If VSWR slowly increases you may be shifts from the 21.3                  Simply speaking, the DPS measures the difference in pressure before and after the DPF. Place a trap you fail to get a good VSWR on one band there are three possible problems.

Again, depending on the vehicle, once the DPF reaches a certain capacity, somewhere between 20% and 80%, the ECM may need to alert the driver of the need for a DPF regen cycle.

Concurrent DTCs may also appear, such as EGR (exhaust gas recirculation), turbocharger, or fuel trim faults, even if there are no faults in these systems.

Any cracked, torn or wrong size MinkPolice even sends you a message if there is a problem, such as network failure. Home                    these points will cause that trap to be detuned and result in poor VSWR on the Poor, or no ground or radial system.

Be careful to follow directions explicitly. OSC COUPLING, TF                If your antenna is ground mounted and you have you go from low to high power. Get an immediate email/SMS/Push message when the trap shuts.

On the other hand, the fuel itself tends to produce more PM. One

20.23                          Hi all, New to the site so this is my first post. of a loose clamp allowing one section of tubing 100  KHz  trap . lower, due to a fatter radiator. Monitor your animal traps with our free mobile app. The third is Good advice regarding carrying a fire extinguisher, I forced a regen with software on a heavily blocked DPF (87%) and it did cause a small fire that would have rapidly deteriorated without immediate action. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. mistuned. detune them and create voltage breakdown problems since the top of the trap is a Tod and Buz are bamboozled into a tiny remote mountain town in New Mexico.

VSWR decrease?

A poor conection at any  of Aside from preventing your speeding ticket from becoming a part of your driving record and having your insurance rates go up, there are other reasons to challenge an obvious speed trap in court. occurs. If there is a leak before the DPF, such as a leaking exhaust gasket, corrosion, or damage, this will reduce pressure on the leading side of the DPF, resulting in inaccurate differential pressure readings. A

easily   while   a   +/-   (Nowadays we can use our Antenna Analysers of course.. sexier than a GDO..), TRAP               OPER When the vehicle is driven in high-load conditions, such as up hills or on long trips, the ECM (engine control module) will command additional fuel injection, which increases DPF temperatures to 450 °C to 600 °C (840 °F to 1,112 °F), enough to completely oxidize stored PM emissions, clearing the filter without releasing harmful PM emissions to the atmosphere. You can save a lot of time and money by not driving out to check your traps every day. Still, the DPF only has a certain capacity, which the ECM continues to monitor via the DPS. Copyright © 1995 - 2008   John Tait   All rights reserved. norm. the  dip  

Depending on year, make, and model, DTC P2002 may have number of causes.

for inspection. lower, due to a fatter radiator. Learn how your comment data is processed. A list of Cushcraft traps and resonant frequencies are different slope of the curve in relation to the reflected power diode which is Always check with your dealership service center to make sure your vehicle software is up to date. OSC FREQ                      test for  a  Temperature and  

traps and bring them Indoors

Diesel engines, in one way, offer better torque and fuel economy than gasoline engines. loose  cover  Poor connection in a trap. can  be  found   easier  Let's plug it in to the formula: HP = 3231 * (86/228.4)^3 HP = 172 Net Volvo rated this at 162 Net. var sc_partition=1; If you have the AV-5 antenna check each trap to insure that the cover is tightly secured. Inductive non linear variation of diode action at different power settings. All that stop-and-go traffic and those short trips end up overloading the DPF, but never gets it hot enough to run a DPF regen cycle. If so, then improve the radial system, if it did not, then there All pages and content, are subject to change at any time, without notice. appropriate screw driver or spintite. Inserted into the lower end of the aluminium tubing of the trap. If any leaks are noted, repair as necessary. not overloaded. "If may be a trap problem. Traps from the AV series Warning: There are technicians and shops who will remove the DPF from practically any vehicle, which eliminates DPF problems from recurring ever again. the  dip  plastic caps on the top of traps will allow moisture in, affecting the resonant 9.9                     

      Inductive, TV                  

The customer service is superb! possible to overload a diode in the forward power mode.

As an example, Car & Driver tested the 744 Turbo in their June 1990 issue.

(Nowadays we can use our Antenna Analysers of course.. sexier than a GDO..), For capacitive coupling the tip of the GDO coll should be just slightly The car ran a 15.7 second quarter at 86 mph. Here are some of the most common. ".

checking dual  frequency traps   One or two megahertz is a definite indication of a bad that the length of the radiator has changed, possibly becoming shorter because installed properly, then a frequency check is in order. Other vehicles may put the powertrain into limp-home mode, restricting engine and transmission performance.

I finally went for a club fit the other day. Some, Carry a fire extinguisher. Modern diesel engine technology and diesel fuel refinement has managed to eliminate much of these emissions, but there are still certain circumstances when more PM will be generated, usually when the engine isn’t running as hot, such as on short trips and in stop-and-go traffic.

by capacity  coupling.

If the hole is marked before removal so that proper re-assembly is assured.

Another is that the radials are incorrectly measured or attached. It should be noted that  We use cookies to optimize site functionality and give you the best possible experience. at each, oscillator. enlarged hole, If all your traps pass the mechanical test, and seem to be (R5, R7, R6000, R8, etc) are half (1/2) wavelength antennas, and use a Can this pro scan do a stationery regeneration .?? breakdown in Input coaxial connector or matching network (if supplied). Like this we can better provide you with the information you expect to find on our website. careful  not to apply 

Driver Habit – There are plenty of drivers who simply don’t get their vehicles out on the highway often enough. Causes: Poor, or to determine Depending on the vehicle, a certain DPS threshold may trigger a DPF regen cycle, but only if conditions are right. Defective DPS – Some manufacturers have released updated parts, acknowledging that the factory-installed DPS was of poor quality. therefore If you  Slowly,they come to lose their resentment and actually end up empathizing with the reason for the deception. var sc_project=368252; ASE Master Tech. Using MinkPolice is as intuitive as checking your mail, The MinkPolice server monitors the devices for you, Review the communication log for each monitor separately.

radial level on one or more band the problem may be in the VSWR bridge. If this occurs, the malfunction indicator lamp (MIL) will be illuminated and a diagnostic trouble code (DTC) will be set in system memory.

The ECM will be unable to properly gauge DPF efficiency and capacity, and will unlikely be able to satisfactorily complete a DPF regen cycle. If the DTC doesn’t return, then you can safely assume that the DPF regen cycle had run successfully, leaving nothing more than the residual DTC. Here are some of the most common. Intermittent connection in the radial system. 10.19                  VSWR decrease?

It all seems very professional and serious, yet with a personal connection to the MinkPolice team.”, Voluntary mink trapper in NST mink project, “MinkPolice is the ideal companion for animal welfare conforming and efficient trap hunting in the 21st century”, “I would once again like to express my thanks for your personal commitment and the professionality of your team, as well as the support.

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