TUTUApp was originally developed for android devices but now it is available for iOS as well! Cette application ne nécessite pas de jailbreaking du téléphone ni d’accès root. Il y a beaucoup d’autres applications qui ont une grande bibliothèque de jeux et d’applications. It’s fine. Oui, ça l’est. I try install again, back to payment screen. Supported all IOS system deveices like iPhone, iPad and iPod. TutuApp est la meilleure application au cas où vous voulez jouer à des jeux sur Android ou iOS gratuitement. Rinse and repeat. Mais pour une meilleure expérience utilisateur, nous recommandons d’utiliser la dernière version d’Android. Your email address will not be published.

How do u download with an iPad mini. However, sometimes it gets revoked and I can’t download any more apps. When I try with Chrome app, the dialog box pops up but at the same time, the pages goes to Download failed.. How can i get it to work ? I have been trying to download it for the last couple.of hours!!! If you have more questions that you want answers for, you can get those answers on our FAQ page. Why cant use this app? La boutique est facile à naviguer, les jeux peuvent être classés et les commentaires aident à choisir un jeu pour une soirée. I can’t download the app, when ever it’s about to load in it just stops and won’t continue downloading what do I do ?? L’application a une interface très conviviale. Is there something else I can try to try and get it back? MacOS est également supporté. Tell me the right way or right suggestion for stable app for long time or forever please. Nous l’avons testé sur Android 4.4 et il a bien fonctionné. Just scan the barcode, follow the screen, install it.

Si vous essayez de télécharger l’application via WiFi, vous devriez attendre n’importe quel arrangeur à tout moment. When I open tutuapp.vip safari said can not connect to the server, Same it comes up http not available I’m on iPad with 9.2 on safari by the way. TUTUApp is one of the most popular third party app stores and its popularity is growing bigger day by day. hi , it totally works for iOS 12.2. Les utilisateurs Premium obtiennent les dernières mises à jour de l’application plus rapidement que les autres. Tap the Allow option so that the profile can be downloaded and installed. Download the app. You do not necessary need a jailbroken iOS device to use TUTUApp, there are two separate versions of the app available that work on either of the two. It won’t let me download it bc I’m on my phone! L’application Tutu est entièrement gratuite. Pour installer TutuApp sur Android, vous devez. I’ve tried downloading TUTUApp regular and it says that it’s downloading but then it Brings me to my profiles in settings but it doesn’t download the profile. I suggest you installing it via .ipa file. Seulement si vous voulez mettre à niveau l’application vers la version VIP, vous serez facturé 12,99 $. Please try again. You got a PC? Plus d’informations à ce sujet sont disponibles sur la page TutuApp MacOS. TutuApp supporte de nombreuses versions d’Android, même les plus anciennes. Download TUTUApp for iOS Open safari on your desired device on which you want to install TUTUApp. Tap on “Install” twice when you see the download dialogue box. This will install configuration file on your iOS device. when i scan the barcode and go to the website it’s just a blank page with “HTTP/1.0 404 Page not available” on the top of it?? Open Phone settings on your iOS device and navigate to General Settings > Date and Time. Lorsque vous installez l’application, vous n’avez pas besoin de fournir de numéro de carte ou d’informations de paiement. I am on IPhone X iOS 11.2, link is not working Please uninstall and re-install. Accept the profile installing screen and enter your device passcode to proceed. Developers are serious to release download Tutuapp iOS 14 as free and vip helper for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch… Each new firmware update whether it is iOS or Android brings new features and some more restrictions free environment. But when selecting the next set of games to bring back online, please fix Golf Clash with a current version 2.33.2 is current. i tried installing it and it keeps saying can’t download and i have ios 10.2.1 it’ll load like it downloading the app but it just says “TutuApp regular version (free)” could not be installed at this time. The profile management page doesn’t pop up so I can’t trust it, then it says cannot be installed! It will work fine. Just loading for few hours without download.

What do I do? And re-installing doesn’t seem to work since the app just grays out when installation is done. I can’t find the nesstool app in TutuApp, Hey I’ve been trying to redownload your app, and it keeps getting close to installing and then just stops to the point where I have to delete it again. C’est tout ! link is not working Get a Barcode scanning app from App Store and scan the barcode you will be able to download it. It is comfortable with all iOS 11 version can you please retry again? I’ve rechecked the QR code. As of today, Dec 5 2017, I have been experiencing problems. I deleted all the apps including tutuvip to try and reinstall. I now want it back and it won’t show me its configuration profile. La version iPhone de TutuApp prend en charge les versions iOS à partir de 7.x et jusqu’à la dernière version disponible. Click on Get button to get started. Sur cette page, vous trouverez la réponse à la question de savoir pourquoi vous ne pouvez pas télécharger TutuApp pour iPhone. I can’t download the chameleon run 3D game on iOS device. I had to redownload it after it wouldn’t let me verify the app. Hey there Tutuapp devs! When will the normal TutuApp be available again?

The certificate has been revoked. Do one thing as you click on Install and Settings pops just double tap home button twice and navigate back to Tutuapp site the profile installation dialog box will pop up. at the current moment given what is happening with the revokes. Can not download. When asked, click “Allow” button and then “Install”. I use ios 10.3.2.

In the settings it doesnt have a device management. We do not offer illegal downloads on our website.

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