToaH clearing with the least nat 5 as possible. Hathor/Verad/Charlotte/Rica leader skill – Spectra – Belladeon – Mav – Colleen, Tyron/Verad/Charlotte/Rica Leader skill – Shaina – Maruna – Sabrina – Chasun, Baretta leader skill – Spectra – Mav – Bella – Basalt on despair, Verad leader skill – Mav – Jeanne – Spectra – Belladeon, Verad leader skill – Shaina – Sabrina – Jeanne – Mav, Vela/Woosa leader skill – Shaina – Chasun – Sabrina – Jeanne, Baretta leader skill – Mav – Jeanne – Spectra – Verad/Hathor/Rica, Garo (at 215-220 total SPD or it may fail) – Baretta – Jeanne – Mav –, Garo (at 215-220 total SPD or it may fail) – Verad – Rica – Mav – Jeanne, Garo (at 215-220 total SPD or it may fail) – Tyron – Baretta – Water Homunculus – Jeanne/Mav, Diaz + Chasun – Baretta – Mav – Tyron/Verad/Rica/Charlotte, Diaz + Chasun – Rica – Jeanne – Water Homunculus/Verad/Charlotte, Diaz + Chasun – Sigmarus – Baretta – Mav/Jeanne, Baretta/Rica/Water Homunculus – Jeanne – Mav – DoT unit – DoT unit. Mantura brings a lot of utility and provides one dot aoe skill on its third.

ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. As you can see, majority of the team composition is 2-3 dot units with 2 cc units follow by one reset unit. Second skill has an 80% chance to AoE freeze. I did 100/100 stages this rotation and 99/100 stages last rotation on auto. Having 3 AoE abilities will allow her to AoE stun a lot with despair runes. THIS SITE AND THE PRODUCTS AND SERVICES OFFERED ARE NOT ASSOCIATED, AFFILIATED, ENDORSED, OR SPONSORED BY COM2US. Poseidon provides two AOE sets. Best reviver for a ToA auto team, especially when paired with Chasun. Your offense is your greatest defense – The Toa hard enemy units can not do damage to you as long as you keep them stunned. Third skill is pretty much a guaranteed full AoE stun which also gives Okeanos another turn right after so he can reduce his cooldowns faster. SPD HP HP – Swift Broken Set (with ACC/SPD subs) – recommended build for ToA because Violent can remove her invincibility debuff and create major problems especially for high damage unit rooms. Gives your team speed buff to make it easier to keep the enemies CCed.

+12k+ HP – The more the better but you do not need prioritize this because SPD is more important. Some difficult floors will require you to build specific niche monsters or special team comps. As long as you have the stats below, your Verdehile should be able to auto ToaH. The scaling for a player who just completed Toa normal 100 should be able to reach ToaH 49 on average.

Therefore, an immunity buff may be suggested instead. 50% chance to AoE decrease enemies attack speed or stun the target if they already have attack speed slow debuff on them. They reduce turn cooldown to allow more dot damage or cc skills. Third skill stuns the enemy with the highest ATB.

Basalt is a huge hit and miss though, I want one! Mantura can slow and is considered a budget Rica. ATB boost may be the only thing he brings to the table but it gives you an incredible amount of turns allowing the rest of your team to effectively CC the enemies. Chasun is perhaps the safest bet but in some cases, a def break on Jeanne or another monster can be dangerous for your team. Additionally, his second skill can apply glancing which is a huge plus for incoming damage.

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