There are different types of tridents that can be found on the person’s hand as shown. The trident is a most propitious marking wherever it may Above the Heart line (A) appears another Heart line (B). The Heart line (A) and Head line (B) are short, and an island appears at the beginning of the Fate line (C). The Heart line reaches between the forefinger and the third finger, with two offshoots moving toward the bottom of index finger, and on the offshoots is another offshoot (B). Many branches appear at the beginning of the Love line (A), and also many tridents can be found at the end of the Love line (B). Beauty | Mehendi | Recipes | Careers

This trident present on the mount of Sun is equivalent to the star formation on the palm. People who have this sign capture attention in a big crowd and their popularity increases, all thanks to their magnetic speeches and charming personality. So, if you find a trident or a trishul on your palm, it means that it could signify something good. Home » Astro Talk » Palmistry » Palmistry : Know what the sign of trident shows in your hand. The Heart line (A) and Head line (B) are short. India | India :: IIIa - Modern Palmistry: general topics, questions :: IIIe - Vedic Palmistry. It disturbs the main current from the heart and increases the chances of person getting heart related diseases. The heart line ends either somewhere below the Jupiter or Saturn fingers or at least somewhere between them. Even after marriage. I am a woman. They would see a rise in the position at work front and increase in responsibility due to one’s business and communication skills. Hence heart line is also used as a barometer to check the health and physical condition of the heart. This mark can be seen in the hands of people with money.

Palmistry: know whether you would have government job or not.

Therefore, if you have this kind of Love line, you should try to marry later when you’re mature enough. Like Dislike .

Such a person understands the feelings of others and also praises good works.

This sign is found in the hands of wealthy people. properties of that mount in conjunction with its neighboring mounts. Here click on the “Settings” tab of the Notification option. Corner | Baby These lines and marks on the palm tell a lot about the person. The Heart line breaks at the bottom of the little finger (C). Re: Trident at the end of Lines pravin kumar on Mon Aug 03, 2015 4:16 am.

On Heart Line: Heart Line with three forks forming a trident on Jupiter is a sign of good fortune. These markings are generally found in leaders. The Heart line is very short and curves to the third finger (B). The individuals are full of ambition and they like to lead and manage people around them. However, except having insurance for investment when you are younger, it’s hard for you to save up some money. If the fate line ends in a well-formed trident, it is a clear indication that the person will become highly successful and wealthy. triangle  Heart  thumb  fate  mount  palm  mars  apollo  line  mercury  broken  life  female  abroad  saturn  fish  moon  marriage  suwon  lines  head  break  ring  star  Loop  double, Modern Hand Reading Forum - Discover the language of your hands: palm reading & palmistry forum!

It protects the person from troubles and instills a sense of determination and motivation which makes the person very successful in one’s career or goals. Many branches appear at the beginning of the Love line (A), and also many tridents can be found at the end of the Love line (B).

So, continue reading to know the importance of trishul on your palm and its real meaning behind it.

Islands In Palmistry-Extremely Bad And Unlucky Sign In Your Hands? Unless and until you post the palm images I will not be able to understand. If the fate line ends in a well-formed trident, it is a clear indication that the person will become highly successful and wealthy.

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Heart Catheterization. As a talented presenter and host, you always bring everyone fun and joy. what does that indicate? Love line reaches the base of the forefinger and splits (A), the offshoots meet the Mount of Venus (B). The Heart line splits, one line goes under the forefinger and the third finger (A), and another line goes to the bottom of forefinger (B). If the trident ends at the mount of Saturn, it significantly indicates that the person will acquire wealth through property dealings and other businesses. These individuals are emotionally, mentally and physically very strong and stable when compared to the rest. Once the changes is done, click on the “Save Changes” option to save the changes. Fate Line That Ends In A Trident. double strong head line...what do they mean? So, how will people learn? Some succeed in this, many are unable to do so.

According to the Vedic readings, the lines on the palm give answers about a person’s personality and these also help reveal a person’s real and best feature.

This trident’s presence is an outstanding mark of success and recognition. These markings are generally found in leaders. Palmistry : Do your own Hand Analysis, Palms, Fingers reading, Understanding There are many offshoots on the Heart line under the ring finger (C) The trishul marking is not found in everybody's palm and those who have this marking in certain positions of their palm are said to be the lucky few, as these hold their own significance. If someone has a line of love in his hand, he will definitely get it. Modern Hand Reading Forum - Discover the language of your hands: palm reading & palmistry forum!

includes: Elemental Chirology, Life Purpose Hand Analysis, PsychoDiagnostic Chirology, Vedic Palmistry & (scientific) Multi-Perspective Palm Reading! That’s why the break appears on the heart line. Your father might take responsibility and care for you.

I have a joined fish and triangle on saturn mount. From the day of my birth I brought financial luck To my parents. If the trident is present on the mount of Mercury, it makes the person wealthy.

IX - Canonical text on Palmistry 300, Written by Kamala maa muni. Us | Feedback | Privacy Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. If you have such a Heart line, you are faithful, monogamous, and constant in your love. Citizen of kenya Date of Birth 8th May 1947 Very healthy and energetic. This Is What It Can Reveal About Your Personality. Here click on the “Privacy & Security” options listed on the left hand side of the page. VII - REPORT: Korean researchers discovered the 'Suwon crease', only observed in males! Marks >> A clear trident on the mount of moon indicates the person is romantic, creative,very strong and healthy imagination. If the trident goes to the mount of moon, while the other goes through the mount of Mercury (like in the picture), it indicates that the person's career will be very successful. Both my palms line up and are almost identical. Be patient and the situation will change when you become manager of the company. If your Heart line and Head line are both short, plus an island appears at the beginning of the Fate line (C), you might be a love child and rarely see your father. What does it show when the marriage line is splitting in branches at the end and forming a trident* … One branch is going up and other is going down….

[quote="the general skeng"]Also, please...Explain the meaning of a ''trident-on-heart-line'' and Head line,,,,[do not ask me for images just explain to significance of those markings]....I'm hear to learn....not to get my palm read NB. If found on a mount, the trident carries with it great flourish of the Trident increases the quality of the mounts or lines it appears on. If there is a trident sign on Mount Venus, it means that the person gets true love in life. According to Pt. The trident on the lunar mountain makes a person imaginative and creative. Usually, this mark is not on everyone’s palms, but those who get this target on their palm are very lucky. Click on the “Options ”, it opens up the settings page. It is conveniently located off of South Chisholm Trail Parkway and is easily accessible with great parking. If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone, Turn from evil and do good; seek peace and pursue it, “Not Rahul Savarkar, Will Not Apologise For Speaking Truth”: Rahul Gandhi, Know why Delhi is called the Rape Capital.

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