Details Old school speed, new school flair. And as a byproduct of these edits, which have amassed over a million views in total, Martyn and Jones have seen a ripple effect in the form of countless people reaching out to them, interested in trying out their twin-fin shapes. These are the recommended sizes designed by JS. He rides ‘70s-style templates combined with modern design upgrades at waves normally overrun with conventional high-performance thrusters: think double-overhead Nias, kegging Desert Point or 8-foot Jeffreys Bay. A project that began with a mix of serendipity and wide-eyed curiousity, as all worthy endeavours should. Back in 2016, the duo spent three months circumnavigating Australia in a red 1987 Land Rover Defender, with their adventure eventually becoming the online series, “Lost Track”.

We drove for miles through emerald glens, passing still lochs and mountains capped with snow. It is said that the Twin Pin's design and performance in the water helped confirm to Steve Lis (the inventor of the twin fin fish) that this was the way to go for loose speed and the rest is history. “I get a lot of messages on social media from people saying, ‘Hey you’ve inspired me to shape my first board’ or ‘Could you tell me what you’d recommend for fins to use in this board?’” says Martyn. Our boards are sanded and finished to give a long-lasting new effect and are packed in eco-friendly flex hex reusable packaging. “I don’t even know if I’ll be riding two fins or what it’ll evolve into.”. I think those boards will hold in just about anything and I’m just working out the best way to approach them. Photo Credit: Ted Grambeau Should this be brought back into the spotlight? "It's kind of a shit show, to be honest with you, but I'm excited. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. The Atlantic has so much power and push that proficient fish surfboard riders sometimes need a little more drive and tightening up on transitions The outline is a medium rocker, with a wider nose template for plenty of paddle power. At the Bunker, we are massive fans of the work of a gimpy armed mathematical genius named Mr Bob Simmons. Cape Hatteras, North Carolina.

There are six fundamental surfboard tail shapes and seven hybrid or alternative designs. I thought, ‘If you’re going to have just one board, that’ll do it.’ That kind of piqued my interest, so I made one that was a 7’9″ channel bottom and gave it to Torren. “Ahhh, I’m so bummed!” he said, before rifling through his big white van in search of a 6’6″ with a triple stringer, also a twin. Custom Surfboards handmade in Byron Bay Australia and Southern California shaped by Eden Saul. All other means of purchase are not. They are tried and tested in some of the wildest and perfect surf you will find in any hemisphere. It broke down en route to the mechanic, who informed the two that it would need a new clutch, a new timing chain, a new water pump and the removal of a huge panel of rust. “There was a kind of Michael-Peterson-arms-and-legs thing going on.”. The perfect addition to your rough commutes, day hikes, or kayak sessions, this Rambler ... Maurice Cole has been at the forefront of surfboard design since 1990 when his revolutionary reverse vee bottom shape propelled Tom Curren to a world title.

Whether you’re surfing weak beachies or quality, down the line points and reefs, the Black Baron is a hybrid that allows you to take whatever approach you’re interested in, from exploring new lines and just how fast you can go on a wave, to combining sharp rail turns with throwing the tail. The resort features a range of luxury places to stay with incredible water views. Surfers are always looking for better, or at least different, designs that can spark new and exciting feelings in their surfing—and there is no shortage of theories about how best to achieve that. Just a few weeks before I arrived in Scotland, Martyn and Folkwell dropped their latest edit, titled “On the Light Side”. “When I see Torren and Alby together, you’re just looking at two of the same, just decades apart,” says Jones. “So we put old FCS plugs in it and turned it into a twin fin and he loved it.

“Torren’s capacity to tube ride and ride slabs is definitely thanks to his background in shortboarding,” says Jones. It was his favorite board. “But I don’t ever feel like I’m nursing it or anything. “That board changed my perception,” says Martyn. Photo Credit: Perry Gershkow There’s no reason why a board with longer rails like that wouldn’t work in bigger waves.”. Terms of Service For Martyn, there’s something thrilling in that uncertainty, in the potential paths that he and Jones’ collaborations may take. Above it all, little droplets of condensation perpetually clung to the ceiling. Our return policy is designed to give you peace of mind when choosing your new surf board and applies for all JS online orders where the customer is in Australia or the USA. A pulled in round tail with twin channels between the fins allows for sharper turns and less slide and drift in hollower waves that we find in Ireland and The Atlantic. In filmmaker Perry Gershkow’s “Tesoro Enterrado”, Martyn is seen threading Mexican tubes so hollow they curve below sea level.

For someone synonymous with unconventional boards today, Martyn grew up surfing fairly standard craft. Inside the van, they jerry-rigged a kitchen up near the cab, complete with scrap-wood shelves. “He can take off super late under the lip when it’s drainy and sucky, and on every wave he’s curled up in a little ball, snaking through that pit. At the beginning you see Martyn getting spat out of reef-sucking, double-overhead cylinders at Nias. Immediately after announcing his retirement at JBay, Joel jumped onto this board to see one of his favourite breaks in the world with fresh eyes, and rode one wave the entire length of the point, grinning the whole way. A film from that trip is still in the works, slated for a whenever-they-get-around-to-it release. ADA Compliance Down the line blistering speed and suitable for all reefs, point and beach breaks. On the road with one of the most stylish surfers on this generation, Martyn and Folkwell, somewhere along the coast of Morocco, Martyn’s uniquely elegant performance in “Tesoro Enterrado” turned the collective head of the surf world and earned him the award for Best Style at the 2019 Surfer Awards.

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