The network should have known better. I hope the courts have enough integrity to award in Tommy Mac’s favor, as clearly this is theft of intellectual property.

What were they thinking! Tommy MacDonald's Custom Woodworking & Cabinetry, Boston, Massachusetts. Former host Thomas MacDonald is suing WGBH, alleging trademark infringement. He is a bit of a flake. Tom McDonald, Norm Abraham and Scott Phillips inspires me. Did PBS really think they could sneak by with a different host with a name so close to Tommy Mac by bringing in Tom McLaughlin ????

More recent episodes have featured Tommy traveling across the United States to collaborate with new experts, and learn more about the history of the craft. I agree with Tommy Mac. ! I enjoy both of these programs. Now called Rough Cut with Fine Woodworking. Season eight episodes are available for streaming on Fine Woodworking's website. I watch both and learn from each. Boston Native, Tommy Mac’s shop is now located in Boston’s historic North End. I won’t be watching the new guy. Thomas J. MacDonald (born June 18, 1966), known as Tommy Mac, is a U.S. carpenter and woodworker and former host of the public television series Rough Cut – Woodworking with Tommy Mac. [3] The first season of Classic Woodworking is made up of rebroadcast episodes of season eight of Rough Cut, with newly recorded introductions by McLaughlin. (Prior to the WGBH show, MacDonald's video podcast had been titled "The Rough Cut Show.") Matter solved.

The one I dislike, whose name escapes me, is the older couple who do woodworking together. I enjoyed the series and host and was confused when I watched season 8. Couldn’t care less about building his dream shop.

I hope that another station will pick up his show. They sure lost me as a viewer. Following the launch of season eight, MacDonald filed a lawsuit against WGBH for trademark infringement, claiming that the company was profiting on his image by relaunching the show with a similar name and different host.

I miss Tommy Mac he has a great presence. record company did the same thing the Creedence Clearwater Revival John Fogerty was drug through court for years the claim of the record company was he sounded too much like himself. The new show is boring and uninspiring. Yes, yes it was… I tuned into the new show and thought… what is going on… he calls himself Tommy Mac….

I hit the play button on episode one (1), and when it began playing with that new host I thought something was up.

MacDonald's attorney argued that while WGBH was allowed to register a trademark for the former title of the show ("Rough Cut: Woodworking with Tommy Mac"), trademarks should not have been allowed for "Rough Cut" or "Tommy Mac." Maybe Tommy MacDonald and HGTV will get together. Get over it Tommy. me of Bill Clinton, ie, (the former President.) WGBH has in no way suggested that Mr. MacDonald is involved with our new production. fairly wound up, and Tom is quite mellow, and being the person I am, I can Good lesson for hosts, too. [5] WGBH proceeded to file a counterclaim against MacDonald, stating that they had spent more than $4 million on the series and the trademarks and that MacDonald's rights only covered his name and nicknames.

Even the many of the opening screen shots were the same as previous seasons. I was waiting to see how he could balance his projects downstairs with the area he created upstairs with the natural sunlight for his wife to paint by. Not so dry and cookie cutter precise. Current. I had to watch with the volume turned down … between every scene you can hear a weird clicking noise… at first I thought it was my TV… I hope they do something about that. All gone with the push of one button.

To me it was quite boring as well. PBS clearly INFRINGED on Tommy Mac and his Original show name. Such passion went into that project. Actually, I like both programs. I was totally confused when I tuned into this season’s series on “Rough Cut.” Thomas J. MacDonald (born June 18, 1966), known as Tommy Mac, is a U.S. carpenter and woodworker and former host of the public television series Rough Cut – Woodworking with Tommy Mac. Everything he does is perfect, so I made foru kitchen stools using some of the items Tommy II used in his A & C side chair build. PBS stole it! He started his own business in Canton, Massachusetts, and his work was noticed by Bob Vila, who later invited him to appear on his television series Home Again and on video podcasts for the website. He brought a lot of humor to the show. The series is broadcast on public television stations (mostly PBS stations), and the Create network.

Tommy was often joined by regular helpers and occasionally episodes featured other woodworking experts. The format has changed.

Life's too short to use old sandpaper. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. They are totally different in pace, but for me, equally interesting.

Hey Tommy, I’m sure you’ve been wronged, but having said that I also know you’re an impassioned Irishman from Southie, so c’mon can’t you compromise as well (just a little) and work something out to get back on the air? Currently, he's been showing a series of shows where he's built a new shop. I love watching this show when season 8 premiered I was happy to see what he was going to do this season and to find out it’s a different Tom not happy this is what these big corporate giant’s do they seen how many people where watching him on YouTube and bring him over to public tv for a few years and get rid of him and profit off of him and saying their not. – sounds like a drill changing gears …. The former host of a woodworking show on Boston’s WGBH claims in a lawsuit filed Sunday that the station is infringing on his trademark and profiting from his image after it started a new season of the show with a similar name but different host. He later attended the North Bennet Street School in Boston, where he learned woodworking. If they were not happy they should have told him so, and from what I understand the name was Tommy McDonald’s name and they should have offered to purchase the rights to Rough Cut. If they wanted a different host, create a new show. Tommy MacDonald's new shop : MJ: 2/22/17 11:08 AM: While, Tommy is no Norm, he does some interesting projects, he's speech pattern is a bit off putting but he's a friendly guy according to people I know who have worked with him. Different approach to solve problem, worked out fine for me. A WGBH spokesperson sent Current this comment Thursday: “The claims in this case have no basis in fact. [1] In 2010, MacDonald was signed by WGBH-TV to host his own woodworking instructional program. Quite deceptive. Founder and CEO of Trademark Factory® /, the only firm in the world that offers trademarking services with a predictable, guaranteed result, for a predictable, guaranteed budget.

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