The battery life is rated at about 2 years of typical use but will vary based on the lighting conditions that your optic is in.

That’s correct! The RM05 is a battery free sight, featuring Trijicon fiber optics and tritium. These models are all identical except for the size of the dot. That’s pretty much it as far as RMRs go. Unique, patented housing shape diverts the force of an impact away from the lens, greatly increasing durability. The Trijicon AC32064 mounting kit for the Glock MOS. -Create a Shim They’re also available in a variety of colors including Black, FDE, Grey & OD Green. Required fields are marked *, //
Earn points with every order! While the RM01 and RM02 are a little cheaper than the RM06 & RM07, they are not the ideal option. The first one we will look at is the adjustable LED models. There is no manual adjustment feature or capability. If you’re interested, you can read that HERE. __________ The RM01 features a 3.25MOA dot just like the RM06 and the RM02 is the 6.5MOA dot similar to the RM07. Something to keep in mind is that anytime you’re mounting an RMR to a surface that does not provide a completely flat surface that the entire RMR can sit on, you need to also install a, Another thing to remember is if you purchase a, These are the automatic adjustment LED models RM01 & RM02. If you turn over your RMR, you’ll notice a tiny tab on the side (see picture below). This article specifically addresses RMRs.


These are pretty much identical to the RM06, RM07 & RM09 that we just covered except that they are auto-adjust only. The material doesn’t matter but the goal is to create a small shim to apply more pressure on the battery. The last type that they offer are dual illuminated, battery free models which use fiber optics and tritium to produce the dot.

(Titanium is lighter than aluminium, with better tolerances for rust + temperature changes). [CDATA[ A lot of users have reported issues with the dot “washing out” in low light conditions when a weapon mounted light (WML) or handheld is used making it difficult or impossible to see the dot. Your email address will not be published.

These numbers will vary with exceptions on both the high and low sides. Here’s a few links and videos that you may find helpful. For this reason, we only sell directly to established distributors, who have provided the necessary information and documentation required for proper authorization to export. There is a little bit of a learning curve when using an RDS on a handgun so if you’re new to an RDS on handguns, the 6.5MOA RM07 might be the choice for you but it is largely personal preference. Learn more. For less than $10 it’s a great way to add a little extra insurance. Multiple primary applications including rifle, pistol, shotgun and carbine, or use as a secondary sight with a magnified optic. You forgot about the 1 MOA SRO’s trijicon has made, as well as holosun, currently the only company out there pushing out titanium housings on some of their models. RM03 (13.0MOA Dot), Left to right are the dots from: RM03, RM04, RM05, RM05G, RM08A, RM08G. The problem with the dual illuminated models is they are not able to be adjusted for brightness and a lot of folks have had issues with the dot washing out in low light conditions with the use of a white light similar to what happens on the RM01 and RM02 versions, only worse.

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