His 1997 Bowman autograph is a favorite of mine. Let us know in the comments below. The 1993 Pinnacle Jeter rookie is one of the classier looking cards … You could have put any action shot on here and it would have been better than that yearbook picture they used in 1992. It is also one of the most valuable Jeter prospect cards. Even rarer are versions included in special Florida Marlins and Colorado Rockies Inaugural sets. Most come with a noticeable amount of edge or corner wear. The card generated lots of mainstream attention and prices skyrocketed on the secondary market. Just look at the image below and you can imagine it slipping and sliding around in the holder just begging for a corner ding or two. This is one of the first cards in which you'll see Jeter in a Yankees uniform, albeit from his time with the Gulf Coast Yankees, the rookie affiliate of the New York Yankees. Buy Professionally Graded Derek Jeter Rookie Cards on eBay Derek Jeter (06/26/74) is a former shortstop who spent his 20-year MLB career with the New York Yankees, winning everything possible along the way. They also brought us Marty Cordova and Rondell White. These cards are hard to come by in any condition but if you're looking for PSA 10 quality then you'll have to pay up for one. 1 bid. The card comes with a sharp on-card signature and large foil logo. Random factory sets were filled with the slight variations but the cards were never in traditional packs. The sets were available primarily in the local Colorado and Florida markets and have a relatively low print run. The simple design and portrait also make it one of his most attractive cards.

Part of the Draft Picks subset, the card is found in Series 1 packs and boxes of 1993 Topps Baseball. The 1993 Stadium Club Murphy Derek Jeter is found in a special box set.

Next on the list is yet another offering from Classic. And his hand-numbered autograph out of 1,125 adds a solid touch, too. 1992 Little Sun High School Prospects Auto. Over the course of his Hall of Fame career, all have reached a certain level of respectability. Limited to 93 numbered copies, each has a hologram on the back and a COA card with a matching hologram.

A sign of the times of … Finally, Jeter was included in the Extended Series Century Marks parallel, which was limited to just 100 cards. For all of his great accomplishments, I always put how good of a ballplayer Jeter was into perspective by asking this question: "If you had to create a Mt. Still, as is normally the case in the hobby, the signature helps overcome the ugliness. Was getting paranoid and some of my friends thick I’m going crazy and just seeing things.Thanks for tips Alf the way.or is this still a test or I’m really losing it. In this instance, Jeter was a redemption.

Next up is what I believe is one of Jeter's best-looking cards on this list. His reach is now well beyond the Yankee faithful and he has entered a place reserved for baseball's true legends. It starts with the low-end quality but is hurt further by the overly busy design that includes Jeter's name written as though he were a part of The Dukes of Hazzard opening credits. And, I also know the hobby recognizes only about 8 of his cards from 1993 to be actual rookie cards. 1992 Fleer Excel – it’s beautiful and looks vintage. Rushmore? All in pristine condition, … though never graded, … all “virgins”. Although not terribly rare and somewhat available, both cards provide a tougher chase for collectors looking for early Derek Jeter cards.

Since its debut in 1989, Upper Deck focused on pushing boundaries for high-end cards. Contact him at [email protected]. All Rights Reserved, Salute The Captain! ... Upper Deck Top Prospect Derek Jeter RC LOT See Pics .10¢ Each Combined Ship ... $515.00. Not as valuable as the autographed version, this card can still command top dollar.

Estimated PSA 10 Value: $5,000. Each of them is hand-numbered out of 1,200 and feature Jeter's signature in big blue ink. The action shot of the high school prospect makes this card instantly standout. They may not be the most valuable or the rarest, but each has made a significant impact on the hobby. Collectors may notice the card actually has the same design as 1992 Stadium Club, not 1993. Can’t find a listing fof them. And if you want a snapshot of his most popular cards on eBay, peruse a real-time Derek Jeter Hot List. These limited sets were a great way to welcome the Rockies into MLB and these particular Jeter cards have and like will continue to steadily rise in value. While very pricey, it's the go-to choice for collectors who can afford it. Since its debut in 1989, Upper Deck focused on pushing boundaries for high-end cards. Combine that with one of the most popular Derek Jeter rookie cards and you've got something worth chasing.

How much for both cards in mint condition. Jeter is one of them and have over 100o different Jeter different cards. Stunningly beautiful card. $3.20. Collectors can also review a year-by-year look at all of Jeter's flagship Topps cards from his playing career. It's also the most valuable.

