Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License; A fearful state; a state of hesitation or concern. The key point is that the literary scene is on a world stage now and it is bigger than it ever was before but it is more elusive and not as straightforward for the author as it used to be - when there was only one way to go about getting published. (5) The surgical technique uses a local anesthetic containing a vasoconstrictor or an ultralight intravenous general anesthetic in addition to the local anesthetic for the apprehensive or acutely infected patient. I decided, with considerable trepidation , to let him drive my car without me.
(18) While trepidation remains, things have changed rapidly. (10) Shine waited 18 hours before she could see her baby for the first time and reflected on how Google Glass could have been used in those initial 18 hours to ease some of her apprehensions and fears. Such factors must be assessed in devising your own individual strategy and they can even send an intrepid writer running for the nearest closet. (13) The annual economic update – which also sets out government's plans for managing economic growth, and provides a rough guide to the following spring's budget – is already causing some trepidation for councils. , year=2011 , date=December 10 , author=Marc Higginson , title=Bolton 1 - 2 Aston Villa , work=BBC Sport citation, page= , passage=The Midlanders will hope the victory will kickstart a campaign that looked to have hit the buffers, but the sense of trepidation enveloping the Reebok Stadium heading into the new year underlines the seriousness of the predicament facing Owen Coyle's men.}} Rushing headlong into ventures is bound to give cause for error and some may seriously impact your reputation for years into the future. The oscillation occurred over a period of 7000 years, added to the eighth (or ninth) sphere of the Ptolemaic system.
(2) In a 2010 essay, Berman wrote of visiting the Bronx again, with trepidation, fearing that the borough's notorious self-immolation would have left nothing of the world he remembered. Noun (-) A fearful state; a state of hesitation or concern. "Thabit's" trepidation model was used in the Alfonsine Tables, which assigned a period of 49,000 years to precession. (astronomy, obsolete) A libration of the starry sphere in the Ptolemaic system; a motion ascribed to the firmament, to account for certain small changes in the position of the ecliptic and of the stars. As nouns the difference between apprehension and trepidation is that apprehension is (rare) the physical act of seizing]] or [[take hold|taking hold of; seizure while trepidation is a fearful state; a state of hesitation or concern. Brahma Siddhanta, Soma Siddhanta and Narada Purana describe exactly the same theory and magnitude of trepidation as in Suryasiddhanta, and some other Puranas also provide concise references to precession, esp Vayu purana and Matsya Purana. It's okay to stop and smell the flowers while you gather your sense of direction, just don't lay down long enough to get covered in the next load of manure. The word trepidation is derived from the Latin word trepidationem which means trembling. Trepidation vs. Intrepidation Dipping your toes into any literary venture can be a befuddling experience. See Wiktionary Terms of Use for details. The intrepid person might say "Here's the manuscript you've always been waiting for" while the trepid one, who may have a much higher quality piece of work put together, may whisper "Please, please please, don't reject what took me so long to get the nerve to share with you." trepidation example sentences. Theon states that certain (unnamed) ancient astrologers believed that the precession, rather than being a steady unending motion, instead reverses direction every 640 years. (9) "Certainly, latent and overt stereotypes, fear or trepidation about others, and even naked racism may have contributed to static levels of interaction and the slow pace at which social bonds are being forged between South Africans of different race groups," the report notes. Would she find Esther drowned with her head in the goldfish bowl, or hanged from the chandelier by her stay-lace? That should have been done well in advance. The act of grasping with the intellect; the contemplation of things, without affirming, denying, or passing any judgment; intellection; perception. [1] The equinoxes, in this theory, move through the ecliptic at the rate of 1 degree in 80 years over a span of 8 degrees, after which they suddenly reverse direction and travel back over the same 8 degrees.

I decided, with considerable trepidation , to let him drive my car without me. trepidus, "trepidatious"), in now-obsolete medieval theories of astronomy, refers to hypothetical oscillation in the precession of the equinoxes.The theory was popular from the 9th to the 16th centuries. 3) Submit appropriately. (7) Apprehension mounted but Liverpool's title pursuit could not be derailed. (12) It’s so important that all views are heard and understood in order for us to learn to trust and respect each other more.” Many synod members were approaching the closed process with trepidation, Broadbent said.

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