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If you visited now, you’d know it’s a small town on the banks of Watauga Lake, just a stones throw from Boone in neighboring North Carolina. He worked as a reporter in Nashville through most of the 1990s, and he is the author of six books, among them Fortunes Fiddles and Fried Chicken: A Nashville Business History; Chancellors, Commodores and Coeds: A History of Vanderbilt University; and Leave No One Behind: Hurricane Katrina and the Rescue of Tulane Hospital. It's a little creepy, if you ask us... Meghan Kraft loves to travel the world, but she makes her home right here in Nashville, Tennessee. “Look at all this equipment and all these buildings and all these homes. She holds a degree in English, and has worked in the digital marketing realm with companies such as, USA Today and HarperCollins Publishing. Henry and McKee islands and other portions of Guntersville were submerged beneath Lake Guntersville when TVA built Guntersville Dam on the Tennessee River.

TVA and the Army Corps of Engineers built dams and flooded valleys all over Tennessee and north Alabama between the 1930s and 1960s. The institution is adding to its holdings and not long ago moved to the museum grounds a general store building that had been in old Butler. But over the years, I have found few photos that document the process of cemetery relocation, likely a reflection of the TVA propaganda machine. These lakes formed after the damming of several sections of the Little Tennessee River and hide perhaps the deepest history of all. Not only did these floods destroy hundreds of homes and businesses in Butler, it did the same in every community downstream (Elizabethton, for instance). He graduated from Vanderbilt University in 1987. Celilo, flooded by Lake Celilo. The real question is: do you know the secret of Butler? There is nothing unique about this. TVA first started building a dam on the Watauga River in 1942 but left the project half-finished during World War II. A town lost completely beneath the water. The Tennessee Magazine celebrates Tennessee's remarkable people, places and food. And I grew up here and had never even heard of this company!”. Butler, along with other locations along the Watauga River, flooded in 1867, 1886, 1901, 1902, 1916, 1924 and 1940. One of its main purposes was flood control. We’re aware that these uncertain times are limiting many aspects of life as we all practice social and physical distancing. You'll receive your first newsletter soon! A young visitor to the Butler Museum waves to the photo of a boy named Russell Mink pulling his wagon through Butler in 1947. This main street?

Loyston, Tennessee. Homestead, possibly under the Hells Canyon Reservoir. TVA and the Army Corps of Engineers built dams and flooded valleys all over Tennessee and north Alabama between the 1930s and 1960s. It’s not quite what it seems, and here’s why…. The original Butler was prone to flooding and the abundance of water in the area made it a great place for the dam. It’s built on the backs of strong, hard working Tennessean folk who have a deep love of their land and the wits about them to fight those intense winter months that rage at the end of the year. The dam was completed in 1944, and the entirety of Birmingham was submerged under the resulting lake, the largest man-made lake in the world at that time. Now Watauga Lake is one of the most beautiful, quiet and secluded spots in the state.

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