", "I'm right here" morgan said as he walked into the waiting room, "Derek i-i just found out 2 days ago we've just been so wrapped up in the case I just wanted to get it done an...", "Shh em its ok the 3 of you are ok you are all fine I am so sorry I yelled at you I never ment to I just I was worried that's all I'm so sorry baby, just why didn't you tell me sooner", " I wanted every one to finish the case with open minds", "Awe baby its all going to be fine we can do this", "Oh really you knew that before you even told me, how could you know that", Emily says calmly as she stands up and all most falls back over, "What do you mean what's wrong, I think you can awnser that one", "Derek were done here take this I can't do this with you I just can't", "Fine prentiss but let me tell you this I'm not coming back" and derek walked out of the room as jj walked in, "Emily" jj ran over to emily as she feel to the floor as her hard sobs rocked through her body jj quickly enveloped her in a comforting hug, " N no jj its n-n-not gonna be ok I can't do this aloone I just can't", "And you have us" garcia walked in hold derek by the ear, " Derek my dear chocolate friend I swear to the great heavens above you have my little baby nices or nephew gum drops on the way you have to put the gorges ring back on the baby mamas finger and work this out or as much as I love you I will whip you from the face of the earth" garcia said as she pinched him harder, "Good now get over there and we are gonna give you all a few minutes" derek took jj's spot he sat with emily for a few minutes on the floor just holding her then her picked her up and sat of the bed with her and put his hands protectively over her tiny baby bump, "emily I love you so much I don't want us to fight I want us to be a family please please Em bear let me put this right back on you're finger" emily let him put the engagement ring on her finger just as the doctor walked in, " Well emily you're test came back and you are good to go just sign theses papers and you can be on you're way", "Yes thank you doctor" the doctor left the room. she replies, falling I to a chair beside him. "You did nothing wrong.

Almost. Even the memories.

Sex is still kind of scary.

She doesn't like it here. She actually feels really cold. "That's okay, maybe we can get you lessons," Ron scratches behind her head. Her plan works but it creates a reality where Kim grows up alone as a child soldier. ", She winces at the bloodshot whites of his eyes. he stutters. When she saw him last week, when he saved Archer's life, he slipped out of that box for a moment, and she clung to him. So she smashes her face against the splintered wood, and he has to pull her back. "You'll feel okay once you're in. Giggles like a little child playing with a cat. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. Reluctantly, they let her go, as long as she promises to only stay for an hour. "I'm happy we can be together. ", Ron's eyes widen a little. "I'm not leaving. Ron just kinda stares at her; he's probably speechless. Eleven years, to be precise. She really liked him too.

Kim reaches out to grab him and just like in the original timeline, he loses his grip, falls off the rock and miraculously only manages to sprain his ankle. "Go ahead."

"Kim, I can take my practice more seriously if—", "No," she interrupts. Blink. ", "Good," he says, looking back at the wound. (300 kp). "Good," Yori lets Kim's hand fall and rests the idol against her stomach. And just like that — those words die in history. "You're panicking. Their subsequent single "TT", from their third EP Twicecoaster: Lane 1, claimed the top spot for four consecutive weeks. "You saved the baby," he says, seemingly unaware of her anger.

With that, I can easily protect you. So mean. She grabs Shego like she did Drakken and pulls her in. The title is from the song of the same name that plays while Derekand Addison talk to Jen's husband, by Little Dragon.

"S-s-s-s-s-s-s-s…" She stutters. Don't get me wrong, she was very much successful at this age.

She's always been alone. "KP! ", Ron slowly shifts back into smiling. "Nae wants me there early.". Ron. ", "Something like that, yeah." She could tell the way Drakken looked at her that her withering gaze was enough. She wants to be alone. Do you understand? ", He widens his eyes at her, flapping his arms. She's proud of that. Her stomach feels acidic, and her throat closes in. But Betty breaks her promise. Kim, you're safe here, y'know that, right?

