Without the aid of telescopes or modern technology they calculated that the orientation of the equinoxes to the fixed stars precedes or moves backwards through the zodiac at a rate of about 50.3 seconds per year, or about 1 degree every 72 years.

I’ve been attracted to astrology for about 30 years, mostly via friends in the field.

Planetary rulerships belong to the tropical zodiac.

Besides, the tropical Aquarius seeks loneliness the same because of the moon. In Hellenistic astrology there are many associations made with the stars in a constellation and weather patterns, as well as associations made with the nature of a sign that tie directly to characteristics of its constellational image, so these could remain intact in sidereal contexts.

The exclusively divinatory view of astrology is problematic for the technical aspects and real world application of astrology, and it pisses on the legacy of ancient skywatchers who toiled to make sense of cosmic mechanics and who first noticed the phases of the wandering stars correlating with events on Earth. I can share more of this if you’d like.

This was developed by N.C. Lahiri, the former head of Astro-Research Bureau of Calcutta.

We tend to feel comfortable with what we’re used to and resist change. The tropical zodiac would need new names for its signs to properly differentiate itself from constellations and the sidereal zodiac. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! What’s felt within a tropical Leo is an inner strength and solidity, an assurance there won’t be disruption within the energy, an assurance we won’t get vampirized by anyone on the way. The Vedic system is often considered to be better at describing the soul nature and predicting actual events because it’s tied to the actual fixed constellations.

The Vedic texts shed very little light on psychological patterns and emphasize prediction, whereas it’s just the opposite with the Western reference texts. The sidereal zodiac needs an unambiguous anchor.

I stumbled on one of Patrick Watson’s videos about a year ago, and even though astrology is one of my long-running. In fact, in my experience that’s always been the case when I look at both the Vedic and Western charts of a particular person.

It’s just astronomical fact. When considering that different cultures have had the same instinct to find patterns and fashion myths out of the stars, we could come away with the notion that there is something about the stars which represent something eternal.

(He was also super nice to me, a non english speaker. It is rare in life to meet someone with a keen intellect, sensitive interpersonal communication, a wellspring of.

I don’t know that anything went “wrong.” Obviously, our civilization was meant to have both zodiacs.

Make a list of your planets and their degrees as shown below. Is the Sun more important, or are the stars? There’s no middle within them, only alternance. Yet you see the tropical Capricorn aiming higher, you see it trying to reach higher positions, get power… Inside, there’s the Sun and it starts with what I think is the real start of the inner zodiac, the galactic center, the point that our sun passes like a reset. In astrology, they refer to two different systems of ecliptic coordinates used to divide the ecliptic into twelve "signs". Let’s face it – we’re basically creatures of habit. So here’s my proposal. Also he's as funny as his blogs! Characteristics of signs based on their constellational images belong to the sidereal zodiac. Over the course of a few centuries, the tropical zodiac shifts backward relative to the sidereal zodiac, 1 degree per 72 years, while the stars in the sky (and thus the sidereal fiducial point) will be basically identical. Both systems, after all, are looking at the same phenomenon of the planets moving through the sky, but from different vantage points. Overall, I couldn't have been more satisfied than this. This may also bring us to question whether the constellational images established long ago by Babylonians and later featured figures of Greek and Roman mythology still apply to our modern global society of today (they still do), or if we could project our own myths and images onto the stars? In some sense, one is eternal and regularly recurring, the other is incidental and ephemeral.

I gave Venus to the Pisces because of the notion of bond within the symbol, and because Venus to me isn’t real love but territoriality, belonging and bonding. Just as the stars are irregularly scattered about, so would the sidereal zodiac reflect the irregularity of the ocean/weather/climate. It’s “As Above/So Below” not “As Above for a Time and Place/So Below for a Different Time and Place “.

What’s worse is that if it does work for everyone regardless of what zodiac you use, then it helps the astrology skeptic’s point that astrology isn’t a real phenomenon and isn’t based on accurate or consistent measurements.

zodiacal releasing. In 1954 the Lahiri ayanamsha was given the stamp of approval by the government of India. Life on the ship would unfold according to a schedule or template, of waking, working, playing, eating, resting, being born, living and dying.

Aiming higher, forwards, faster, without ever stopping or looking back on the way.

Not that they are so fun, even in fact they aren’t, they like to be above the other, be served first, take the greatest share, delay the others. The December solstice is 0 Capricorn.

