Travis’ drug issues were extensively noted, including his use of methamphetamine and marijuana. A post shared by Murder Your Day (@murderyourday) on Oct 19, 2019 at 12:52pm PDT. The pair had a messy breakup, and in August 2014, Finlay attacked Joe, resulting in his arrest for assault and battery. Here are all of Exotic's husbands and what happened to them, both on and off the show. Francis and Shirley supposedly "hauled their kids to Catholic church each Sunday," but a massive rift developed when one of the siblings reportedly outed Joe as gay. When Paul left, Joe met another young man named Travis Maldonado, who was from California. Joe married a man in his twenties from Oklahoma named Jeffrey Charles "J.C." Hartpence, although the ceremony wasn't legal. When asked in one image if he and Joe had split because he didn't seem to be wearing a wedding ring, Dillon noted that it was on his other hand, out of shot.

If you've ever driven up or down I-35 between Dallas and OKC, then there was a good chance you've taken a gander at Joe Exotic's caricature cowboy mustache and bleached blonde mullet. In the year 1994 (age 23 years old, as in 2017), Travis Maldonado was born in California USA. After Rhyne’s death, Joe met J.C. Hartpence.

Two months after Travis's death, Joe married another young man named Dillon Passage. Slate said the "addictive, ethically questionable, and spectacular" series is "the only show crazier than the world outside right now," so we probably haven't heard the last from Joe and the men in his life. Sundays, they lazed around at home and watched Westerns on TV," New York writes. He removed the magazine from the gun to show that it wouldn't fire without the magazine. Joe screamed loud enough to make your ears ring.".

It didn't help that Finlay insisted that he was always straight, even when with Joe. He started working at the G.W.

It was a messy breakup. Joe allegedly asked Finlay to take steroids, and he also paid for him to get a tattoo on his pelvis which read: "PRIVATELY OWNED BY JOE EXOTIC." Tragically, Rhyne died of complications from HIV in 2001, per New York magazine. Joe Exotic's political ambitions didn't gain much traction, but his bid for the White House did help us get to know him better. Joe Exotic married Travis Maldonado and John Finlay in a three-way ceremony.

Knowing there was still a bullet in the pistol's chamber, Maldonado apparently pulled the trigger and accidentally shot himself dead, The Oklahoman reported. Joe Exotic met John Finlay in the summer 2003 when he hired the then-19-year-old man to work at the zoo. Hartpence is now serving life in prison for a murder he committed years after their relationship ended. But not long after their wedding, Finlay wanted out, Texas Monthly reports. Travis read online that the gun wouldn't fire if the magazine wasn't it, even if there if a bullet was in the chamber. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. A month later, Maldonado and John Finlay married Joe in a three-way ceremony. Joe and Rhyne's park quickly filled up with exotic animals, with some of the young creatures living in their home.

If you're wondering where the "Tiger King" moniker comes from: it's one that Joe had ascribed to himself. His mom, Shirley, "had a softer side" and "doted" on Joe, the youngest of five. A features contributor to Screen Rant, her work can also be found regularly on Pajiba and SYFY FANGRRLS. He was reportedly working as a cop at the time and drove his squad car off a bridge "in an apparent suicide attempt." Their relationship was brief and deeply troubled, with Hartpence holding a gun to Joe's head at one point. They quickly moved in together, purchasing a trailer in Arlington, Texas, where they would snort "pink-tinged meth and go out to bars." Today's Listening: OVER MY DEAD BODY S2E5 - STRAIGHT TO HELL We are continuing the story of Joe Exotic today! The story of the death of Travis Maldonado, 'Tiger King' Joe Exotic, is a wild one. Maldonado wound up working at Joe's zoo, thinking it would give him a "chance to clean up" his life, per the Daily Beast. We also hear of a new addition to the operation that may get Joe closer to his goal of seeing his rival, Carole Baskin, permanently eliminated! The untold truth of Joe Exotic's husbands, In the early '80s, Joe was working at a gay bar in Texas called the Round-up Saloon as a security guard when he met Brian Rhyne, a "slender, sassy 19-year-old," according to. Growing up in California with his sisters, Ashley and Danielle, Travis enjoyed skateboarding. Finlay has also taken to Facebook to criticize Tiger King for being “all about the ratings [for them], not the people they hurt.”. One such critic was Carole Baskin, who owned a big cat sanctuary in Tampa, Fla., who took issue with Joe Exotic's affinity to breeding big cats and other animals kept on the premises: alligators, bears, lions, and Napoleon Dynamite's favorite: lion tiger hybrids. Maldonado who struggled with meth addiction passed away from self inflicted gunshot wound. "[They] shared their bed with a pack of poodles and grew to resemble each other, with mullets and horseshoe mustaches and dressed in jeans and boots. They later married at this bar, but it was legally binding. Zoo, for short. Then in 1997, everything changed when Garold was killed in a highway accident. In August 2014, Finlay attacked Joe in the parking lot behind the zoo and was charged with assault and battery, per Texas Monthly. He was wholly committed to making his private zoo as spectacular as possible. The 23-year-old was hanging out with other staff members at the park while playing around with his Ruger pistol. Texas Monthly notes that this argument happened after Hartpence found a threatening image of a tiger glaring at a slab of meat with the words "J.C.'s remains" written across it, and as Post-It note from Joe which read, "If you don’t get your sh*t together, this is gonna be your reality."

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