She hurt her friend, she's mean and no good. And she doesn't want to be anybody else than who she is now. Betty always pets Kim like a cat and tells her she's a good girl. Now go. "Good," Ron strokes her head and she nuzzles against him like a cat. ", "Good," Yori lets Kim's hand fall and rests the idol against her stomach. He holds her a lot tighter. His flesh is fluffy and soft, like a pillow. But the more Ron works on Kim, the more she thinks about how this is a real human interaction.

But her tongue works, and it goes into Ron's mouth.

They look at each other for a startled moment, slipping into a rhythm so old they could dance it in their sleep. Kim can't say anything, she can only look. he says, watching her carefully. The picture was of Phoebe and a small baby no older than a few weeks, maybe a month. Kim slams Drakken in the wall and looks him in the eye. I'd say my standards have risen.".

Kim just saved the world once again and it's raining. She releases Rufus and slides closer to Ron, pressing her body against his, twisting their limbs together. She's gotten good at playing possum though. Like maybe she can get a real bed. Kim climbs over the rubble and loses her grip, flopping over the edge and rolling down the rest of the way, crashing into a pile of mud. He touches her head and runs his fingers across her scalp. Um. "You aren't taking practice seriously, and… one day, something bad is going to happen. It also won "Song of the Year" at two major music awards shows—Melon Music Awards and Mnet Asian Music Awards. "You wanted to save the baby, and you didn't let me save her.". Lia y Yeji se ven envueltas en un romance confuso, tímido y lleno de obstáculos. Someone even holds her for a few seconds, and they say some things to her that sound nice. Blink twice if you understand." Her Derek. The Tempus Simia. She should know what this is but she can't remember. Kim feels an unusual emotion take over her. He's bartering. How is it gonna go? "Up. But then she looks at her scars in the mirror like she used to, and remembers who she used to be.

Blink twice if you'll do it." Ron is silly. The wood cracks underneath him and she swings her fist in to crack their jaw when she sees his wide terrified eyes. Her feelings are turning into colors and blood rushes to her ears. It takes her a moment to gather herself and take it all in. "Sorry, I shouldn't have startled you," Ron sniffs, looking at and she feels bad.

"He was my mole rat, he died a few years ago.

And maybe Ron doesn't understand the significance of it, but she does. It's still raining. Pathetic. Blink twice.". They make her go to therapy, and therapy makes Kim talk about things that make her cry. ", "Like what?" You told me you're non-verbal, right?". One regular doctor, one psychiatrist, and one therapist.

I don't think you're right in the head right now.". He should hit her. Characters TWICE, Red Velvet, Choa and Seolhyun of AOA, (f. Bora of SISTAR, Eunji of APink) With 46 chapters, 124 votes, 2130 subscribers, 159320 views, 676 comments, 269028 words. ", "Kim, your heart is racing," Ron frowns. She reaches for his buckle, not really knowing what she is doing. Caught up in feelings with the new student at the university and the complexity of her inner thoughts that could shape the future of her life, the former ballet dancer must decide whether this boy is worth the trouble. Blink twice if you'll do it. They're not married anymore, she doesn't have to take his bull. Then they send her out alone for days, even weeks, on end. Finality. When Kim was 27, she had to go to a shelter for battered women. She should not have killed them. When Choi Sunyoung (Sunny) meets Lee, Finding out her true identity,  She tries to move but she can't. Hey, whoa, why are you crying this time? Dumb luck, he should be dead.

Ron walks up to Kim like they've been hanging out the whole time. I fudge the paperwork to make it seem like you started working for me before this month. Kim thinks the eyepatch is fake. They don't let her sleep at night, and they send her back in. Everything else was white noise. Ron gently lowers Kim back into the bed.

All tat was left on her desk was the embossed nameplate she'd had for years. she jeers; they used to bring out the best in each other, and then it turned into the worst. She smiles through most of her days. she tells the driver, fumbling with bills in the dark as he hauls her bag to the ground. Yori crouches besides her, similarly battered.

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