Tyres with a higher ply rating carry more weight but cost more due to their superior construction and the extra materials used.

The main reason is for safety, as a tubeless tyre is designed to deflate slowly when punctured so is safer. 625mm Rim. They may sometimes have shoulder lugs or zig-zag ribs, and can often be similar to I-1 Implement tyres.

. Rim width (8") is measured inside, bead to bead, NOT outside to outside. .

They therefore do not require a separate tube to be purchased (if you rims are in good condition). They are designed to be good all-round tyres which offer high flotation and load capacity at lower pressures. For more wheel specs, click on "Other Details" above. 508mm Rim. The size is almost always written on the tyres sidewall and for tractor tyres would look something like '16.9-28' or '420/85R28'. Use your old 225/75R17 to 245/75R17 pick-up tires on your farm wagons.

The main established brands also offer 'B' brands to the market place, that often use the same technology and materials but are offered at a lower price point to the consumer. 48" Rim. A tube in a tubeless tyre once punctured can lose air rapidly and if the tyre casing isn't holding air successfully the tyre could deflate very quickly causing a safety hazard. For 11L-15 and 12.5L-15 tires.

These tyres are often available with notches or lugs in the outer ribs to improve grip and self-cleaning. Front and rear rims, tires and tubes for tractors, combines, skid steers and other ag equipment. Why not also check our the Big Tyres Blog for educational articles and the latest industry information. In general, you shouldn't switch to a lower ply rating than you currently have.

15 Results for products within categories Wheels & Parts - Rims, Wheel Rim 10 x 24 - 6 Stud 10" CENTRE HOLE, Wheel Rim 10 x 24 4WD Front - 8 Stud 8.5" CEN, Wheel Rim 9 x 28 for 11 x 28 Tyre - Rim Only, Wheel Rim 11 x 28 for 12 x 28 Tyre - Rim Only, Size: 11 x 28", 12 x 28" Tyre - Rear Complete, Wheel Rim Complete 11 x 28 Rear for 12 x 28, Wheel Rim 8 x 16 fits 900 & 1000 x 16 Front, Fits Massey Ferguson - 100/200/500/600 Series, Wheel Rim Size: 11 x 32 2" 1/4 Lug Band Only, Your results for products within categories. 30.5" Rim.

Find out more about Radial vs Crossply by reading this article. Quick Links. Find Out More. Also known as "Multi-Rib" tyres, these are found on a huge range of farm implements and trailers. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. These tyres are designed to balance traction with road and hard-surface performance. We have key accounts with main manufacturers to offer you the best prices, carry millions of pounds worth of stock, can access any tractor tyre not in stock by going direct to access manufacturer's free stock, are up to date with all the new tyre news regarding brands, patterns and offers in the market place, and have a dedicated team of customer service staff. Rim width (8") is measured inside, bead to bead, NOT outside to outside. Find out more about Radial vs Crossply by reading this article, Find out more by reading this article on Tube-Type and Tubeless Tyres. $54.95 $ 54. Tractor tires start showing their age after years in the field with cracks or bubbles, and Agri Supply has replacement agricultural tractor tires. Select your rim diameter from the list below. A Ply Rating is similar to a tyre Load Index and is an indication/measure of a tyre's strength, telling you the maximum weight that the agricultural & industrial tyre can safely carry. 24.5" Rim .

Front Tractor Tire, 600 x 16, 8-Ply, Tire Only, Rear Tractor Tire, 13.6 x 28, 8 PR, Tire Only, Front Tractor Tire, 6.00-16SL, 4 Ply, Tire Only, Front Tractor Tire 3 Rib Tube-Type 5.50 x 16SL, 650-16SL Tractor Tire Front - 3 Rib Tube - 8 Ply, Galaxy - 23 X 8.50-14R4-6 PLY TIRE - 102045, Galaxy - 23x8.5-12 - XD 2010 R3-6 - 111833, Deestone 31 X 15.5-15 HFIR 4-10 PLY TIRE DS6161.

4.9 out of 5 stars 10.

Also known as "Industrial" or "ATU" (All Traction Utility), these tyres have the tractive lugs of an R1 tyre but with an area of overlap in the centre. We have a new community forum. Wheel Rim 10 x 24 4WD 8 Stud 8.5" Centre 6 . 21" Rim.

Check it out. Contact UsCommunity ForumSell or Donate SalvageFarm Shows & EventsSales Tax & Exemption InfoTerms & ConditionsPrivacy PolicyWarrantyShipping & ReturnsForgot My PasswordDo Not Sell My Personal Information, OnlineQuick OrderClearanceRequest Parts Request A CatalogRecent SalvageSalvage Equipment Equipment for Sale Engines For Sale Components for Sale, About All States Ag PartsCompany ReviewsLocationsCareers/Jobs, All States Ag Parts 10 Ellefson Dr De Soto, IA 50069 support@tractorpartsasap.com. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Can't find tyre you are looking for?

100% Secure Shopping. 50" Rim. 22" Rim.

. Also known as "Rice & Cane", "Paddle" or "Spade" tyres, the R2 pattern has a very deep tread and is designed for extremely wet or sticky soil. It is imperative for the safety of the vehicle and its occupants that tyres with high enough Speed and Load Indexes are chosen. This can be advantageous in helping to avoid punctures in the tyre sidewall, but may reduce the suspension/cushioning you experience riding your machine. Radial tyres were invented in 1946 and allow the sidewall of the tyre and the tyre tread to work as two independent features. We offer leading brands like BKT, Mitas & Michelin along with value brands to help trim your costs. 32" Rim. Rim width is measured inside, bead to bead, NOT outside to outside. Tubed type (TT) tractor & agricultural tyres have a separate tube fitted inside the tyre which is often purchased separately to the tyre.

. The first type (16.9-28) is imperial written in inches, and the second is the newer metric marking now being adopted by many manufacturers.

19.5" Rim. 4.4 out of 5 stars …

Soil and crops can also be badly damaged, requiring heavy investment to break up the compaction layer.

1-1/4" Offset. For the latest tractor tyre news, advancements and also a little fun, visit our Twitter Page and follow @bigtyres_co_uk or visit and like our Facebook Page. Sitemap, 17x8 6-Hole Wheel . Tubeless tractor tyres are more resistant to overheating, but air leakage can occur if the tyre has not been fitted properly or if the rims are old or damaged. It must be ordered with part # A-RW10244 Add To Cart. .

Because there is very little traction, these tyres are also comfortable and long-lasting when used on the road.

Here is a summary of common pattern types for tractor tyres. 34" Rim. With both sizes the last number is the RIM (the diameter of the hole in the middle of the tyre) in inches (28 inches in our example).

38" Rim.

Ply Rating's are usually only given on tyres of Crossply construction, the newer Radial tyres should have a load index number given instead. Farm tractor tires have to be sturdy for the enormous stresses put on them pulling implements and working in the field. By using Big Tyres you are using a national tyre supplier (based in Nottingham), whose only business is in supplying tyres, tubes, wheels and fitting UK wide. Use our tire height chart to find tires in every size available from the top brands and compare tire prices online before you buy.

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