The warehouse is staffed by a team of friendly and knowledgeable ninjas situated near Arizona State University and Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport. Formal lavalava or sulu is worn by the men. Lost your password? $20.00 each - 4'x6' LAUHALA PLACEMAT - Made in the Philippines, Quick

Blank on the bac... Woven lauhala fan Roll of processed lauhala leaf. Items on Sale Apply Filter. So you like sai, but you're not sure which one to get. NEW DESIGN .... Square shape with various designs on one side. This is an internal sewing item that we use for the base of our hipbands and headpieces. Each Polynesian country has a name for it.

$98.00. $28.00 roll (2 INCH)
The ta’ovala is the most respectful form of dress in Tonga. $240.00. Can be used for banding Tahitian costuming. Lightly varnished. Don't worry, KarateMart has got the differences (and similarities covered) so you can pick the right sai weapon for you. We are now on a new platform which may require you to create a new log in and account. $40.00 each - 6'x7'
$32.50 shipping.
12" tall x 8" wide.
$60.00 Samoan (see photo, roll tied with 4 straps.
$20.00 each - 4'x6'
Add: 411 S Madison Dr, Tempe, AZ 85281 - USA. Lavalava is the Samoan terminology. Roll of processed lauhala leaf. $58.00. Lightly varnished.

For our purposes today, we'll be focusing on EDC weapons that deal some damage (especially self-defense weapons), but of course some everyday weapons can be. View.
Size: 12" x 18"
. Commonly composed of oak, natural or hardwood, the modern tonfa is also available in rubber, foam or polypropyene.

|, Small weave lauhala placemats made in The PhilippinesSize: 12" x 18", Small weave lauhala placemats made in The Philippines
Size: 12" x 18"
. There's a lot of concern about the recent COVID-19 (coronavirus) outbreak with lots of calls for quarantining and social distance and we wanted to ease your fears and let you know our plans going forward. There are approximately 75 leaves per roll.
Nunchucks are one of the most popular martial arts weapons. Can be used for banding Tahitian costumin... Lauhala woven in approximately 2 inch band or 3 inch band. $30.00 each ... Woven lauhala mat. Woven lauhala fan Tupenu=Tongan, Sulu=Fijian, Pareo=Tahitian. We apologize for the inconvenience. Note: slightly green tint)

Tongan Tapa cloth or Ngatu runner . Our customer service team is often asked which nunchaku they would recommend based on the skill level of. Sign Up. Roll length: ~16 Yards
Follow us on social media and be the first to know about our latest deals and fun contests. Made in the Philippines. © Aloha Hula Supply 2017. $20.00 each - 4'x6' $30.00 each ... Woven lauhala mat. These mats are the most treasured possessions in Tongan households. Tonfa weapons, otherwise known as the tong fa or tuifa, are a traditional Okinawan fighting weapon used for blocking and striking.Though they are historically described as the descendent of the police baton, unlike police nightsticks, martial arts tonfas are often wielded in pairs. Made in … Already member? Made in the Philippines. What are the Best Everyday Carry Weapons?

$32.50 shipping. Made in the Philippines.

There are approximately 75 leaves per roll. Casual is worn by both genders, also known as the sarong. Tapa painted bark cloth, Tribal Art Collingwood Bay Tufi People Papua New Guinea. Tongan Tapa cloth signed by artist. All right reserved. $30.00 each - 5'x6'
Not here before? They are widely used in tournaments and in the movie industry because of how flashy and exciting they look when they are spun around. Quick View ... Woven lauhala mat. Sign in. Size: 12" x 18", Woven lauhala placemats made in Samoa.

NEW DESIGN .... Square shape with various designs on one side. View By : Lightly varnished. Call for availability.

As the name suggests, everyday carry (EDC) weapons are those that you can easily take with you on the go and that help you with various tasks. Welcome to our new website. $41.00 shipping. This is an internal sewing item that we use for the base of our hipbands and headpieces. $650.00. $34.00 roll (3 INCH), Woven lauhala placemats made in Samoa. So many people have asked us what we use and have requested to purchase it that we have now made it available ... Lauhala woven in approximately 2 inch band or 3 inch band. tapa cloth, painted beated bark, Futuna, traditional cloth. In addition to using mats for practical household purposes such as floor coverings and bedding, the people of Tonga wear mats known as ta’ovala around the waist. Blank on the back.
$100.00 Tahitian (see photo... Woven lauhala mat.

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