The first and last obstacles change every week, however the first obstacle is always set over a pool of water or mud, and the final obstacle is always a 'swing' to the goal. For Wipeout India, see.

Available on Facebook and through a standalone Downloadable Application, the game adopts the use of 'Motion Sensor Technology' available through a webcam, whereby the user negotiates the obstacle course through a variety of movements common with the show. The winning times have varied for those who competed in Winter Wipeout. Sign in. Series 4 episode 9 (the Champions of Champions) was the only episode when it was an all-male crash mountain. The seven contestants who are first to fall are eliminated; the rest move on to the next round – Winter Blunderland. Those are: Jo and Carole (Series 1, Episode 5), Kierron (Series 1, Episode 7), Alice (Series 2, Episode 2), Alex (Series 2, Episode 6), Eliza, Julian and Victoria (Series 2, Episode 8), Chris and Katie(Series 2, "Champion of Champions"), Paul and Nix (Series 3, Episode 2), Colm, Nic, Ed and Becky (Series 3, Episode 6), Junior and Andy (Series 3, "Champion of Champions"), Jason King and Sarah Cawood (Series 3, … In later series and Winter Wipeout, the contestant does not have to re-attempt the obstacle if they fall off; they simply swim to the next to save time. If any contestants falls into the water they must go to any unoccupied podium, climb and attempt it again. After 6 series of Total Wipeout, only 5 episodes have seen a female winner: Rachel of Series 2, Episode 2, Danielle Lloyd of the second Celebrity Special, Mica of Winter Wipeout Series 1, Episode 5, Kia of Series 5, Episode 3 and Nicola of Series 5, Episode 8. Either Dizzy Dummies or The Dreadmill was played in each episode for stage 3. The slowest winning time on the Wipeout Zone is 4:53 (set by Steve, Series 1 Episode 2). Dean Macey won the show with Ian Watkins finishing as runner-up and Andy Akinwolere in third place, after retiring from the competition because of an injury. The slowest time was set in Episode 5, by Ross who finished in 9:13. [16] The first episode aired on 8 August 2020 and received negative reviews. The US version is filmed in California, whereas all international versions including the UK's version are filmed on the same set in Argentina,[9] which can be seen from Google Maps[10] and the UK show format is similar to the US version, Wipeout (available to UK viewers on Challenge as Total Wipeout USA). On 29 March 2012, the BBC confirmed that they would axe Total Wipeout after series 5. He is also seen in a studio to provide certain links within the show.

Series 1 of Total Wipeout contained eight episodes, airing from 3 January to 21 March 2009, and one Total Wipeout Awards special, which aired on 4 April 2009.

The obstacles remain the same each week but a different course "theme" may be used (Ice Hockey or The Alps for example). |

Richard Hammond and Amanda Byram continued as the presenting team. Also in Series 4 there was an International Special in which a handful of British contestants went head-to-head with contestants from around the world as Total Wipeout went global for the first time, each side captained by a former Total Wipeout "legend". Examples of obstacles in Dizzy Dummies include the Tippy Tables, Teeter Totters, Dock Maze, Crazy Beams, Doughnuts and the Barrel Crossing. The first seven episodes of the series aired from 8 January to 19 February, with Episode 8 aired two weeks after Episode 7. There are two challenges on the dreadmill, which change from show to show. Eddie Edwards won the show with Tony Mortimer coming runner-up and Steven Arnold in third place. In the special Richard Hammond filmed his segments on set in Buenos Aires. The five who make it to the centre first advance to Dizzy Dummies. Prepare for Freddie and Paddy's takeover with some all-important Wipeout trivia. The rest spin again and take part in the next round. Only 7 contestants; Kierron (Series 1, Episode 7), Becky and Ed (Series 3, Episode 6), Junior (Series 3, "Champion of Champions"), James (Series 4, "Champion of Champions"), Chris Simmons (Series 4, "Celebrity Special #1") and William (Series 5, Episode 7) have not fallen off any obstacle during the Qualifier. These were gradually eliminated over four rounds until one contestant remained, who won a £10,000 cash prize and a trophy. Alongside the regular episodes, a variety of special episodes were held after the main competition. Freddie Flintoff and Paddy McGuinness add hilarious commentary to classic Total Wipeout episodes as contestants tackle the big red balls in the quest to win £10,000. Contestants do not have to attempt to reach the mountain on every rotation of the arm. After each challenge a certain number of them are eliminated from the competition. In the Celebrity Special #8, Dalton Grant beat the record with 0:54, making him the record holder. Episode 9 aired on 26 March 2011, with the next three episodes following over the next four weeks. Series 3 also introduced The Legends special, which gave competitors from across all the previous series a second chance to reach the Wipeout Zone. The Qualifier involves contestants attempting to complete a short obstacle course in the least time possible; the eight contestants with the slowest times are eliminated, with the fastest twelve advancing to the second round (although in the case of the Celebrity specials, all participating contestants take part in the first two rounds).

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