A sign of the times of how cards were being massively printed from all angles during the early 1990's, here we actually have a card with Jeter from his high school days in Kalamazoo, Michigan. And I think that's definitely the case with Jeter's 1993 Fleer Pro Cards South Atlantic League All-Star card. Meanwhile, the Extended Series Derek Jeter autograph features a different design and a print run of 1,000 copies.

At this point, cards limited to the hundreds were considered extremely rare, and Select pushed that into overdrive. Not quite as expensive as the Colorado Rockies Inaugural Year version, the 1993 Topps Florida Marlins Inaugural Year is still special in its own right. Here are ten of the greatest. Although they're not numbered, the 1996 Select Certified Mirror Gold Derek Jeter is one of the benchmarks of rare '90s parallels. Through the years, Stadium Club gave collectors some great autograph combinations with their Co-Signers inserts.

Like the 1992 Little Sun card, it suffers from an amateurish design. Still, none will argue the shortstop's place among other Yankee greats. 1993 Stadium Club Murphy Derek Jeter RC #117, One of the most iconic baseball cards of the 1990s, Top Selling Sports Card and Trading Card Hobby Boxes, Top Corey Seager Rookie Cards and Prospect Cards, Top Randy Arozarena Rookie Cards and Prospect Cards to Collect, Top 2020 NFL Rookies Guide and Football Rookie Card Hot List, Top LeBron James Rookie Cards of All-Time. I have a 93 Jeter top prospect card #449 from Upper Deck. FAST 'N FREE. The colored borders make the card susceptible wear and tear making high grade specimens tough to come by. I sent in my Jeter to PSA and it came back a 9 so I couldn't complain. Mirror Red is the most plentiful with 90 copies and Mirror Blue has just 45. Ahead of its time, 1996 Select Certified brought low print runs to a new level. $4.20 shipping. I played shortstop up through high school and looked up to him, how he carried himself and how he played the game. For some, it might be the most fun Derek Jeter rookie card. A clear exception is found in 2009 SP Authentic Baseball, which had random 1993 SP Derek Jeter Buyback Autographs. What are their vs lie? That said, a handful have taken things even further, including the 1993 SP Derek Jeter, which is one of the most sought-after cards of the 1990s.

1992 Little Sun Derek Jeter Autograph #NNO /250. These gold parallels were only distributed in one out of every fifteen factory sets. Unlikely to shock anyone, Derek Jeter cards have long been in demand with collectors, and that has only increased since his retirement. With so many great ones to choose from, how can you pick just one favorite Derek Jeter rookie card? I’m just to wonder how his 1996 Upper Deck Diamond destiny gold doesn’t meet the list?

Ranking the Best Derek Jeter Rookie Cards, long-running cardboard legacy between Jeter and flagship Topps, 2.

At first glance, this may look like an ordinary 1993 Upper Deck Jeter card. I have a 1997autographed derek jeter donruss card# 123 and an 1998 autographed pinnacle card#65. The rest of the card remains the same. Still, this card in PSA 10 condition easily remains one of the most expensive modern baseball cards you can find. But, if you look at the Upper Deck hologram in the lower left corner of the reverse side of the card, you can clearly see it's a golden color as opposed to the regular silver version. His most expensive, the gold version, shows the same photo used in the Little Sun set mentioned previously and you can easily see the golden features along the top. He also loves to write about the hobby and has written for Beckett, Topps, SABR and of course, this website.

If you are trying to pull this rookie in packs, look for Pinnacle Series 2 boxes. Almost impossible to find is a quad autograph with Jeter, Jones, Rodriguez and Scott Rolen. Also helping the case for the superstar shortstop is the fact that he spent his entire career with the New York Yankees, a concept becoming much less common, even for the league's elite players. I absolutely idolized Derek Jeter growing up. Click on the card names or images to shop for specific cards on eBay. Click on the card names or images to shop for specific cards on eBay or track values. It's a really sharp-looking card showing Jeter likely doing what we'd see him do so many times throughout his career: throwing someone out at first. In more recent years, he became the chief executive […] Jeter had four different 1993 Classic Best cards in total, one of which is this autographed version. When Score first burst onto the scene, it was popular simply because the hobby was growing fast and there weren't a lot of options. I am a Red sox fan but collect over 78 different MLB players. In the 1993 … By the time 1993 rolled around, collectors had many choices and the base brand was losing its way. Father passed and it was his. The card features a great close-up image of Jeter posing as if following through a swing. Below, you can get an idea of scale of the micro version compared to the regular version. The first series has three different versions, including Bronze (700 copies), Silver (200 copies) and Gold (100 copies).

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