The translation of it into an outer behavior will be the shiny Leo on stage. Once the eruption of a volcano starts, one cannot push a button to end it before it’s over on its own. The question is what sign constellation do you assign to the planets?

Tropical astrology according to me: It sees what’s outside, what’s on the surface of things, how we interact and integrate ourselves within earth life’s clock. In other words, the stars are further away than our Sun, which is the closest star. Why do tropical Pisces feel this love for all???

The stars that make up our constellations are moving around the galaxy, so stars in one constellation are all at different distances and levels of brightness. The classical sign rulerships are as follows: Mars rules Aries and Scorpio, Venus rules Taurus and Libra, Mercury rules Gemini and Virgo, the Moon rules Cancer, the Sun rules Leo, Jupiter rules Sagittarius and Pisces, and Saturn rules Capricorn and Aquarius. I propose that the reason the northern hemisphere is not arbitrary and instead the proper orientation for our planet insofar as seasonal correlations with the equinoxes and solstices is that the northern hemisphere faces in the direction of the solar system’s movement through the galaxy. Now there are some who’ve responded to this idea by saying that considering time scales this vast is meaningless because stellar motion is so gradual as to be imperceptible over a human lifetime and even several generations of people. On January 1st 1950 the difference was 23 degrees 09 minutes. This sense of the limits and barriers is the reason why I gave Cancer the 8th house of sex, limits, physical decay, death and confrontation.

If you want to get the exact position of the planet down to the minute then get out a calculator and calculate the exact ayanamsha of the year and month you were born.

Notion of improvement and repetition led me to give it the 6th inner house of focus and pulling actions. I have also mentioned him to my friends who are interested in Astrology.

He provided so much information and I feel not only INCREDIBLY pleased with my reading, but that I sincerely have been equipped with so much more knowledge about astrology, my own life and what to expect in the upcoming years.

He asked great questions and explained why he saw things the way he did. I’m making a point here, I love conscious Ophiuchus fighter types people, but I hate pretentious “carpe diem lessons” giving Sagittarius teachers, that’s personal sorry, but to me, the state of the world needs more reflection and deeper thoughts if we want to save ourselves than just “carpe diem”.

I knew that if I was ever going to get a reading it had to be with an astrologer that practiced and worked with the Hellenistic techniques - the most accurate techniques I believe are around today in the astrological world -.

They also like to pull the blanket their sides.

What if we took this a step further?

I soaked up all the info that he had to offer, and as I started learning more about the techniques he uses, I thought more about possibly getting a reading.

If you’re a sidereal astrologer, then go right ahead with the lion analogies, but just keep in mind that the constellation has an expiration date. Objects further away from Earth reflect more divine and perfect states. The oppressing Pluto is what I call leader of the Chakra 0 (the one that is located outside your body just under your asshole, pulling shit out of you with this oppressive feeling you’ve got to go or else you shit your pants (even if the rectum observes Uranian tension/release moves, if you got Diarrhea, that’s Pluto behind).

Interesting information on the topic that have plagued many, pun intended.

In the more distant past, Western astrology was oriented more to the ascendant than the Sun if it had to be limited to one sign.

I think the answer to this question is inherent to the astronomical properties of the tropical and sidereal zodiac. In your article you say Sidereal moves???

This never changes, except that due to axial precession, each equinox and solstice appears to shift backward 1 degree every 72 years, relative to the stars. The fundamental differences between them speak to the unique perspectives derived from them, rather than representing the same thing. Patrick was professional, funny, and sensitive to the topics of our discussion. God made no mistakes there! I really agree astrology needs some freshening up. Under the tropical Pisces with its unconditional Neptunian love for everyone hehe… The mercurial Aquarius constellation. These events would be concurrent with when tropical astrologers attach significance to cardinal ingresses.

You certainly would tend to see strong Aries traits in the Vedic chart even though the Sun is not involved. In truth, neither frame of reference is truly fixed, so the real difference between them is that tropical has a regular and quicker rate of change which allows it to be stable in the long-term and permanently tied to Earth’s seasons, whereas the constellations have an irregular and slower rate of change which could affect where the sidereal zodiac begins in the long-term.

In order to get some more perspective on this question, we’re going to have to zoom out in time and space to go beyond the Ptolemaic universe to see what’s really going on. But with a name like bigfatastro, I just had to check it out. I contend that planetary rulerships have a distinct connection to the tropical zodiac in the northern hemisphere. Then we’ll really have a lot of explaining to do with regards to the two systems because they’ll be exactly opposite one another!!

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